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i also think he prob left on the worst terms with harry because despite all the he's gonna go solo!! drama always surrounding harry he's dedicated to what he's doing in the moment and he'd never be the one to break up the band like he's smart and has plenty of other options open but he's not the one who left so i think that mindset of his of sticking to what they're doing prob made him a lil eh with zayn

idk i still have a feeling he left on worst terms with louis just because harry and zayn really didn’t seem very close to me at least right around when zayn left. i get what you’re saying about the whole solo issue but i think despite the solo rumors harry’s always faced with harry does enjoy being in 1d and zayn leaving isn’t going to make 1d end, so it’s just a sort of ‘what can you do?’ type situation

I used to listen to this song a lot when I was sad.
It made me feel better somehow, like maybe
I wasn’t stupid for loving this much.
Maybe I was just brave.
I think I liked being a martyr for love.
Once love was gone, suffering for it
was all that was left.

I spent so many years with that sad.
I drank too much and kissed the wrong people
and called the boy whose heart I broke
just to hear what he had to say.
He hurt me first, so it didn’t make me feel bad
when he cried. Sometimes when you’re hurting,
your hands turn into knives and you hurt someone else
just to prove you can.

I haven’t listened to this song since I was sad.
It took awhile but I’m better now. I remember to
drink enough water every day and wash my face.
And you are here, in this better place.
We’re at a concert and the song is playing
and we’re standing in the summer air and
I’m holding your hand and I love you and
no one is suffering for it. Have I ever told you
what a miracle it is to love and not suffer for it?
It is. Look at us. Just look.

—  Fortesa Latifi - WHEN I WAS SAD

Modern Spectrum - White Bathroom

Been a while since I did one of these, yea?

Anyway, this room will cost you just of §12k and it’s actually pretty large for a bathroom. Idk what I was thinking when I started working on it, just that I wanted to build a bathroom that was way larger than necessary. I wanted something simple and clean, too, so that’s what I made. Also, got a bit lazy and didn’t place any objects on the cabinets by the toilet because they don’t have slots and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with MOO.

This lot utilizes “bb.moveobjects” please activate that cheat before placing this lot to ensure that all items appear.

To install:

Place all the files (besides images) into your Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray Folder. This item should show up in your library when you next open it. Be sure to check the “include custom content” box under the “Advanced” tab in your library.


CC Used:

238 Walls by simsinspring | Set Eglantine by MangoSims | Wall Coat Rack by YounZoey | The Mega Minamal Corner Shelf by IgnorantBliss |  Holy Simoly’s Seychelle’s Bathroom by saudade-sims4 | Simple Wall Mirror by AdonisPluto | TS4 Crocuses by Helen-sims | Sweetheart Rugs by lina-cherie | SF Modular Windows and Curtains Curtains Curtains by Mutske | Bathroom Charms, Piece of Heaven, Mantis Bathroom, Velvet Dining, Call of the Wild, and Inner Garden by SIMcredible | Attraction Bathroom by Jomsims | Kitchen Alobi by ShinoKCR | Minamalist Tiles by ratten-faenger | Bath & Body Works Set by onebillionpixels | Bathroom Acacia by Ung999 | Fashion Lights and Pot Ceiling Lights by DOT

Please enjoy!

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I'm a Jewish vegetarian and it really bugs me when my fellow vegs compare the mistreatment of animals to the Holocaust. This all just feels wrong to me. And even when I see the comparisons between animal farms and camps that are visually made, it still feels wrong to do that even if I see the similarities. I can't even explain with words why it bothers me, and I don't want to say people > animals but I just really don't like this. IDK what do you all think? Am I overreacting?

Not at all. It’s dehumanizing to those victimized by the Holocaust.

Mod K

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was it just me or did Rachel sound almost like her old self when she said "horses". idk something about that little exchange made me think she recognized what the symbol meant, but knew she shouldn't say it. more like an automatic response than like she really understood why though

I think that Rachel 100% recognized that symbol and 100% knew what it was and why she shouldn’t reveal her knowledge. I don’t think Rachel’s memory has been affected at all by her injury, and I think she definitely knew about Castor, but wasn’t supposed to know. She’s hiding this knowledge from Nealon, and I think this knowledge will help her on her road to regaining some power within DYAD.

College Roommates: Part 11

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1550-ish I didn’t mean for it to get this long, but I do really like this part though! 
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape Y/H = Your Height
A/N:  Again, let me know what you think! Also I don’t know anything about astronomy, so I used this map as a guide. Ow and don’t laugh at me but I got all my knowledge about American football from google… I hope it makes sense… idk. Lol. I don’t really care xD

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

You and Dean ended up at the football field. It looked big when you sat in the crowed last Thursday but standing in the field made it even bigger.

“Wow” You mumbled to yourself, taking it in. “Yeah, impressive isn’t it.” He said, you nodded in response. He walked onto the field and had something in his hand. “Here, Y/N, catch!” And before you knew it he threw a football at you and you caught it!

“Wow, nice one nerd. Maybe you should audition for the team.” You laughed, holding the ball in your hands and walking towards Dean. “After seeing your previous game, never. I don’t feel like getting squashed, I’ll leave that up to you.” You said laughing to which Dean laughed as well. “Fair enough, but still let’s play a little.” “Are you kidding me?” “Nope.” He said exaggerating the ‘p’. You gave a small sigh and looked at the field again. Nobody was here. You looked at Dean and tossed him the ball. “Okay football-star. What are we going to do?” You asked. He then had this evil smirk. Oh no.

“Well first we’re going to run 10 laps around the field, then 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups.” You cross waved your arms. “Hell no, forget it. I’m going back.” You said laughing, shaking your head and you were turning around when Dean jogged around you, standing still in front of you, making you stop.

“Okay, maybe that’s a bit to much for a first time.” He said, his smirk not faltering. “You think?!” You answered crossing your arms but you had to admit you couldn’t help but smile at his evil sarcasm.

“Okay, we’re going to stand at that ‘-10’ on the grass and you are going to try and get past me into the ‘end zone’.” “What happens when I get into the ‘end zone’?” He laughed at that. “Then you’ll have a point nerd.” “Well let’s give it a try then… jock.” You could see Dean chuckle again.

He was standing in front of you and you had the ball, you tried to get past him but he got the ball every time. He was clearly toying with you but it seemed like he was still having fun.

After the 50th try, you tried to get past him again but he had simply grabbed you around your waist and lifted you up. Making you lose the ball and letting out a surprised shriek.

“I give up, you win!” You half shouted as Dean laughed, still holding you up. “Ow c’mon that was just to easy!” He said. “Whatever, I think I’ll leave this football thing to you, I’ll find something other kind of sport. Something with less running.” You said exhausted. Dean finally put you down and you let out a breath and let yourself fall backwards onto the grass.

You looked up at the sky, it stayed quiet for a while as you were still catching your breath. “Pretty cool, right?” Dean said as he laid down next to you, also looking up at the stars. “I didn’t know you could see the stars here so clearly.” You said, mesmerized by the view. There was a clear sky, you could see the stars perfectly.

“You know that one over there?” Dean said pointing. “Uhm… what exactly am I looking for?” You said with a soft laugh, you could hear Dean chuckle. “Those few over there.” He said pointing at the sky.

“Uhm, is that… Orion?” You guessed, you then heard Dean sigh. “Seriously Y/N, you’re no fun.” “Why?” you asked offended. “Thought I could finally teach you something.” He said teasingly. “As if you’ve never taught me anything.” You mumbled soft. You could feel Dean looking at you but you kept looking at the stars. “Well, I was just lucky. Show me another one because Orion is the only one I know.”

He pointed at the sky again “Do you see those 2 bigger stars and a couple under it?” You tried to see where he was pointing but you couldn’t really make it out. “Sorry, not really.” You heard Dean chuckle softly again and before you knew it Dean had scooted over and his shoulder and head were now pressed against yours so that he could see your view. He pointed up at the stars again. “Do you see those two?” he said pointing up again.

“Yeah!” You answered excited, finally seeing them. “and those couple under them.” You nodded. “Congratulations, you’ve spotted Gemini.” You mumbled a soft ‘wow’, you’ve never been into astronomy and always thought stars were just pretty. But you have to admit this is pretty cool. “Show me another one.”

This went on for a little while, Dean showed you several stars like Auriga, Taurus, Leo and he pointed at something you thought was a star but it turns out you were looking at Saturn. You were actually looking at a planet, how cool was that?!

You were totally amazed by Dean’s knowledge of the stars. He seemed to enjoy showing them to you.

You then could hear your stomach growl. “I think we better head back, eat something.” You said, blushing a bit but you knew Dean wouldn’t be able to see that because it was to dark. You wanted to stay in the position you were, next to Dean, it was warm and comforting. Still, you sat up just like Dean.

You both stood up and started to walk back towards the apartment when Dean stopped, looking another way. “Something wrong Dean?” He looked back at you. “Shall we grab something to eat?” He asked, you wanted to say yes but remembered something. “I don’t have my wallet with me.” You said, patting your empty pockets. “I’ve got mine, don’t worry about it.” He shrugged as he started to walk the other way. You followed him. “okay, I’ll pay you back later.” “Sure.” He chuckled as you walked next to him.

Sunday evening apparently wasn’t a great time to look for a place to eat something. Most things were closed, obviously. Still there was this local pub that was still open. So the two of you went in there.

It was packet with student’s, to a certain degree you had wished that you’d worn something a bit more… appropriate instead of Dean’s jersey and some sweatpants. Dean didn’t seem to care though.

You two sat down at a table a bit away from the crowd. “What can I get you?” a girl asked. You looked at the small menu. “Can I have a beer and some fries?” You asked. “You’re just in time, the kitchen is about to close. What about you?” She asked Dean. You looked at Dean, he seemed to be staring at you but soon snapped out of it. “Same for me, thanks.” He answered the girl. “Coming right up.” And she walked back to the kitchen.

Dean was still looking at you. “What?” “I didn’t expect you to order that.” You raised your eyebrow at that. “You ordered the same.” You answered half laughing. “That’s why I didn’t expect it. Thought you were more of a salad kind of girl.” You just shook your head at that. “What?” He asked you.

“I can’t believe you just said that.” You said, fake hurt. Crossing your legs and turning sideways in your seat. “Like I said ‘didn’t expect’. Doesn’t mean I’m not pleasantly surprised.” He said. “You shouldn’t judge a book so much by their cover… or their clothes.” You said, pointing at yourself.

You looked at Dean and could see him shrug with a smirk. “I don’t know, I think these clothes look pretty good on you.” He said obviously referring to his jersey. You grabbed a napkin that was on the table and tossed it at him. Which failed because you know, it’s a napkin but it got your point across and he laughed at that.

Eating, drinking and talking with Dean was actually a lot of fun, besides the sometimes stupid remarks. He wasn’t as much of a jerk as you thought him to be when you first met him. You smiled at that, which was a bit random.

“What’re you smiling about?” Dean asked. “Just thinking.” “Oh ow.” He said nervously. “There is nothing to ‘oh ow’.” “What is it then?” He asked taking a sip of his beer. You shrugged. “I was just thinking that when I first met you, I sort of thought you were a jerk.” He fake chocked on his beer. “Thanks a lot!” He yelled back, fake hurt. “Let me finish!” You yelled back smiling. “But I was wrong, you’re actually a pretty nice guy.” You said with a smile. Dean stayed silent at that and looked at you before looking back at his drink. “Like you said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” He said drinking the last of his beer. You then noticed something, was he blushing? Did you embarrass him by saying that?

“You know, I’m just kidding. This is the alcohol speaking.” You said laughing, drinking the last of your beer. You then felt a napkin on your arm, which Dean had thrown back at you. You could hear Dean mumble a soft ‘tease’ and you just shook your head and started to laugh.

Part 12?

I have a confession to make

when I first saw this

I was actually thinking Emma is wearing Hook’s hook. IDK, the way she held her hand (because of the gun) and the glove she was wearing was shining at the right angle, it made me feel like she was testing what it’s like to be her boyfriend.

I actually rewinded it to make sure what I’m seeing lol.

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Did you ever full out cry at one episode? What one?

Mod Kathy:

I cry quite a lot. Tbh I only need some sad music and any character saying anything and I’ll start crying… That being said, I cried A LOT while watching and reading Fairy Tail, especially in the beginning :’) But the moments that made me cry the most were when Lisanna and her siblings reunited, when Elfman used the full body Takeover for the first time since Lisannas ‘death’ to save Mira and when Mira used Takeover for the first time on screen to save Elfman… Idk, I think as an older sister I just really feel their pain or something like that :’)

Mod Abbs:

Truthfully? I’m not a real big crier, and even at really emotional parts, I just cannot cry at all. I do recall that the only time I ever actually cried at Fairy Tail (not counting the few times I cried whilst laughing too hard) was when Lucy found out her father had passed away after the seven year gap. It really hurts to have a parent pass away, and even if you weren’t close with them, it stills hurts in your heart and urgh i dunno bros (ι´Д`)ノ

Mod Yuki:

Oh my… welp this question is going to bring out the most embarrassing side of me. I’m a crier. I cry whenever over the littlest things when it comes to Fairy Tail, or any anime really. But the episodes that made me cry the most were “A Flower Blooms in the Rain”, “Sin and Sacrifice”, “Dead Grand Prix”, and many MANY MORE. These episodes in particular had ripped my heart out because I had to watch my babies Juvia, Lyon, and Gray die/almost die. I can honestly say that after each of these episodes I had to sit there in the dark and cry till there were no more tears. Seeing these three in any kind of situation like that makes me feel like hell is ripping my soul apart, and that’s because I can relate personally to all three of these lovely beings. It’s just hard for me to watch. And for those of you who read the manga I bet you can guess which chapters made me cry too. *cough* *cough* 

Whoops… how did those get there…? 
[[Background x]]

Mod Soar

Like Abbs, I’m not a big crier (prolly not surprising seeing as we have the same MBTI type. INTP~). Jude’s last letter to Lucy made me cry though, although when I say “cry” I mean silent tears tbh. The only part that really had me curled up into a ball sobbing my eyes out so far was in the manga (ch. 400) when Achnologia and Igneel appeared. I was NOT ready for it. I was in complete shock and trying SO HARD to deny what I KNEW was gonna end up happening.

I tend to feel what Natsu feels, but I have a tendency to fight my tears because I associate tears with anger and angry Soar is liable to punch shit and hurt feelings. So yeah I don’t like crying unless I’m alone.

I still haven’t watched Natsu’s reaction to Lucy’s death in the anime yet tbh. I’ve been avoiding watching the anime for a while.

Ok so I’ve been told to start putting my theories up here… so I’ll start with my most recent one. Enjoy!! Yugo replaces Yusei in this Neo Domino City because this is an alternate world created by the machine Moment when it exploded during Zero-Reverse (Watch 5ds if u dont know what that is). And so either A) Yusei died in this world’s Zero-Reverse as a baby or B) He never existed… so to replace him, Yugo was made along with Rin (idk why but i think Rin replaces Aki…) So i’m leaning towards option B considering Yugo and Jack grew up together. Also explains the similar helmets Yusei and Yugo have… and yeah, there ya go! Follow my instagram account to see all my theories! at yuto_the_knight or my main IG account atemu_the_destiny have a nice day! ^-^

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(1/2) Hi! After watching The Book of The Damned, I can't help but get some LOTR feeling from the ep. I mean, the scene where the book was 'calling' was reminiscent of the Ring's effect. The book itself, like the Ring, is dangerous & better destroyed

(2/2) Sam didn’t burn the book when he had the chance also made me think of Isildur refusing to cast the ring into the fire. Idk. Nerdy mind? What d'you think of it?(Sorry, I forgot whether I send 1st ask as anon or not, so I’m just gonna use my url)

Heya, you now know my exact weak spot. Pls don’t tell everyone. :3

I am now going to be physically incapable of rewatching that moment without seeing Dean going all Elrond: “Cast it into the fire. Destrooooy it.” Ehehe. 

*loses several minutes imagining Dean in fancy elven armour with a dramatic flowing cloak*

But yeah, he could have gone either way and next time he’s around the book it’s an alarming thought that instead of Elrond he’d be Gollum at Mount Doom in the situation. 

Also that makes those Southern Nazi guys Ringwraiths since they’re drawn to the book. Or, if we stick with the Isildur parallel, the orcs that ambushed him. Saaam. :<

OR there’s that bit at the end of the Fellowship movie where the ring is calling to Aragorn and like Dean did he’s like “Okay no it’s not a good idea if I stay near Frodo,” and he lets him go and is all noble about it like Dean kinda was, since that’s got a parallel where he refuses the ring and it was tempting him, while Elrond didn’t seem to be tempted while telling Isildur to destroy it, so it’s more in line with what happened in the episode for Dean. But then Sam doesn’t line up with Frodo…

… OR we go on the family connection and it’s cool to parallel Sam to Isildur and Dean to Aragorn (for the time being, Gollum-ness pending) because they’re also family and Dean is further along the character development arc than Sam because Sam still has to make Dean’s mistakes, and it’s kind of an inverse of how Aragorn was worried he’d make the same mistakes as Isildur in that scene with Arwen where he’s looking at the broken sword, and because he’s got that example (in this case Dean’s actually got his own dumb example from season 9 to go on but it’s the same thing over and over in this cycle that’s their bane and Sam’s motivation is identical :P) he manages to resist the book and choose to destroy it. Sam is behind on the learning curve of just how destructive their relationship can be, so he makes the easy mistake Isildur made of assuming power that comes into their hands can be controlled (like, the ring didn’t even seem to need to talk to him in the films: he was already totally on board with taking it).

It’s a mess and probably at some point Dean is going to get his hands on the book and go all Frodo in Mount Doom like “No it’s mine” and we’re all going to be screaming. :P I dunno.

Don’t make me re-watch the movies out of season. :| I watch them once a year at Christmas and I don’t have 14 hours to spare today. I’m not even habitually awake for 14 hours a day at the moment. :P *stares up at the DVDs on my shelf*

Liiiiiizzzzzzzzy” they whisper in a voice very much like the whispers of the Ring, somewhere beyond hearing yet too loud to hear anything else. “Waaaaatchhhhh ussssssss.”


Burn them.

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me & my boyfriend broke up recently, he broke w me bc he was afraid he would cheat on me & break more even more. but we were still gonna talk talk. but I needed to get over him so, I ended us for good. we hang out w the same people & he's been flirting w other girls & acting like a total jerk to me. I feel like I made a wrong choice bc I lost one of the only people I trusted..I still love him. but he's just so rude & idk what to do. what do you think..?

I can’t tell you why he acts like this but yo ureally deserve someone better, someone who appreciates you! It’s hard to let him go when you both hang out because you have the same friends.. Only try to speak not much with him.