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Okay so a few things...
  • I have zero internet friends…like literally none. So message me! Send me asks! Anything! I really wanna get to know you guys and have someone to freak out with when something cool happens
  • I’m going to vidcon!! I would love to meet up with everyone that’s going and attempt being social and stuff.

That’s pretty much it…I’ve been here for a while but I’ve been “afraid” for some reason to put myself out there and talk to people…but let’s do this❤️


We may have found comfort in human life, 
               even a warmth in their arms.

But it makes us no weaker,
               and makes us no less harmless

We are the soldiers
              the warriors,
                     the fighters

Ready for w a r,
but content with peace.

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Hey gender-fun friends in Chicago:

Did you know that when you buy a monthly (or a 10-ride, too, I think) for the Metra, the person at the kiosk stamps whether you are male or female “to prevent theft?” 

I didn’t, until I saw someone get in trouble for having the wrong gender ticket. 

All criticism of this system aside (because lbh change happens slowly and this is probably not the most important issue out there right now) there’s a pretty easy way around it, in case you don’t want to have yourself labelled by either an M or and F. 

Lifehack time:

If you buy your tickets from the machine (as I always have, otherwise I’d probably have found out about this a long time ago) instead of from the teller, there’s nobody there to make a snap judgement about you so the gender part of the ticket is left unstamped. Bam, problem solved.

I just thought I’d share this, in case there’s anybody in Chicago who didn’t know/was worried about how to deal with this. Hope I could help!

ps: I blurred some things out on my ticket, even though it’s from last month, because I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to take full pictures of them in case people try to make counterfeits. 

late to this whole meetup thing but heres a selfie from a few weeks ago that ive already posted

HELLO barduil trash bins it is I, ash
im 16 and reside in PA it sucks
I found barduil bc i saw a gif from bofta of them looking at eachother and i was like “oh no,,, is this a thing cause id be down for it” and looked it up and it was a thing
this ofc was back when the tag updated like,, twice a day
now look at it!! wow we’re all trash bins together ily guys
idk what else to put i have a dog she’s pretty chill

Just the Mesh, Please (A Tutorial)

So you’re downloading TS4 hairs.  Or clothing, whatever.  Any CAS thinger that has a mesh.  The creator used someone else’s mesh, but you don’t necessarily want the original mesher’s textures.  They’re not your style, or you’re trying to keep your CC down, or whatever.  Here’s what to do!!

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Using only song titles from artists, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s alot harder than you think!


What is your gender? Hot 

Describe yourself: I like 2 party

How do you feel? So good

Describe where you currently live: NaNa 

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Sex Trip

Your favorite form of transportation: Ride Me

Your best friend is: Bestie

You and your bestfriends are: The Promise

Favorite time of day: Star

If your life was a tv show, what would the title be? Level 1000

What is life to you? Evolution

Your relationship: Abandoned 

Your fear: Secret

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Sort of reply - Peach’s CC list :3
xxqueenxxofxxheartsxx reblogged your photoset and added: “Peach”
Idk what you did or how you did it but she is EVERYTHING!!! I’ve been MIA for just a bit so her cc may be obvious finds for most but I’m a bit in the dark. What is all that wonderfulness all over her??

Hi there QOH! :3 As ts3universalis already informed, Peach is TS2 sim. Someone has dropped the ts2 tags during reblogs, i’m afraid. BUT if you or someone else are interested in having her CC anyway, here’s the list what I could find:

face mask - gift from ove51, ask it from them :3

eyes - Charlotte Sharp eyes - owl

hair - Mareen

skincolor - pixel-danger-sims

shirt - me

Favourites Tag

I was tagged by the lovely novmbercakes. thank you! :) <3

Colour - orange
Food - pie
Smell - hay, rain on hot stones in summer
Movie - LOTR
Genre of music - rock
Texture - oh god what. sand probably?
Time of Day - night, like 1-3am
Day of the week - saturday
Celebrity - gaahhhh so many. Benedict Cumberbatch, Elijah Wood & Tom Hiddleston
Drink -  green tea
Precious Stone - emerald
Animal - seal
Flower - orchid
Font - idk.
Video game - ughh… the sims? :D
Sound - the soft floating of a river when stones or soemthing else is in the way
Fruit - strawberries & lemon
Vegetable - carrots
Shop - St. George’s Bookshop in Berlin
Fashion/style - a lot of skirts, shorts and dresses with tights
Workout - umm… badminton? does that count?

Boy’s name - Lysander& Ronan

Girl’s name - Florence
Potato chip flavour - pepper
Meal of the day - breakfast
Ice cream flavour - dark chocolate
Soda - fanta
Popcorn - sweet?
Season - spring
Month - april
Word -  Muggasäggele

Disney Princess - Mulan

Insult - nah. insulting with non-insults is better idk.
Eye colour - green
Dessert - anything with chocolate.
Candy - again anything with chocolate
Restaurant - Vapiano
Language - French
Thing about myself - the ability to listen

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Name: kaila!!!

Nickname: …. kaila….

Birthday: november 13

Starsign: scorpio

Gender: female

Height: 155 cm

Sexual orientation: ???? working on it lmao uh might be smth like pansexual.. ;;

Fave Color: yellow (but kind of gold-orangeish idek), lavender, teal 

Time right now: 6:26 pm

Average hours I sleep: 6-8 but i wake up at random hours inbetween so idk

Lucky number(s): how can u tell what ur lucky number is omg

Last thing I googled: pry bar 

Word that comes to mind: flower

Happy place: sitting by my desk listening to music without any headphones on + drawing at the same time ((or if u mean happy place in the middle of a breakdown.. toilets…. lma o)) 

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 rlly thick blanket

Fave fictional character:  !!!! IDK!!!!! ! hm maybe…. eve (wall-e), emily (corpse bride) jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas) mr and mrs twit (the twits) lmao

Celebrity crush: the closest thing i have to a celeb crush is?? kyungsoo??? ???? uwu

Fave book: i haven’t books that aren’t textbooks in sO LONG im a Shame,… but i rlly liked books by roald dahl (quentin blake’s illustrations were a++++) and a bunch of children’s books because of the illustrations!!

Fave band(s): exo..! bastile!! 

Last movie I saw: kingsman: the secret service (in the cinema) which was [insert thumbs up and 100 emoji] and my friends forced me to play love, rosie on my laptop for them and i don’t know how to feel about it…

Dream trip: FRANCE to continue animation studies… or new york??? london?? italy??? mostly europe bc food but also korea/japan to fulfill cute stationery/ exo concert dreams

Dream job: a concept artist for some animation film studio uwu 

What I’m wearing right now: a shirt with a “you are my sunshine” print and blue cotton shorts with a giraffe print

I’m tagging: soodyo lmtxo yosehun + anyone who wants to do it (but also mayb.. kynogsoo 2ae uwu)