ipod shuffle challenge? or is it not a challenge? idk i dont feel challenged

tagged by misfoiah! so basically these songs should describe my personality or some shit? idk lets just. do that. yeah fuck it.

Vance Joy - Riptide | yes i am scared of dentists actually. but idk if im running to the dark side. ive always been here ha HA HA

Marina and The Diamonds - The Outsider | this song is so me lmao. like, no, you dont understand how much i fucking relate to this song

Ellie Goulding - Lights | ooh well idk. this isnt rly me. but its a really pretty song nonetheless even though i cant remember putting it on my phone

Florence and The Machine - What The Water Gave | oh fuck idk i havent listened to this in quite a while i cant judge

The Chainsmokers - Selfie | NO N O   NO  N O    O  N    O (yes)

Passion Pit - Moths Wings | its pretty but i cant relate bye

Fall Out Boy - Twin Skeletons | FUK I LOVE THIS SONG cant relate bye

David Guetta - Lovers On The sun | i like it. but who is my lover?? (hint: no-fucking-body)

Marina and The Diamonds - Happy | i literally love all marina songs ok. but i cant relate that much, like said, never been in a relationship or fully happy

Imagine Dragons - Demons | hhhhhHH AAAAAAA yes

i tag (if you want to): dead-meme, night-route, ask-the-mysterious-cat, berrystumpytail and anyone else who wants to, if they didn’t already do it, that is.

lucenon replied to your post:im actually really confused bout this…

ITS OK I ONLY MADE MY ACCOUNT TODAY and yeah its just songs that are related to your character i think!! idk where it came from but i guess its just supposed to be a fun lil thing people are doing? shrugs. also yes do your homework or else you’ll die

yeah but I assumed they should all be Vocaloid songs? But I’m listening to some of the tracks the ask blogs have put out and 0: most of them aren’t vocaloid songs ((just as I was typing this tho, one voca song finally came on)) well,,hmm, i’m gonna try

things my parents will still be making fun of me for even when I’m 40 years old and married with kids:

1. Chronic milk spilling (I never fucking spill milk at school idk why I do it so often at home)

2. That time I put the clothes in the dryer like my mom asked me to but forgot to turn it on

3. Last week when my mom put towels in the washing machine before work and told me to put them in the dryer when they got done but I didn’t remember and when my dad got home like 8 hours later and reminded me I was like “are they done yet”

i honestlly cannot believe NOBODY has ever asked me to tag my Die Ärzte posts like ive never gotten anybody asking for me to tag it or stop posting about them and im in awe….i got an anon a while back that said “youre so annoy” but idk what that was even about

truly thank you all for being here and putting up with this i should probably tag it but no one ever asks me to

anonymous asked:

I think it seemed a bit harsh on you to be mad at that other tumblr user. Even if they didn't put it in the tags, if someone says for you to stop liking their posts it seems like you kinda should without getting mad over it. I mean?? It's okay if you wanted to be mad over it, I just don't see a point though. Idk sorry

I’m not mad! And I’m sure the other person isn’t mad. I understand what happened and I backed off, I don’t want to make people feel bad anymore and that’s my goal now.