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Your pic is so cute with Alex :) I have to ask how was he ? And who he was with x

Thank you! 

He was awesome!!! I wasn’t going to go up to him but I saw another girl go to him and I said fuck it she went here I go. He was with his girlfriend (idk some tall blonde). I totally fangirled but he was really nice about it and asked for my name and took a picture and hugged me \(^.^)/ 


So everyone in 5sos has great teeth like

They’re just so perfectly placed

Perfectly white

The lip ring just makes it so much better like

Just the right shape

Its like they’re not crooked at all

Even in black and white their still perfect

Am i the only one who loves their teeth???

idk man i just

some muke action for ya (THe TOnGUe)


THe DimPLes

Michael doesn’t have dimples but i love him just as muhc(im a michale girl too so)




AGAin WIth THe TouNGUe

In conlusion 5sos have great teeth and im jealous 

and one of my fav pics of them cause why not 

20 beautiful people tag

I was tagged by the lovely zhangxo (hvala!!!) and previously dae-kekemato and kkaebbaeksong​ at some point too (love you both <3 ) to post a picture (or more? idk xD) so here it is:

This pic is a year old though xD but i felt like posting it since i already posted my most recent ones elsewhere. But if you’re really curious to see what I looked like yesterday, here i am with my girl

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I was tagged for the 20 beautiful women tag!!!! Thank you to shxwnmxndxsaf for the tag and you’re wicked gorgeous!!!

(I like these pics idk why man)
((Sorry for my huge nose))

I tag the lovelies:
And anyone else who wants to do it!!! Sorry if you’ve done it already but do it again or not!! You’re all beautiful

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ok I was never a tinhat. NEVER. Not that I didn't ship j2 or cared if people did, I just personally didn't believe it. But i was on my dash and there was three pics in a row: the selfie from the end of the con together, shopping pic and the pic of them on set with someone else, and it looks like jared's arm is around jensen. idk, i suddenly thought, "i don't think this is a totally platonic relationship. holy shit. holyyyyyy shit" Not that I don't still love the wives! But, fuck man!!!!!

read this and talk proofs with me

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idk man but check out this outfit he’s killin it isnt he?

and this one! 

lets never forget about those pink pants /he’s like twice more built rn thats an old pic/ 

but he has his moments like

hoe i wanna drown in his eyes tbh

he’s a part time model


have some baby bale 

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Hellooo, my name is Cynthia, my fave color is blue ^^ My favorite ship is the titanic lol... baekyeol? kaisoo? hunhan? idk man. Ohh, my favorite ice cream flavor is either green tea or cookie dough ^^. I have twoo cats and one of them is a bully but i love them both haha <3 i hope you're having a great day bb

hi cynthia!! (we’ve been mutuals for a month now? but we havent really talked to each other ;n;) 

omg 3 royal exo ships \o/ i love all three tbh *___* mmm yes i love green tea and cookie dough (my favorite is red velvet though i think lol)

what are your cats names? o: i wanna know. i wanna see pics!! 

i hope you’re having a great day too cynthia~ ^^

to the people who follow me but don’t talk to me, introduce yourself~ tell me about yourself

idk guys i think taylor and calvin are so cute and i will reblog pictures of them any day because taylor always has the most adorable smile on her face and i am happy to see her so happy but like i really don’t care about their relationship as much as i thought i would. like i am happy they are together but i am not pining for more pictures of them together or a selfie. I’m just pining for more pics of the world tour and taylor reblogging and replying with really nice messages to people and new music videos or remixes. idk man. i love taylor for her personality and her music and thats my main focus. 

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~the phan related questions thingy~ ahh i want to ask all of them, but 1, 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19? (see how i constrained myself?)

ay thanks for asking!! (wasnt expecting anyone to do so) anyway,

1. Do you ship Phan? - is that even a question fuck yes i do

2. What was the first danisnotonfire video you watched? - i think it was SMOKING IS COOL but im not sure

5. What is your favorite video overall? - oh my i really don’t know man, i love all of their vids but i gues my favorites are the ones from 2009/2010 and the ones from this year because i feel like their a lot more relaxed this year and everything is just so happy and idk man. obvs i love the 2009/2010 ones because they’re so gay in them

9. Your favorite dan and phil picture. -  my fav pic of them together is the one they made in the apple store the first time they met because fuck theyre so hot

12. How did you find out about Dan and Phil? - ok this is kind of embaressing since i really dont like gleam team anymore (well most of them) but i started watching youtube and first i watched a lot of paint (who is a really cool guy if you dont know him look him up) and then i was linked to marcus butler, i loved him a lot(cringe). Anyway through marcus i got to dan and through dan i got to phil and then i came to phan and now im trash!! yay

16. Give us your best phan headcanon! - them listening to cheesy//soft music and just kind of lamely dancing to it and ending up on the floor making out and giggling and then them having sex but not in a rough way just really sweet and stuff oh god 

19. A song that reminds you of Phan. - every song from the resistance and also the planets bend between us by snow patrol i don’t know why??

sorry for the long answers, thanks for asking!! :)


Walked around ota today as Hinata. Wig is super last minute (I was actually trying to style it in the bathroom at ota) but idk it works. I’ll try to see if I can fix it up tonight for sunday. I bought a super cute crown today too! I was actually walking around the vendor hall like “man, if only I could find a tiny crown, my day would be complete.” and OH LOOK WHAT I FOUND. I was really happy!

I also met Meg Turney, who was super super nice! She signed my ota booklet too!


So this fucking nerd is moving in this weekend and idk if I’m prepared, man

Just look at this dork

It’s gonna b a gud fckn yr m8

He gon kill me, but if this is how I go, then that’s okay