no but guys can we pls talk about how

after phil says “that’s beautiful, dan” and puts the drawing away, dan just sorta

looks as though he’s about to say “thank you“ but then stops himself and

gets the goofiest most smitten grin ever 

before eventually bursting into giggles with phil

because this has to be one the cutest moments that happened tonight


alright - hear me out.

@blurryface’s profile picture reminds me of a brain scan. the red regions on the left, identical to the album cover art, are the frontal and occipital lobe of the human brain.

the frontal lobe controls concentration, planning, judgement, emotional expression, creativity, and inhibition. sound familiar? all of these characteristics in blurryface seem to be as negative and twisted as possible, causing confusion and chaos.

the occipital lobe affects sight and image perception - which may have something to do with the warped images. it would also explain the edited repost of this tweet -


middle earth meme: friendships [1/6]
↳ Thorin & Bilbo

Farewell, Master Burglar. Go back to your books, and your armchair. Plant your trees, watch them grow. If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place.

I’m gonna need you hoes to stop fucking romanticizing gangs and living in the hood. There’s nothing fun about it, stop acting like its this BET video where it’s all flossy and glossy. Cause it’s not. Yall haven’t stepped foot in a hood nor do you really want to. I’m side eyeing you black folks especially that have this fraud as image of what gangs and hoods are. Sit the fuck down.


so I’ve been p busy with work as of late (and we’re gonna get a website for the comics, so i’ll post it here when it’s up ;w;/ ) 


I did have the time to adopt this adorable bab ;//w//; I’m still iffy on whether I’ll keep these colors but he was too precious to pass up. I love my lil chub bab.

anonymous asked:

a cute blurb idea is what the boys do for you when you're on your period I dunno if you've already done it :p

So with our boy Ashton I can see him as the kind of guy to be like “wait you’re on your period?” because you usually didn’t have too many symptoms besides being a little bit more crabby in the morning and being a little bit more horny in the evenings but overall he’d make sure to try to be as sweet to you as he could and he’d always encourage you to come work out with him because miraculously you could still do that, and he’d always cook for you and he’d come home with your favorite cupcakes because vanilla frosting was always something you craved when you were on your period, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t appreciate your horniness because while actual sex wasn’t your thing during that week he’d still love your enthusiasm for making out and grinding and touching each other in as many ways as you possibly could.

Somehow I feel like Calum would be the guy who knew how to handle everything, maybe because he has an older sister and had at least a little experience with this “girly stuff” as he liked to call it, so he’d always be on alert when he saw your pad/tampon wrappers in the trash and he’d find you in the kitchen letting cupboards close loudly instead of the gentle way you usually closed them and you’d be in a new pair of pajama pants and the washer would be going and he’d walk up behind you and place his hands on your hips and your shoulders would tense but he’d kiss your cheek and ask if everything was all right and you’d just sigh and say how you started your period during the night and the sheets and your pajama pants were ruined and how much you hated being a girl, all the while Calum would massage just above your hips because he knew that’s where you got achy and he’d ask if you needed anything and you’d just ask him if he could make the bed later and he’d cheerfully agree, giving you another kiss before going to make his own breakfast.

Baby Luke would probably be at a loss the first time he really truly saw you with full blown aches and pains from your period, he’d come home and find you in bed which at first was strange because it was only like 8pm and then he’d see your shoulder’s shaking as you quietly cried and his heart would just break and he’d tiptoe into the room and kneel down next to the bed and ask what was wrong and your lip would quiver when you told him that you had really bad cramps and it hurt even just to lay there and he’d be stroking your hair and looking at you with these sad eyes and he’d be asking what you needed and he’d go get the heating pad and some pain medicine you asked for but by the time he came back you’d be asleep with your forehead slightly sweaty and your cheeks still a little wet from your tears and Luke’s shoulders would just slump because he hated seeing you this way so he’d crawl into bed behind you and rub your back and just be there if you woke up and needed someone to cuddle with.

Now Michael I feel would be the guy that somehow felt like he had a right to snap back at you when you were on your period and your hormones were making you a little more harsh than usual, but that attitude from him would end quickly once he saw your jaw lock and tears begin to form in your eyes because dammit sometimes you couldn’t help your irrationality when it was your time of the month so you’d leave the room and he’d clamber off the couch and follow you to the bedroom where you just lay there so upset with tears rolling down your cheek and Michael would sigh and be like “babe I’m such a dick, I’m sorry” and you’d shrug but glance at him with puppy dog eyes and he’d smile softly at you and just wrap you up in a hug and ask if there was anything he could do and you’d just shake your head and stay cuddled up with him in bed until you felt better.

Izayoi Seeing [ Music box version ]
  • Izayoi Seeing [ Music box version ]
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One very sweet person is trying to get Hayley and Lyndsy to see the “Who is Angie?” comic, on twitter. Can you fav/RT this tweet

I never ask this kind of things to my followers but that would be very cool and it means a lot to me :) 

I will post fluffy Carmilla, Agent Carter and/or Orphan Black fanarts tonight in return ♥


Achievement Hunter (+Ray) + Popular text posts

(Extras from this post)

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Could you do one where you and Luke are out with the boys and you start ignoring him and talk to Ashton and he gets really jealous and you have a fight when you go back home ?

a/n: I kinda tweaked it a little. I’m not sure how I feel about this turned out lol but I hope you like it anon :)
word count: 2700
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The club was loud and crowded and hot; if it hadn’t been for the fact that Luke looked far more innocent than he was when he pouted, you wouldn’t have even been there.

“Hiii boyfriend,” resting your chin on Luke’s shoulder, you spoke close to his ear so he would hear you over the pounding of the bass. He turned his head away from the conversation he was attempting to have with Michael and Calum, glancing down at you and moving his hand to rest on your thigh, just where your dress stopped.

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