Everyone we’re going live t o n i g h t


Jongdae + Love Me Right MV  (1)

the signs as summer things


aries- walking on a beach and finding tiny seashells 

taurus- the soft glow of the sun in the sky when it being covered by a cloud

gemini- how everyone’s eyes seem to have a golden tint when outside

cancer- big open fields when buttercups and dandelions are in bloom

leo- riding in a car with the windows down

virgo- wildly coloured sunsets reflected on the ocean

libra- crazy late night thunderstorms with lots of heat lightning 

scorpio- really fruity cold drinks on a scorching hot day

capricorn- staying inside and not wearing pants the whole day 

sagittarius- losing track of what day it is and what time is acceptable to go to bed

aquarius- the smell of sunscreen and salt water 

pisces- bonfires really late at night when all the stars are out

there’s this obnoxious super-conservative girl on my facebook who always posts things that make me want to start shit and this is her latest nonsense

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