Baby Steven Headcannons
  • greg always taking baby steven over to the temple so the gems can see him
  • all of the gems are completely obsessed with steven
  • steven always likes to sit on garnets lap and play with her glasses
  • pearl being secretly super jealous of garnet and stevens relationship
  • pearl tries to get steven to say her name first before all the other gems when hes learning to talk
  • pearl nearly cries tears of joy when he says her name first
  • little does she know that garnet was also trying to get steven to say pearl becase she saw how jealous she was
  • amethyst shape shifting into all sorts of crazy stuff to get steven to stop crying
  • steven being obsessed with pearls pointy nose
  • pearl and garnet leaving steven alone with amethyst for a couple of hours and when they come back home, stevens no were to be found. Amethyst claims they were playing hide and seek. It takes the gems and greg 3 hours to find him and pearl is about ready to call the police to come look for him
  • idk i just love the idea of the gems and baby steven 

I’m gonna post that Milosh drawing on DA.

to be honest I’m sort of looking forward to someone just freaking out over it.

I just, IDK I love when assholes find themselves in my gallery and just can’t handle.

anonymous asked:

What sort of subject is shop?? Also omfg now I can't shake off the mental image of lazy ass Anya and for some reason this makes me laugh so much idk why (also wheezes love your answers I'm so in love with this au already I'm in SO DEEP)

shop is like woodshop - carpentry, sometimes working with electrical, etc.

anya’s the kind of person who won’t do anything unless she has to. and lexa does the grocery shopping so.

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player etc and write down the 10 first songs. Then pass this to 10 people. One rule: No skipping!

ahh i love these sorts of things thanks hollowheavens for tagging me :)))))))

1. Little Bit - Lykke Li
2. Ms - alt-J
3. Moondust - James Young
4. Think of You - MS MR
5. Million Dollar Bills - Lorde
6. Running If You Call My Name - HAIM
7. Heads. Cars. Bending - The 1975
8. Bodyache - Purity Ring
9. RUN - San Cisco
10. Go - Grimes ;))))))))

I tag aeronought anti-memes consoule aworldawayfromyou primvla wretched-queers g-riffic seuxe de-partment and idk who else but anyone who wants to do it (pls don’t feel obliged to do it if i tagged u k thx ily) <333333

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You mentioned What Binds Us Together in an earlier post so I read it and really, really enjoyed it! Do you have any ichiruki fanfic suggestions (especially medieval/royal AUs)?

ah i’m glad you enjoyed it ;u; firstly, this is my fic rec tag! some royalty/ancient(idk what its called) era fics i can think of are bound by duty, heart’s desire, love, your princess, and the king’s mistress. unfortunately there aren’t many ichiruki fics like that, most royalty aus are surprisingly in the byakuya/rukia fandom lol… (aka @ir fandom y’all should get on that…for ichiruki month maybe? c; )

I might be forgetting some fics, so here’s my account. you can click sort by category to read all the bleach fic i’ve favorited, though not all of it is high-quality & definitely not all of it is ichiruki. I can make another rec post if you want too if you’re interested in that.

do my followers have any recs?

whatever… hermione gREInger

"I helped him up, and he smiled at me ashamedly.
He had failed and we both knew it,
He would never be like other boys at school." The Scarlet Ibis
Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge
Novakist vs Geenasaur
Prompt: Rage

my brother tells me 
that i’m really more suited for a grass pokemon
because i like sweet things and no drama
and i argue that maybe i should take water
because i am deeply in love with the ocean
and the argument swells until i text you and ask
for your more powerful opinion

but right now
you are an open window, the call of the void,
a wish for an end that you never quite

if i could i would write down 
the one million ways you make me happier
like how your laughter literally 
makes my heart lighter and 
how our friendship is one of the 
only things i think i am doing right
because you’re always there for me 
no matter how bad the night gets
and how i’m sorry that your insides are
made out of brimstone i wish i could help
because you’re the reason i believe 
in safety and in home but
my hands shake badly so all i can do 
is lend you my 3DS and 
write you a poem 

you are crying and asking why 
i even bother anymore, you say
“you could be with literally anyone else
who is calm and normal and not a 

i’m with you on purpose, not because i’m a martyr
searching for people to fix. i’m with you
because you’re entirely worth it.

i’m with you because out of all three starters
when it comes down to the wire,
every single time without fail
i always choose

—  i know you must struggle to get where you want to be, but that just makes you more amazing to me. // r.i.d

Hey, no one could. It’s a tough ask, not without more data.”

god i want hook to be the tin man so bad

i want zelena to take his heart and try to use it to control him, gives him all these orders

that he belligerently follows to the exact letter like

she tells him to bring back information about snow and charming and he returns with the disney movie (“i’m not certain what this is, but i’m given to understand that it will explain everything you need to know about the royals”)

or to kill belle and he breaks a bell and gives it to her (“i went to a lot of trouble for that, you could at least act grateful — finding a bell that was made in some place called france was not as simple as you might suspect”)

and just in general totally fucks up her program and makes her seriously regret expecting a goddamn pirate be obedient in any way

But do I want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes?