"If you met me first, would you have fallen in love with me?"

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so who do you ship Laurel with?


I ship Laurel/Happiness like it’s going out of style (and lbh, on Arrow, happiness for Laurel is a rare thing so my otp is always sinking). But an actual relationship? Nobody really sings for me.

I was really into the Ted Grant relationship. Katie and JR had really great chemistry and I was super excited to see where they were going with it, but alas JR is leaving so that’s not happening. I thought Tommy was really sweet, but I never became invested in them. I have a deep fondness for Laurel/Oliver, but that’s just nostalgia from the cartoons and the comics and I really did like their relationship in season one. I guess I maybe ship Laurel and Oliver in the sense that maybe one day like ten years down the line after Oliver does some serious soul searching? Idk, don’t hold me to that. ;)

Honestly idk what to do right now
I am very stressed and anxious because she is so nice to me
Also because my mother and I are no longer speaking but that’s a different kind of stress
That’s real world stress
That’s oh-shit-I-gotta-hustle-for-that-money stress
But this other stress
It’s like anxiety about having feelings
I’ve been able to stay really detached so far but this shawty is just so sweet and supportive and kind hearted. She’s also smart and a hard worker, funny and down to earth. Not mention she’s cute as hell. And taking the time to get to know me for me, not rushing anything. There’s no pressure and I really enjoy being around her and all my friends like her too.
I don’t know man I just don’t want to get in too deep.
I don’t want to get hurt again.
Getting your hopes up and getting invested in someone is just a recipe for disaster imo.
Plus my ex turned out to be a shit eating bridge troll so how do I know I’m not just under another magic spell lmao


where is heechul rly, he hasn’t updated his ig in days and hasn’t been spotted anywhere?? but most importantly ahhghh, how is he? i’m really worried ok i care about his wellbeing and stuff like he probably is playing games like the nerd he is but ahhhhh…just the thought of him being sad or something is enough to make me worry ahhhhhhhghhh

i shouldn’t worry so much but i really love him as a bro and i care idk 

in other news i just can’t with gunhee…

how can some people dislike him when he’s this sweet and has done nothing more than bringing heechul to smile and be nice with everybody i’m so emotional these days like…i don’t care if they’re dating or not i’m just happy he exists and he’s there for heechul and tbh now that i remembered gunhee i shouldn’t even worry as much for that other fucker…

he’s also opening a second salon and i’m also proud as fuck this man has been working so hard and i’m glad he’s doing well ;v;

Thoughts on the DWTS Cast

Okay, so I am familiar with about half of the cast: Suzanne, Robert, Redfoo, Willow, and Nastia.
That being said, I’ve been watching the interviews and based on those, I think I really like Rumer! Idk how her dancing will be, but she seems sweet and very confident in herself!
So as of right now, I’m rooting for her, Redfoo because he’s a riot, and Robert because he is bae!
That may all change once the show starts though…
Just like I was NOT on Team MnM when I first saw the cast reveal…but they had me after their Cha-Cha :)

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I really love class of 2004 and I love the new drabble so much! I've read class of 2004 so many times and it still makes me sad that they spent so long apart :'( poor babies. Thank you for sharing your writing with us :) I love you <3

You are too sweet, I <3 you too.  I’ve thought about expanding that universe before, but to be honest, I just never get anywhere with it.  And I guess I’m on a high school Everlark kick right now, b/c I just want to make them go to Prom together in every universe ever, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that. :)

I think one of the sweetest things is when you’re napping with someone and they wake up for just a second and turn towards you and put their hand on your back or in your hair or whatever and then they go right back to sleep. It’s like in that split second they thought about nothing else but you and wanted to be near you and idk I think that’s really cool and I really love it.

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So basically there's this guy I like and I've liked him on and off for 3 years now but I'm so awkward around him because I just get nervous but he's amazing and so sweet but Idk if he likes me back and I'm pretty sure one of my best friends likes him too and he may like her back idk but we're not that close as I really wanna know him better but he's really close with my friend and people say they should date but I just love everything about him. Thoughts/advice?

Go up to him and tell him that you wanna hang out with him. If he’s not a dick, he’ll say yes.

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I swear I'm not just saying this cuz u made a negative post but I've always thought u were really rad but I'm too shy to say so so yeah!! You're awesome!! I'm bad at sounding sincere but idk

Thats rly sweet thank u. 

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you have such a great depiction! honestly, it makes me laugh a lot to read the banter you create with other characters (:

//BBY ANON. omfg. 

I really didn’t expect this? I’ve seen your little love letters on my dash all day but I didn’t once think that I might get one too. I’m in my little corner, and I’m really off my writing game lately so idk I just thought you’d have better people to send messages to. 


Thanks for thinking about me, nonny. It really made my day and I feel like maybe I can finish this drabble now. 


I’m so weird. I’ll get into little flirty conversations with guys and be like oh haha he thinks I’m cute how sweet he’s cute too and then as soon as they say something slightly sexual I’m just like ha okay nope bye and I don’t really understand why I’m automatically uncomfortable? It’s not like I haven’t had similar thoughts about guys than what’s been said…idk. It’s really strange.

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melon, peach, vanilla, lilac, orange, coconut, plum annnnd sweet pea :P

melon - my first impression of you

I can’t really remember but I think you were just being really ridiculously sweet (as usual) and I thought man this girl is sups cool! 

peach - what i like most about your blog

It’s a toss up between your great liveblogging and your edits and YO SELFIES okay no your selfies win they win life

vanilla - what i like most about you

idk idk idk I can’t choose don’T MAKE ME CHOOSE how can I do this can I just say I like everything about you byeee

lilac - why / how i started following you

I can’t remember but it was probably something that cropped up when I was browsing the United tag or when I followed someone and they reblogged something from you :3 

orange - my opinion of you now and our status

ilysm. You’re so kind and wonderful and clever and funny and such a great friend, just amazing, and really strong and the more I get to know you the more I love you just <3 Our status? Mates 5ever <333

coconut - a blog that reminds me of yours

marouanefellainis BC TEAM HELL YES

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog

Thinking Out Loud <3

sweet pea - would i go out with you

a thousand times yes JUST ASK

Thanks mate <3

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Once you get this you have to day five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your fav followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) :3 ((yyou dont' really have to do this if you don't want to :-^D))

ahh thank you! this is so sweet aw (also im sorry this is so late!! whh))

1. i like the way i dress! wearing nice outfits is just rly great

2. tbh i like that my first thought regarding certain situations is… how do i.. make a pun/meme out of thi s..

3. i like that i’m fictivekin with kenma/bee/haruhi

4. idk if this counts as being about me but?? i love that i have such amazing qp’s;; 

5. idk uh.. i;; like the way that i sing?? yeah

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How did you know you were lesbian like I found out I also liked girls and I was bi cause I was eating this caramel filled chocolate and I sucked all the caramel out and I thought "I wonder if p*ssy tastes this sweet" 😂😂😂😂 a weird way to come out but yeah lol you're my role model and Iove you and not only do I wanna meet you but I wanna meet your gf too. Tell her I said hey and that yall are my OTP forever lol love you flower

Awh thank you sweetheart and I’ve sort of always known. But like delayed and thought it wasn’t anything I should worry about. I just knew, guys never really…idk no passion. Not really any attraction lol I just knew and I’ll tell her you said hi when she wakes up

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Hello Sweetie! NEWT! Xx

Yay, thanks sweetheart! ^~^ xx
  • Why I like them: Oh god where do I begin, he’s just so friendly and reassuring, like he genuinely cares about the others and wants them to be happy, like he’s so sweet, kind, brave, organised and thoughtful, he’s just so good. 
  • Why I don’t: I have nothing for this oops?
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): The bonfire scene with Thomas. c; 
  • Favorite season/movie: The first film/book obvs. c;
  • Favorite line: Ooh in the film it’s probably 'Pick your arse up and finish what you started' in the book it's 'I like you greenie' bc it's adorable. :D 
  • Favorite outfit: The orange tanktop tho, save me. 
  • Brotp: Idk Nalby probably??
  • Head Canon: I think he’d be really warm like all the time, like he’s like a radiator, so he’s easy to cuddle and gives nice hugs. 
  • Unpopular opinion: Ooh idk.
  • A wish: That he’d love himself more. 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Hahaha where do I start *gross sobbing*
  • 5 words to best describe them: Reassuring, kind, warm, caring, brave. 
  • My nickname for them: Haven’t got one. c; Unless you count ‘tiny fluff’ ‘little fluffle’ and ‘my light, my son my husband, my everything.

Hehe thanks so much! ^~^ You know me too well. c; xx