idk why i like this scene

So I was just perusing through the screencaps for the (I actually can’t believe I’m about to say this…) slave Leia scenes, and I came to a few rather interesting realizations:

1) Carrie/Leia has freckles on her arms, and they’re actually kinda cute? (As absolutely weird as that probably sounds….)

(yes I did just find and tack in a picture primarily of Carrie’s/Leia’s arm so you could see them….)

2) I actually would like to eviscerate Bib Fortuna. Preferably with a blunt scalpel. Or maybe a cactus. They have those in the desert right? 

Now, why do I want to do this, you may be asking? Because:

(and then he just does this through the entire rest of the scene)  GET YOUR HAND OFF OF HER YOU CREEP

3) This screenshot almost reduced me to tears, and I’m really not sure why

idk man. I’ll write an analysis of it someday. (I’m pretty sure it has to do with all of their faces)

4) Fun fact: you don’t see Jabba’s full tail until the slave Leia scenes. And this is actually a fun fact, because you then can’t confirm or deny whether he had that nice and nasty gouge in his tail beforehand

Honestly, I’m suspecting Leia for that one…

Also, on a completely unrelated note, Leia looks very young in this screenshot. Very young. I actually felt mildly nauseous when I noticed it.

5) Possibly my favorite shot of Leia is during this sequence.

Now, why is this my favorite? I don’t actually know. But it is.

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Unless like she's going to be wearing a long sweater or coat with it (I can totally go with her wearing like a "kimono" style shirt with it)

IDK I just want some sort of explanation for why Isabelle suddenly looks like a hooker when she doesnt need to. The revealing clothing makes no sense other than to make her look sexy. If it were another scene, I’d be fine, but it doesn’t make a lick of sense with Pandemonium. Dressing a female character in a sexy way is okay unless you do it by creating story holes. This is like if Black Widow had a bunch of SHEILD tattoos and went undercover in a club dressed like a Go Go dancer and the HYDRA guys were supposed to just not notice her tattoos. It makes no sense and is only done for the male gaze. 

the last 5 minutes of 10x22 - a summary

  • cas literally confirmed that he plans to stay with dean for the rest of his life, whether he has the mark or not
  • cas low key acknowledged that dean loves him when he said “everyone you love will be long dead. except me” or something like that idk i couldn’t hear over my screaming
  • dean literally loses his shit BUT CAN’T KILL CAS
  • cas asks dean to “stop” and dean imediatly does but then seems to think “oh shit i cant let him make me see reason” and then gets all violent
  • they didnt show it but dean was pinning cas down he literally had to have been
  • reverse crypt scene
  • im dead why did i think i could handle this

Chris Evans and Mjölnir on the set of Captain America: Civil War

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what are some of your fave fics you've read recently? :D

The Single Biggest Problem With Communication by SakuraTsukikage ( R / 100.8k / 616 )

so SO good. it’s an epic length maximum pining and angst fic and it explores the aftermath of civil war and tony deleting his brain beautifully. kind of like reading the most beautiful meta about why these two could be so perfect for each other in the form of an extraordinary, and very very long, fic. not to mention the sex scenes are just ???? holy shit i don’t think i’ve ever read more gorgeous smut lmao

Toasted Buns by copperbadge, scifigirl47 ( R / 33.7k / MCU )

if you haven’t read this fic yet idk what to tell u man. it’s been out for a month and it’s already got 2k kudos so y’know. a collab between two of the huge fic giants in this fandom could be nothing but amazing. really smart, sharp and witty banter and slow build with UST that actually gets resolved!!

All That Glitters (Is Definitely Gold) by mirrorneurons ( M / 1k / MCU )

hilarious. and sweet. and very funny. this fic needs a gazillion kudos tbh.

How To Be a Truly Terrible Wingman by Wordsplat ( R / 11.7k / MCU )

hatesex to love and sO MUCH FREAKING FUN oh my god. the banter is so on point and all the misunderstandings/angst/pining that ensues is beautifully written. will reread at least 10 more times in the near future.

The Silence In-Between by Winterstar ( R / 129.8k / MCU / AU )

there are times when you stumble on those fics that just. leave you thoroughly fucked up after you’ve read them they’re so damn good and so soul-crushingly sad. this fic is one of those fics. it’s a dystopian au and very heavy with tons of dark themes so tread carefully but the world-building in this fic is honestly amazing. that’s one of the first things i look for in an original au and this author does it all sO believably and fantastically. it is still a WIP right now and if you start it, it’s going to be v. depressing v. soon but i promise you do get pay-off!

Hard Reset by Kiyaar ( R / 8.8k / 616 )

NOT A FIX-IT. not a fix-it. oh my god. i found this while going through ‘fix it’ fics on ao3 and je sus chRIST. it’s so good. but it will rip your heart out and stomp it into little tiny pieces and then keep going. (…….there has been possible talk of a sequel.)

Hold On Let Go by gracerene ( R / 2.8k / MCU )

sex in a barn. very hot sex in a barn.

When I Speak I Cross My Fingers by Sineala ( R / 1.7k / 616 )

tHE FIC WE ALL SECRETLY WANTED WHERE SIM!TONY MEETS STEVE BUT IT’S ALL TERRIBLE AND TRAGIC AND j fc. i’m so compromised by everything this fic is. it’s so wonderful. their sim!tony is terrifying and beautiful and stEVE. poor steve. i ju st. read this fic.

better to have loved and lost by laireshi ( R / 1.6k / 616 )

where are my fix-its i whisper as all of my favorite 616 authors continue to write TOTALLY NOT FIX-ITS with soul-crushing angst and more pain.

Morning Glory by mirrorneurons ( R / 2k / 616 )

and to round out this list, some gorgeous domestic fluff and one of my fave fics of this year possibly. starring caroljess my other otp to end all otps and tons of gorgeous, sweet superhusbands being superhusbands.

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Do you like Sam?

I just feel like you only use Sam as a cheerleader for Destiel.

lol aw!! anon!! I LOVE SAM. i love sam because i see a lot of him in myself. like, i have genuinely had similar situations to sam and a sister who is a lot like dean. and she has a partner who reminds me of cas. i just see a reflection of him in myself, which is why i was so emotionally moved by tonight’s scene. because what sam did is probably what i would do

i think the reason i have sam as a supportive force for the dean/cas relationship is because i’ve never been too swell with relationships either, but you feel happy to see others in them! so you just encourage it, y’know? especially when you really see it there? ya just like seeing the people you care about have that goofy love smile i suppose

so yeah, i love sam. sam loves dogs, had that weird dog shirt, and has the trust of some of the scariest things on the planet. and he also drew this one time


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Hey Carrie. I was wondering if you have any Stoner!Sterek? Idk why but I love Stoner!Sterek. Have a night day cutie ^.^

sure thing! oh, do you know deleted-scenes (alisvolatpropiis on ao3)? not only is she an awesome writer but she has a passion for stoner!sterek and i feel like following her would definitely increase the amount of inspiration, photos/gifs and fic with that trope on your dash. \(^_^)/

here is my reclist for sterek + shotgunning and general stonerness

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why does tumblr advertise anxiety like a free pass for "oppression"? why do they romanticize panic attacks? it's disgusting. i remember my first panic attack and tbh it was one of the worst feelings in the world. it's horrifying and if anything i picture it as a scene from a horror movie rather than a chick flick. idk what's wrong with some people.

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I read your meta on Han and Leia and I think you're mostly right! Except the Han and Leia chair scene comes before the kiss. You're totally right that Han is 2 steps ahead of Leia at that point. He knows he loves and I think he has decided to act on it, its just not the right moment. Thats why he is able to throw innuendo at her instead of sarcasm. That unnerved Leia, thus her head-clearing nod at the end of the scene. He didn't respond normally. After the kiss though, you're spot on!

AGH I just watched ESB again and YOURE RIGHT I always forget this darn it. BUT YEAH I think its a combination of emotional maturity (he’s ten years older than her, remember, and has been left by the person he loved twice before), experience, and character. 

Han is very obviously COGNIZANT, if not willing to fully accept, his feelings for Leia from the very beginning of ESB. I mean I’ve very little doubt in my mind that he KNOWS he loves her but just really really doesn’t want to admit it because he’s been hurt in the past and he can’t commit to anything without her admitting it BACK.

Leia, on the other hand … I’m not even sure that she’s fully aware that what she’s feeling is love until the days leading up to The Terrible Awful Scene Of Pain which I just had to watch again and goddamn but his little reassuring half-smile of broken heartedness RIPPED INTO MY SOUL.

Ahem. But uh. Yeah. You know what I mean.

1) Why did you choose your URL? christina’s from candor, and my favorite thing was how will told her “ you have no filter. you say the first thing that goes through your head” but it was like, an open argument idk that was one of my favourite scenes & also it molded well with my theme;
2) What is your middle name? patrice. ew ok my parents are vintage france circa. 1940s;;
3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? a dragon.
4) Favourite colour?

5) Favourite song?
phoenix - fall out boy
6) What are your top five fandoms? divergent, glee, got, ouat, the 100 (kindaa)
7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?it’s somewhere i can escape to- & i’ve made some pretty amazing friends here as well. 
8) Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes (they do the 8 questions too): possiblycruel, fourivx, patrxnous, prxmroseeverdeen, bloodyknucklxs, enigmxticisms, prxortris, fourfxld, ofwxrriorblood + anyone who wants to do this!

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IM REALLYSORRY I STILL DON'T geT THE VASELINE THING 😂I'm that slow (or too innocent? bc my friend said that) also on bryan's post with jen and N, pEOPLE KEEP SAYING JOULT AND IM LIKE NO and someone even hopes they have a sex scene and i think n0.WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.he left her alone with the nude photo thing and was extremely disrespectful and that was fauxmance why won't anyone believe that?(sorry i have to rant here idk who else to tell)how does anyone even think that theyre cute tgt.


This is totally just me coming up with certain scenarios, but do you think they both could have been in a car crash? These scenes were shown in this order, and that weird guy is saying something like, “Tell me, Lydia. It started just after you began senior year.” And maybe this is why she’s in there? I’m not sure though, and they could have just used audio from a different scene, but this is something I picked up on after like the 20th time watching it.

like truly even when i compare delena/stelena without putting into account damon’s problematic aspects such as killing jeremy, etc, etc, etc, etccccccccc stelena wins every fuckin time??? they have strong moments. i always just think of the phone call with stefan crying and ehonestly??? all delena has is long ass love speeches. they don’t have the meaningful stuff. the stuff that those speeches are supposed to come from. they don’t have those moments!! like truly. they have cute ass kisses and sex scenes and love declarations, i’ll give em that but stelena had the entire fuckin package. they didn’t need all those long all love declarations because they showed their love through strong moments. moments of elena fighting for stefan when his humanity was off. stefan fighting off his compulsion. just. idk. nina and paul really did have amazing chemistry. paul’s acting. idk. maybe thats why i just can’t feel it with delena. OK bye i really don’t even know where this came from bye

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I don't know why people liked the Stelena scene at the wedding.. I mean Elena complimenting him on his suit as fine I guess, but this comment " am i sensing another brother swap?" oh boy if i were elena i'd be offended and idk if this comment was supposed to be funny but it just made me angry tbh

I don’t like that scene either. And Elena laughed like it was the funniest thing ever, like she didn’t rip his heart out and break it into a million pieces, like she didn’t go back on every promise she ever made, like she didn’t put a knife in his back, like she didn’t hop into bed with the dude that murdered her little brother right in front of her. it was disgusting and the fact that they made Paul say that was lower than low. What Elena did was not a joke and these writers shouldn’t make Stefan make fun of it. I guess it was them trying to prove that Stefan “is so over it” but it only makes them look ridiculous. They have a thing for that, for downplaying stuff like it wasn’t horrifying or scarring or downright terrible. Damon raping Caroline comes to mind.