Yet, she knew that she should say something. They had so many things to talk about, yet she did not know where to start. Should they tear up painful wounds of the past or ignore it and discuss the present? Should they discuss their marriage? Were they enemies or allies? She did not know the answer to that. The silence made her remember their time together, all those meals they have shared together, unable to say anything, unwilling to say more than it was necessary. But everything was different now. She gathered her courage and took a deep breath. But then Tyrion spoke and the silence was broken…

Sansa/Tyrion Appreciation Week - Day 4 - AU

             ↳ Sansa and Tyrion meet again after the war

okay but imagine your crush shows up out of nowhere


and you’re like OHLY SHIT PIE HE’S NUDE and it’s like all of your wet dreams come true

you’re so ready for this

but then, just as you get real excited, you realize

he’s covered in bees


you can’t touch him

you can’t approach him

or the bees will kill you




the pain.


sammy i just wanted to smoosh him

but there were so many bees


hi so i haven’t gotten any prompts/asks at all so i’m going to ride on the hope that tumblr might’ve eaten your ask (a friend said that my ask box was closed but when I checked it wasn’t; so i re-linked the Ask/FAQ page to see if that would help and i sent test asks to myself which have worked so far)

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like i get the abdullah situation but like for once it’s not goodell’s fault? 

like it’s not the nfl sanctioning him it was a ref during the game like the nfl isn’t consulted on those matters in the middle of a game

and the ref said he didn’t see him praying but that could be bullshit but idk

but the nfl isn’t fining him and they said the flag shouldn’t have been thrown so for once they’re doing the right thing by reiterating that religious celebrations aren’t excessive celebration penalties


ten women i have been warned against becoming: ob edition

"The Girl Who Takes Up Too Much Space, always, her shoulders too wide in stairwells, her hips too big in doorways, her voice too loud in classes. This woman does not understand the art of crumbling, of curling herself tight like the spiral of a fern, soft, delicate, unwilling to reach out the ivy of her fingers to grasp onto what should rightfully be hers. This is a beast, an elephant, a moving mountain and she is capable of flattening you, she is capable of ruining you, she is capable of making you feel as small and insignificant in her life as she is supposed to be. You are this woman’s footnote to history, you are her side note in song lyrics, you are constantly interrupted by her with a witty joke you wish you thought of. I asked what the problem was with being a steamroller instead of a sunflower and I was laughed down.” - (inkskinned)

inspired by (x)


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