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jon's like 'whatever. weddings are stupid. i'm too emo for this. don't pick me robb i don't care' [goes and sits in his bedroom morosely and listens to brand new for five hours] theon gets all SUPER ANNOYING like 'robb lemme be your best man i wanna be your best man we'll have the best bachelor's party ever we'll get so FUCKED UP!!!! ROBB!!!!! PICK MEEEEEEE' and robb gets fed up and is just like ok whatever edmure will be my best man and cat is crying happy tears in the background

IM FEELIN IT IM REALLY FEELIN THIS SO MUCH like jon secretly is very stressed out bc he just wants to be included in stark family events for once his life but and he loves robb so much like brother why have u forsaken me. hello darkness my old friend [makes ten angry blog posts abt it]

and theon…. well… let’s just say he had his (and everyone elses) outfit planned out and he gonna be dressed To The Nines. he for some reason thinks best man = wedding planner and also thinks wedding = killer opportunity to get smashed and bang a bunch of single people who are desperate after a wedding. he just goes so overboard i feel like even tho he doesn’t get picked as best man, he is sad for .5 seconds and then decides to go thru with all his ridiculous plans anyways, which makes jon feel the need to intervene even tho HE’S not best man either.

edmure is just happy to be included :-) ‘haha hey guys these gummies are shaped like penises…..’ ‘edmure those are for jeyne’s bachelorette party robb WHY DID YOU PICK HIM OVER ME UUUGH’ and by then ed has eaten half the candy. this wedding is gonna be A Mess.

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{ Name } Cristian

{ Nicknames } Shuu, Shooby, Shushu, Shoobs, Shooby Doo, Tropey, TP, Shooblet

{ Birthday } April 16th

{ Age } 19

{ Gender } Demi-boy, I think it’s called? Male-leaning neutrois. 

{ Sexual Orientation } Asexual (Schediaphile/Fictionsexual: Androsexual)

{ Significant Other } Some ridiculously soft and sweet man child i found on craigslist. 

{ Height } Six feet-ish. I can’t remember. I’m almost that tall, shush. Google tells me that’s 182 cm. 

{ Work/School } I’m in UMO for Communications. 

{ Favorite Colour } Baby/peach pink.

{ Time and Date } 9:29 PM 26 Jan 2015

{ Average Hours of Sleep } 6

{ Last thing I googled } ”Orgasmic Migraine” 

{ Number of blankets I sleep under } One. 

{ Favorite Movies } Uhmmm. I’m not big on movies. I suppose Rocky Horror Picture Show, Accepted, The Room, that sort. 

{ Favorite Shows } I don’t really watch TV? I like AHS but not a ton. I like Archer and Bob’s Burgers quite a bit I think. 

{ Favorite Food } Alfredo, mango, passion fruit, ice-cream, margherita pizza. 

{ Favorite Drunk Food } I don’t drink really.

{ Favorite Place to Shop for Clothes } Uhmm. Walmart I guess? I don’t really buy clothes I just hope they don’t wear out.

{ Last Movie I Saw in Theaters } Twilight like… 4? Breaking Dawn? Was that it? It was shit, I hadn’t seen any of the damn films, why did my sister drag me to it? 

{ Last Book I Read } American Psycho 

{ A Place That Makes Me Happy } My bed. 

{ What are you doing today? } Worrying about the blizzard tonight and trying to feel happy. 

Dear taylorswift
Okay, Taylor I don’t know if you will read this, ( you prob won’t) but I’m
Gonna post it anyways
I’m bad at intros so I’m
Just gonna skip it and go straight into
What I want to say 😂
You are my sunshine on a stormy day.
I’m not the prettiest or skinniest
Girl out there, many people can tell you that, but I now know that it doesn’t matter and it’s what is on the inside that counts, I haven’t always believed that, I listened to the hate I was getting online and it put me in a very bad place, its only because of you I’ve started to actually like myself, go to the pool, hang out with
Friends post selfies etc… And for that I say thank you and so does my mum and my best friend kate, without you I wouldn’t be here today. Your lyrics are so calming, beautiful, incredible everything positive in general, whenever I’m In a bad mood and feel like crap your music is always there for me, I’m so glad to have someone as happy and amazing as you to look up to.
You are so beautiful and basically perfect, I hope to one day be like you,
But it shall be very hard, you set a very high standards, but I hope to one day get there. I can’t wait to be at your 1989 concert on the 11th of December in Melbourne I got up and waited from 9:30 until 12 for tickets unfortunately I didn’t get as close as I would of liked because it sold out in 1-2 MINUTES ( SLAYLOR AF ) but I’m
Just so happy and lucky to be There!
Thank you so much for following your dreams and caring for your fans
We all appreciate it more than anything keep on doing what you love Taylor because as long as you’re happy we will all be there with you.
We are a swiftie family forever and always.


Yes equal pay is the highest in the world here, lgbtq+ rights are very high and the police force has a cool instagram account…But did you know

  • That there is a huge shortage in medical employes bc they all moved to Norway or went to study abroad and never came back? 
  • And that the remaining doctors were going to go on a strike bc they get paid less then half of what doctors do in the other Scandinavian counties?
  • That strikes are happening 24/7 bc people are not payed nearly as much as in the other Scandinavian countries?
  • And that that a lot of people are so islamophobic you wanna puke?
  • That the current political parties that are in charge brought up the discussion of building a mosque just to gain more support from the racist assholes?
  • That the government now is the same government that lead this country into an economic crisis?
  • That we are still suffering from that crisis and we have not made a groundbreaking recovery from that?
  • That living here is expensive as fuck and that a package of instant noodles used to cost about 20kr and now it costs 200kr or more?
  • That the current minister of education is planning to deny 900 students a place in a junior collage and either put them on unemployment benefits or make them work at 16????

So please people Iceland is not some magical place where everyone is a beautiful queer happy-go-lucky hipsters that hang out in cafes, wear lopapeysa and listen to Björk…

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1) What’s something you really want right now?

- Strawberry ice cream sounds really good right now xD

2) On a level of one to serial killer, how likely are you to kill someone right now?

- One, I’m pretty calm and it looks like an awesome day with all the snow (i love snow) so I’m really excited.

3) What’s the last thing you googled?

- “twitter” 

4) What did your last sent text/message say?


5) If you could marry any fictional character, who would it be and why?

- UHM THIS IS SUCH A DIFFICULT QUESTION >.< I’d have to say either Naruto or Kaneki Ken because both of them are so kind, without any strings attached and they both really care about those around them so yeah :D

6) Explain the plot line of your favorite anime or TV show in ten words or less.

- Kaneki can only eat people now; no more hamburgers. ;-;

7) Have you ever gotten into a physical fight? If so, explain.

- Several xD A friend of mine and I got into a fist fight on the way home from school on the bus once and it only ended cause she had to get off xD Another time my brother’s friend came over and he punched me in the nose while we were playing video games so I kinda drop kicked him. Otherwise the fights were usually with my siblings or for lessons in martial arts.

8) List 8 things you couldn’t live without.

- Food, family, friends, music, anime, books, clothes and sunshineee ^.^

9) What’s the last thing you remember baking?

- Cookies! For my youngest brother’s name day.

10) Tell a funny story of something that happened to you.


11) Talk about your favorite physical and non-physical aspects of yourself.

- Well… as far as physical aspects go I think my eyes are pretty interesting, my hair looks okay even if I don’t have time to comb it before heading out and I don’t have to do my eyebrows. Pertaining to my favorite non-physical aspects I guess I’m proud of my loyalty to my friends and family and my occasional stubbornness xD

My questions:

1) If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be and why?

2) If you could learn three new languages immediately, what three would you choose?

3) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

4) What is your favorite quote and why?

5) If you grab the book closest to you and turn to page 25, what’s the first line?

6) What’s the first thing you notice about someone when you initially meet them?

7) If you woke up one day and had the ability to step into another world, which fictional world would you enter and why?

8) What is your favorite hobby and if it was outlawed and punishable by death, would you still do it?

9) If the apocalypse was a thing, would you survive and how?

10) How goes it today?

11) List three songs that you feel express you well.

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All currently announced upcoming Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks films.


  • Pixar has 2 release dates currently set, one for November 22, 2017 and one for June 15, 2018 but they haven’t announced yet which Incredibles/Cars sequel will take each spot, or if their Dia de los Muertos film will take one of them.
  • Disney has November 21, 2018 booked but hasn’t announced which movie will be released then - probably Galactic/Interstellar or King of the Elves, or possibly a Wreck-It Ralph or Frozen sequel.
  • Dreamworks also has a number of planned films without set release dates (15 of them); they haven’t been included here.