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"Don't be so afraid."

“Don’t be so afraid! Why don’t you pick up the kid?” Callen hissed, eyes frantically darting between Sam and the crying baby sitting in her carrier beside Deeks’ desk. 

“Because Kensi and Deeks asked you to watch their ‘little Princess.’” Sam said with a smirk. 

“Bad choice.” Callen grimaced as Sam nodded, slowly approaching the carrier and lifting the squealing baby out. 

“Support her head!” Sam advised.

“I know how to hold a baby!" 

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So like… What if the weather was horrible one day, like straight rainy downpour, and Danny has to get wii batteries or something from his car and is seriously dreading it.
Arin’s just like “just do it! Out and in! Easy!”
Danny just shakes his head. “The minuite I step out there I’ll look like I jumped into a pool.”
And Arin laughs, saying “I’ll be your human shield. Let’s go”
Before they walk outside, Danny mumbles “I can’t believe there’s no fucking umbrellas in this entire office.”
Arin laughs again, grabs Danny’s hand and runs outside.
They’re soaked almost immediately.
“God dammit,” Danny giggles, touching his soggy hair as they run.
“At least it gets washed today,” Arin grins and whips his head sending water droplets everywhere. “I get two washes today!”
They make it to the car, panting. Danny lets go of Arin’s hand and grabs the batteries fast as possible.
“It’s dry in the car,” Danny says, “we could-” he trips and falls into a puddle. Arin laughs so hard can’t tell if the water running down his face is from the rain or tears.
Danny just sits in the puddle, pouting like a little kid. “I’m already sopping, what does it matter.” He reaches up and pulls Arin down with him. They land with a splash.
“Come on, Dan,” Arin wipes eyes, a huge smile on his face. “I don’t have a change of clothes!”
And Danny just shrugs and kisses him. Their lips slide around and their clothes squelch, but they don’t stop for a long time, kissing in a puddle in the middle of a rainstorm like an iconic scene from a romance movie.

my favourite activity is googling dan facts and finding ones that make no sense and are actually believed by some people

for example


and the best ones

i hope daniel dan is still alive and everything’s okay with his net worth of 882 mil with stocks, properties, yachts and private airplanes i hope his 2 yr relationship with lucy hale is going strong as ever