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I think Natalia's "skinny bitches" rant was worded badly, but I honestly think thin girls shouldn't be made fun of for their weight, girls of every size can feel self-conscious about their weight. Especially in Meghan Trainor's new song where she sexualizes having a butt and not looking like a Barbie and basically says that guys won't find you appealing unless you fit that description. I understand that bigger girls get shamed more in media though so I get that it isn't the same for thin girls.

i can’t lie, a lot of times i feel like arguments like these resonate a little bit with the good ol’ ~not all men~ mantra. like. it is of the same substance. if there is one song, two songs, three songs, four songs, ten songs, in which a musical artist throws curvy girls a bone, i think “skinny bitches” (even the natural ones), can take a second to really sit and think about how awesome that might feel to a fat girl who NEVER gets to see her body framed positively in the media. ever. i say it is of the same substance as ~not all men~ arguments because like men (whose voices are always heard) interrupting women (whose voices are rarely heard) it is essentially an interruption in which a group which is not oppressed for their weight (naturally skinny women) feel the need to shit on a moment (A MOMENT, ONE MOMENT) in which fat girls (who are, actually and definitively, oppressed for their weight) get to feel slightly more awesome than they usually do. 

this is not ok. it’s not. i don’t take “skinny shaming” seriously because guess what? those lyrics are never actually about making skinny women feel bad about themselves because AGAIN, skinny women can look around at any ad, any movie, any tv show, any other fucking song, and see their body types being praised. those lyrics are about trying to give fat women that same positivity, the same confidence, that skinny women get to feel all the time, and therefore take for granted, until that ONE MOMENT (again, just one fucking subversive moment) when they are not the ones being praised.

let fat girls have their fucking moment.