Well, it’s fine if you think that way. I’m not telling you to change your opinion. Perhaps it’s neither wrong nor right. But we’re brothers, aren’t we?”


Before the show my dad and I spent a few hours at the Hard Rock Casino. I was really disappointed at first because the Ghostbusters game was gone (I even worked up the courage to ask, and this nice man went and looked it up in their computer system to make sure), but then I found this.

It wasn’t quite as fun as the Ghostbusters machine, but it was pretty close. The mini games were fun and, like the Ghostbusters machine, I actually won on this one! (On the Ghostbusters game sometimes Slimer would appear and give you things, and on this one suddenly you’d hear Tony say “Jarvis, you there?” and Jarvis would take over and give you things omg.)

For a while there was a nice older man sitting at the machine next to me and he’d be like “hey, there ya go!” when I’d win and the time I won big he was like “ohmygod are you okay? You still breathin’?” He was funny. When I immediately quit and cashed out he was so proud of me, lol. Then when I went back (I picked up my money but I went back to play with like $10) he jokingly said “if you get it again I’m leaving”, haha. I wished him luck when I finally quit and left.

Subtracting what I started with I still came out about $300 ahead! I’m so happy omg, that’s a payment on my car. Thanks, Tony.