Well, it’s fine if you think that way. I’m not telling you to change your opinion. Perhaps it’s neither wrong nor right. But we’re brothers, aren’t we?”

I’ve been talking about boys a lot lately (which is rare and refreshing since the people in my social circle are very anti-“straight” and I don’t really get the opportunity to ever do so except on my blog. Which is weird bc all the QMOC in my life are very supportive of me. And I put straight in quotations because it’s biphobic to ever insinuate that I’m straight in any way shape or form) with my new friends, my boss and even an old friend from high school.

And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m very much against younger men. But I think my crush is an exception because although he is silly, he is very different than most boys his age in a lot of ways. Plus he’s in my grade which means most guys his age are Sophomores… If that’s not sexy then idk what is. He’s mentally older (idk how to say that without sounding ableist, it makes me wanna gag) which puts me at ease about the whole cradlerobber thing.