"Like father like son"

Yesterday I made this tweet after reading that for s4 Derek is going to have a job and its suppose to be a big spoiler(?). 

So what if the Sheriff, after seen Derek with his old deputy jacket, tells him "It looks better on you, son" and it triggers a memory of when Derek’s dad told him the exact same thing when he was wearing his leather jacket? What. if.

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Breaking Bad 5x06 Buyout

Everybody wins.

((Sidebar background complete! I’ll probably end up using that other sketch as a corner image or something. All that’s left is the regular sidebar image which i’ll probably sketch at school tomorrow too! But for now enjoy these cutie patoots))

ugh i feel really iffy about posting this for some reason 

I’ve been re-listening to the early episodes and trying to get my headcanon Carlos figured out, I like the idea of him having social anxiety (mostly bc I can relate haha)

Anyhoo I was thinking about how I would react if someone was waxing rhapsodic about my appearance in a public forum and I’m p sure that I would think that they were mocking me, especially in a new place that I just moved to like holy shit… And I’m a sucker for angst, I kinda want to do a whole comic thing with this :B

I’ve only seen the gifs and i don’t want to start shit but like

I keep seeing that ‘brilliant’ exchange interpreted as quippy/shippy and reminiscent of the equal footing the witnesses (ostensibly) used to have and like…

How??? is it anything other than an addition to the huge pattern this show has of downplaying/insulting Abbie’s intelligence while taking for granted that Crane is the brains of the operation? Like yes it was a joke but is the majority of the fandom really not bothered by it???