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1. Most private thing you’re willing to admit right now?
im stressed af? idk
2. What does your tumblr url stand for?
dan howell is my sunshine
3. If you could turn back time and change one thing, what would it be?
make sure my dad didn’t die
4. Favourite thing you got for your last birthday?
my drawing tablet
5. What do you day-dream about?
dan howell
6. Have you ever kissed someone whose name you didn’t know?
7. What are you looking at now?
tumblr and a Steven universe thing im drawing
8. What was the last thing you cried about?
9. What is your most obvious scar?
hmm idk 
10. Favourite book and why?
TFIOS idk it made me cry
11. Last thing you drank?
12. Do you like beards? Why/ why not?
it depends??? but im hella down for phil stubble
13. The song in your head right now?
i dont have one
14. Have you ever been physically harassed?
i dont think so
15. How would you describe your sexuality?

/any im really not fussy.

16. Who is your current ‘crush’?
dan howell and a turnip
17. Who was the last person you shook hands with?
18. Do you have any fantasies, sexual or otherwise?
19. Favourite alcoholic drink?
vodka and orange juice
20. Last time/place you went camping?
like 2012???
21. What is making you sad right now?
life, school, family, exams, my art. ya know everything
22. Has anyone hurt you emotionally without intending to?
23. How do you relax or wind down?
draw or watch dan and phil
24. Your most treasured and precious photo? (post or describe)
photos of my mum and dad together
25. The last time you went out of your way to help someone?
26. What was the last thing you got really, really raging angry about?
my sister being a dickhead
27. Song that always gets you hyped for a night out?
HA going out
28. If the atmosphere could stay at one, consistent temperature, what would it be?
29. What does the smell of lilies remind you of?
fuck what do lilies even smell like
30. When was the last time you blushed and why?
it was probably something turnip or dan howell did i cant remember

anonymous asked:

Could you talk about your drawing classes at risd, im nervous about a university drawing class like that one because it is such a big change from the 70 min we have in highschool. Like maybe rules and what you do and how its structured. Idk anything you think someone would need to know about it. Thanks. And i hope you had a lovely day! :D

im pretty sure risd studios are a bit different than other university studios( i dont think we have rules? it depends on what teacher u have) but its actually really fun to have an 8 hour drawing class becuase it really lets you get into a groove. it goes by pretty fast especial during model drawing. my advise would be to buy a lot of charcoal and alwayse have tea with you or something to drink. also dont wear cloths you care about because you are going to get covered in charcoal.

The last three days especiallly have been the worst ones in a while my mood is constantly on the lowest i hate everything im bitter and angry all the time but most of all im just upset and jealous of other people who have friends idk i know i complain about this literally every day and its probably annoying and im sorry but i jst.

 my only hope right now is ill get friends once i start college this autumn but i’ll be going to a specialty thing for disabled people and im pretty sure ill be about as isolated as i am right now and ill probably never find friends there either and since theyre prolonging my college years due to disability i’ll have to go 6 years of college alone with no friends im so sick of this im sick of everything and its so unfair i wish i could go to normal school and have friends and be in normal classes and share lunches with people in breaks and hang out after school and have sleepovers sometimes i dont know i just want!!!!! friends!!!!!f


“Like father like son”

Yesterday I made this tweet after reading that for s4 Derek is going to have a job and its suppose to be a big spoiler(?). 

So what if the Sheriff, after seen Derek with his old deputy jacket, tells him “It looks better on you, son” and it triggers a memory of when Derek’s dad told him the exact same thing when he was wearing his leather jacket? What. if.

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kh → sora & riku pt. 2/? (insp: x)


21 songs with the same titles, in the same order… as 21 otherwise completely different & unrelated songs,
painstakingly selected & arranged so that both playlists work.
(because what’s life without absurd self-imposed challenges?)

                                                                           \ d u p l e x i t y \     
                                                           \ side a \ listen / download \
                                                             \ side b \ listen / download \

1. hideaway - passion pit / kiesza \ 2. dreams - gabrielle / fleetwood mac 3. changes - stars / david bowie 4. angel - massive attack / dave matthews band \ 5. jenny - the mountain goats / studio killers 6. bullet-proof - rilo kiley / la roux 7. iron - woodkid / calvin harris & nicky romero 8. runaway - ed sheeran / grum 9. ghost - mr. hudson & the library / mystery skulls 10. cannibal - tally hall / ke$ha \ 11. lies - marina & the diamonds / save ferris 12. disenchanted - my chemical romance / smash mouth \ 13. take a bow - greg laswell / rihanna \ 14. wolf - first aid kit /now, now 15. bloodstream - stateless / ed sheeran 16. still - daughter / ben folds 17. vagabond - wolfmother / beirut 18. young blood - the naked and famous / norah jones 19. house - ben folds five / patrick wolf // 20. tongue tied -iwan rheon / grouplove 21. thank you - dido / the brunettes \

               (album covers made by elissa vlajean​, who continues to be Terrific.)

((Sidebar background complete! I’ll probably end up using that other sketch as a corner image or something. All that’s left is the regular sidebar image which i’ll probably sketch at school tomorrow too! But for now enjoy these cutie patoots))