We have seen the petition for it. I like Antichrist, I like it lyrically. But, I mean, it so doesn’t sound like us, though. Our manager, it’s, like, his favorite song ever. He always wants us to play it. We might play it. Might.
—  Matty on playing Antichrist live [x] (via typical-healy

Fun fact: some times the kid sitting alone at lunch really doesn’t WANT to talk to anyone.

I drew up the headcanon here where honeyphos and nanomadia double date at a funfair and xephos and lomadia have a competition about who can win the most plushies for their tiny significant other! thanks to sharkprncess and the anon for such a cute idea omg 


zhang yixing aka the most precious human being ever

  • My dad:those short are pretty short aren't they?
  • Me:no they aren't please shut the fuck up

anonymous said:

am i the only one who gets worried when grace films more of her house considering how easy it is to find out where people live? :S i love that she lets us into her life but i fear for her safety with the crazies out there...

I definitely don’t think you’re the only one. Hopefully people don’t decide to dig for her address. There isn’t really much we can do because I think she is pretty aware of what she is filming..