people who say ‘girls shouldn’t smoke’ 'i hate girls who smoke’ 'its so unattractive when girls smoke’ fuck of all of you, smoking has the same consequences for anyone who does it, regardless of whether they are male or female.
if i want to smoke, i will smoke. idc whether or not you find it appealing. twat

  • Markiplier:*hosts monthly charity livestreams*
  • Markiplier:*raises $370,479 for charity with the help of his fans*
  • Markiplier:*still sends out a video a day while he's in the hospital to keep fans informed*
  • Markiplier:*constantly makes videos about how much he loves and appreciates his fans, nearly bringing himself to tears*
  • Markiplier:*wears a dress that was sent to him by a fan and puts on makeup one time for a challenge*
  • Tumblr:Wtf is this transphobic shit?? What a piece of shit human being!! Markiplier is a horrible person and deserves to die!!