Ok so big Shoutout for Elizabeth for put up with them…

anonymous asked:

can you recommend me some marauders fic? some that doesnt exclude peter, if possible? thank you :)


unfortunately i don’t read too much marauders fic and when i do it’s mostly skewed toward jily but here we go:

  • just stay here tonight - beautifully written AU in which lily’s not a witch, it tugs at all your emotions and really humanizes everyone
  • and the wolves all cry - another gorgeous AU written by the same author as above (monroeslittle) and i won’t say how it’s AU but please just read it it’s so amazingly done
  • anything by B.C. Daily is great, she gets a lot of attention for commentarius but all her other works are fantastic as well
  • wilhelmina willoughby is awesome too, her works focus on moments between people and she captures them brilliantly 
  • speaking of her, the anatomy of a bromance is about james and sirius and features remus and peter too so i mean there you go
  • I HAVE SO MANY but they’re mostly about jily and you asked for marauders so idk man but if you visit my fanfiction page (ugh) and go to the favorites tab which is here you can see all potter fics i’ve favorited

have fun pls don’t break down like i did when reading the AUs sorry i couldn’t recommend that many :(

Aggressive Consumerism


Crazy American customers made some snafu on the Christmas Eve in Miamisburg. They were mad because normally opened 24 hours shop Walmart was closed at 8 p.m. on 24th of December to prepare for Christmas. Some people were trying to force into the shop, so, administration had to call police to stop this mess. I hate this anile way of behaving. It shows the low level of human culture in this place. Police was much better – there were no arrests concerning the incident.