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I’m supposed to be writing ttng lyrics, but it’s not going well so I’ve set procrastination to overdrive. Here’s a quick musical sketch I wrote while avoiding writing the music i should be writing. 

What the fuck is wrong with me?

copy paste from my youtube coment-

“THIS VIDEO WON THE “DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE YEAR” I cannot believe that you bashed these to characters, WHILE both made a LOT of things, I CAN’T BELIEVE that you JUMPED INTO CONCLUSIONS about Sakura in only ONE CHAPTER- Nice, As you might think, you are only having arguments in your hate-dislikes about this characters. Nothing NEUTRAL. ONLY subjetives and stupid things you have thrown in this video. And if you know, you might have neutral fans, and fans about naruto and knows perfectly about every character, so, unfollowed. Congratz

My brain can’t deal with this. I’m a good person, i rather not to see how he will eat his own words when he get realized about the TRUE of all this.

Reblog this, As he is throwing shit with two characters that doesnt exists, we do the same but with his person. (yeah sounds stupid but he won it) 

what do you think guys