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Can you do an imagine like kill or kiss? but where Andy is your brother and Ashley and you argue? :p


"(Y/n),the guys are coming over for a sleepover tonight" your brother Andy yelled through the house. "Are Ashley coming?" You asked and walked into the kitchen, where Andy was preparing snacks. "Obviously" your brother answered. You groaned loudly. "Seriously (y/n), why do you hate him so much?" Andy asked. "He is just so fucking annoying!" you exclaimed. "Come on (y/n) that’s no excuse" Andy said. You ran a hand through your hair and said: "actually I don’t really know, he just acts so weird and dumb all the time, he really gets on my nerves".

15 minutes later all five guys were sitting around the living room watching Batman. Probably Andy’s choice. “Can I join?” You asked shyly. “Of course” Ashley said and gestured to the seat beside him in the couch. You looked around and saw, that it was the only seat that wasn’t taken. You sighed and sat down beside him. Less than five minutes later he put his arm around you. “Excuse me” you said and moved his arm. “Sorry just trying to make you less mad at me” Ashley said and winked. “You did not just wink at me!” You whispered, anger boiling in your blood. He smirked and brushed your hair away from your face. You slapped his hand away and scowled before leaving and walking to your own room.

There was a quiet knock on the door, and soon after your brother came in. “You okay?” He asked concerned. You nodded and waited for him to say something. “Do you even like Ash?” He said, as he sat down beside you on the bed. “No” you said and felt the anger return just by thinking about him. “I’ll tell him to stop and come apologies to you” Andy said and smiled before leaving the room again.

Short after there was another knock on the door. Ashley came in and closed the door behind him. “Hey I’m sorry I-” he started, but you cut him off. “It’s a waste of time, you don’t mean it anyways” you said and crossed your arms. “Hey, let me speak okay! I come to apologize and you don’t even give me a chance” he said with raised voice. You stood up to face him and cursed under your breath. “We both know you don’t give a shit about me, so stop talking to me!” You half yelled at him. “Listen I don’t want to fight you I just want to be your friend” he yelled back. “Yeah right” you said staring at him with hatred in your eyes. “For fuck sake (y/n)!” He yelled. You heard a key being turned in the lock, and you both stared at door. “Fuck!” You cursed. You heard Andy chuckle on the other side of the door. “Basted” you mumbled. Ashley put his arms on your shoulders. “I don’t want you to hate me” he said still angry. “But I do” you snapped. “Why?!” He asked frustrated. “Because you act like a fucking idiot!” You yelled. “I just don’t know how to act around you!” He blurted out. “What!?” You whispered. “For fuck sake (y/n) are you blind?!” He let out a frustrating groan. “What are you talking about?” You asked and starred at him. Before you could react, his lips slammed against yours. At first you were shocked, but then you closed your eyes and kissed him back.

Soon he started to kiss you more roughly, but way too soon he pulled away for air. You whimpered lightly at the lost contact. “Do you… Understand now… That I… fucking love… You?!” He said between shaky breaths. You nodded and pulled him closer. “God I love you (y/n)” he whispered before connecting your lips again. He begged for entrance, but you didn’t let him. He groan and bit your lip. You gasped, and he took the opportunity to let his tongue explore your mouth. “Idiot” you moaned. He laughed and pulled away for air. As soon as his lips left yours, your fingers grabbed tightly around the fabric of his shirt. You pulled it over his head and threw it carelessly on the floor. You bit your lips as you saw his perfect abs and the famous Outlaw tattoo. “Like what you see?” He asked with a devilish smile. You nodded, and he smirked.

He started kissing your neck, and you were pretty sure, he would live a hickey. “I love you (y/n), I never wanted you to be mad at me” he said and continued his work. “I…I love you too” you said. “Really?” He said and looked up at you. You nodded, and he pressed his lips against yours again. His hands were on your hips, and he pushed you down on the bed. “I heard you stopped arguing, so I came to che- WHAT THE HELL?!” Andy yelled, as he saw you. Ashley jumped away from you and looked at the ground. “You told me you didn’t love him, what’s that on your neck?” Andy asked, and you blushed. “Oh god Ash you didn’t!” He said as he realized what it was.

Ashley picked up his shirt and looked down again. He looked pretty upset. “Ash are you okay?” You asked. Andy was about to say something, but you signaled him not to. “You told him you don’t like me? Then why the hell did you make out with me? And why did you rip my fucking shirt off?!” He yelled, a tear rolled down his cheek. “You did what?!” Andy asked, but you ignored him. “I do love you Ashes, I just didn’t realize that because I was too filled up with hating you I guess” you said as you made your way to him. You wiped the tear away and gave him a smile. “You love him?” Andy asked, and you nodded quietly. “You two are coming with me” he said, and you followed him to the living room. “Is that a hickey (y/n)?” Jinxx asked. You blushed and nodded. “Holy shit did Ash?” CC said as he started laughing. You blushed even more and hid your face in Ashley’s shirt. Ashley kissed the top of your head, and Andy growled as a warning. “Be mine?” Ashley whispered in your ear, and you nodded with a big smile.

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