Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Series, Wolf Brother. Hardbound for 65PHP. Randomly saw it. Totally no idea what was the book all about. Then I read it and I loved it. I actually cried.

I guess good books have a way of showing themselves when we least expect them to. I had a similar experience with Artemis Fowl, ABC Murders and Endymion Spring. 


Since I’ve been busy doing nothing, so I randomly started to vector one of my sketches last year. I’ve been very unproductive for the last few months. That sucks. And I’m always in the I’m-sooooo-not-working mode that I actually really started to hate it. O gosh, why am I so laaaazy!!? 

Anyway, it has always been between traditional or Photoshop though I have a few vector works. And I don’t really have any idea how should I finish this WIP ‘cause I’m not picturing anything and I don’t really have a concept in mind. But I’m sure is that it has Asian blood.