A Glimpse Into The Life Of Russian Cosplayers

Mariya Kozhanova took to the streets of Russia, documenting a new rise in popularity in the practice of  “cosplay”, the japanese art of costume performance. Some say the rise can be attributed with the decline of the Soviet Union, and the subsequent destruction of well organized society and established identity, and a need for the new generation to establish their unique identities.

You can read the full artist statement on Mariya’s site. Brought to you by RS.

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I've never quite understood (sorry if this isn't a question) but why people on this website refer to Kim Kardashian as white, when she is Armenian?

In my opinion, this just all comes down to how the US has a looser definition of whiteness nowadays that concentrates on skin colour + having features stereotyped as belonging to Europeans. We’ve got to remember whiteness is at the end of the day, a vehicle to confer privilege. Who is or is not white depends really on who the socio-political climate of the era is willing to extend this privilege to. As seen from ‘How the Irish Became White’. Whiteness or lack of is a tremendously fluid concept that fluctuates across time and space. 

Further, we have to take into account how in the US (as many people here are Americans), ethnicity has become less important to determining privilege as compared to the rest of the world. If you have light skin and European-looking features = white. German or Polish-American probably is an insignificant difference in the US, but German vs Polish in the UK leads to very different treatment. Or consider Scarlett Johansson, for instance. I know many people read her as a white woman, but she is a Jewish woman whose family hails from Russia. If she had lived in Europe, ethnicity matters a lot still and antisemitism continues to racialise Jewish people as an ‘Other’. It is highly likely she would not be seen as a ‘white Russian woman’- antisemitism still exists in the US of course, but like in Europe the idea of ‘white’ definitely does consider ethnicity not just appearance. The same goes with Kim Kardashian- I mean geographically, Armenia can be classified as a country in Eurasia. (The line where Europe ends and Asia begins is honestly arbitrary and is very much political). The extent her ethnicity matters to determining privilege and therefore whether she is seen as ‘white’ is simply different in the US, compared to Europe + Eurasia. As we know, Armenians suffered a genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. 

The entire structure of privilege and racialisation in Europe + Eurasia I would argue, has a very strong ethnic dimension. People see ethnicity even within what the US may consider just ‘white’. I’d also argue that systems of racism elsewhere may concentrate more on ethnicity, and in the case of the Ottoman Empire, it wasn’t a white privilege thing at all, as much as being Turkish- the majority ethnic group in the country. So if people see her differently, it’s really about the context they see her from.


I applaud Bruce Jenner for talking about his/her own situation and putting it out there. He/she deserves to be whoever he/she wants in order to be happy. Happiness should not be dominated by fear. This goes for everyone. I wish luck to anyone in this same situation. Forget what others think and do what makes you happy.


Dream by Bruce Mau Design / brucemaudesign.com

In 2013, Dundee Realty Corporation, a leading Canadian real estate manager and developer, approached BMD to design a new visual identity and articulate its brand positioning. Michael Cooper, President and CEO, tasked BMD with rebranding a number of Dundee-branded companies, including several Canadian and international sub-brands, under the Dream master brand. Dream’s brand architecture includes Homes by Dream, Dream Development, Dream Centres, Dream Office REIT, Dream Industrial REIT, Dream Global REIT and Dream Alternatives Trust. The result is a clear brand architecture and a refreshed visual identity for Dream. In addition, our team produced a brand launch video, and designed a new website, stationery system and environmental graphics package for the Dream offices. BMD continues to work with Dream to rollout the new identity system both in their communications collateral and their corporate office spaces. 

I don’t have a set personality. It’s like one night I’m bathing under the moonlight and the next night I’m dancing with the devil. I go through so many phases that I swear I’m the moon. I don’t have a set look or set direction, I’m just a collaboration of everything I’ve ever seen or felt. I fall in love with a person’s eyes or an animal’s innocence, and I become that. I guess the easiest way to explain it is that like a snake, I’ve shed my skin too many times to count–I have died more than I have lived and so I fill myself with little pieces of humanity, until my masterpiece is complete.

Until I become the artist.

you can be a lesbian and still be attracted to someone who identifies as a man

you can be a gay man and still be attracted to someone who identifies as a woman

having exceptions doesn’t mean that your identity is less valid, or that you’re not really who you identify yourself to be, you don’t have to identify as bisexual or pansexual if you don’t feel like that’s really you


Branding solution for an authentic Japanese yofuku* brand by Futura

“Resquad is a family business established in Tokyo in 1993. We were trusted to carry out a rebranding program for the whole company, restructuring internal brands into a newly integrated system. The concept is inspired around the word  “Rescue" and the fire fighters. We undertook a search for key elements that would give the brand an easy recognition. The fluorescent yellow line became Resquad signature. The typographical solution gives one character all the personality to be recognised alone as an icon.”

Manifiesto Futura is an independent design studio based in Mexico, born in 2008. Nowadays, they’ve grown and expanded their services, and have become a multidisciplinary firm, offering a variety of services and solutions for diverse customers. Their goal is to make the best of Mexican design, to change the shapes, strategies, the narrative… through clear messages and smart incentives. Yet to keep the mexican character, wit, and the charisma intact.

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