Packaging and visual identity for ili_ili lamps by Šesnić&Turković

"Ili_ili is a system of modular lights which gives the user the freedom to assemble a lamp of unique shape and color. Our colleagues and friends from Grupa Products asked us to create a visual identity and packaging for the lamps. The design process was challenging and complex, as we wanted simple and efficient packaging for thousands of different combinations.”

Šesnić&Turković studio was founded in 2006, and has been working in the field of graphic design and visual communications ever since. They approach every project with the same fundamental mission – find the best creative solution, which will give it its communicative strength, longevity, and set it apart from the competition. They apply that approach in all fields of work: visual identities, signage, exhibition designs, stand designs, designs of publications, advertisements and promo materials, designs for gift shops etc.

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The trouble with binaries...

"You’re not bi/pan, you’re just gay and are too scared to admit it"

"You’re not bi/pan, you’re just straight and trying to be trendy"

"You’re not genderqueer, you’re just transgender and are too scared to admit it"

"You’re not genderqueer, you’re just cis and are trying to be a ‘special snowflake’"

It’s never okay to invalidate someone’s identity, I think they know best who they are.


Studio Business Cards by Houth

HOUTH is a playful studio based in Taipei which can flexibly integrate creativity, design, graphics, visual and resources. Also they keen on work and live with true attitude. HOUTH appreciate simple and pure things, see this hilarious world with an unique vision and perspective. They think there’s no orders to follow in life, but only choices. Also inspirations always come from the true life experiences.

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Artist Statement: “Foreign Returned explores South Asian identities through time and space while offering a contemporary interpretation of iconography from 16th to 19th century Indian miniature paintings. Local Australian flora and fauna, an Indian tiffin, a Canadian passport, and a Komagata Maru pendant are some of the reference in these works to experiences of transnational movement. These diasporic portraits question what is foreign and where is home.”

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fluxinterior yes, that’s part of what I mean. Things like cholxs become stereotypes. But I also mean that I think some chicanxs glorify these things. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with liking Frida, or low riders etc. because I like those things too. I’m just saying that glorifying these things excludes chicanxs that don’t fit into them and it puts chicanismx in a box.

Using myself as an example, I am second generation “mexican American” and I do not have cholxs/pachucxs in my family. Does that make me less xicana?

I just want to encourage people to think more critically about stereotypes and remember that there are all different types of xicanxs/chicanxs. What about chicanxs that like science? What about non binary chicanxs? Chicanx punks? Chicanxs that have grown up in areas where they may not have been around other chicanxs? How do their experiences fit in?

Like I’m curious about how the life of a New York chicanx is different from that of a chicanx that grew up in like Montana?


Amanda Lee by Kevin Tran / kevintran.co

I was contacted to produce a custom CV portfolio document for marketing and brand strategy specialist Amanda Lee. The purpose of the document was to present Amanda’s professional resumé in a unique and memorable format to appeal to the competitive and savvy New York media industry.

A set of 3 colour-coded versions were created with each version tailored to a particular sector of the media industry. Content was typeset following a strict grid-based layout to showcase Amanda’s extensive industry experience in a professional and credible light, while the soft colour palette reflects her bubbly, outgoing and optimistic personality.