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Valentine’s Day is arguably the dumbest holiday in the history of the world.

This will be Cas and Dean’s first one together, and neither of them even thought about it until Sam had to fucking bring it up like the fucking romantic shithead that he is.

“What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?” he had asked all nonchalant one slow morning while they were quietly minding their own business drinking coffee in the kitchen. 

“Why the fuck would we do anything for Valentine’s Day?” Dean had retaliated. 

“Um, because it’s a tradition for couples, and you guys are a couple?”

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i figured it was about time to do another one of these things! here are the people that make my dash a super awesome and a hilarious place to be! i hope you all have fantastic days <3

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I was a killer, was the best they’d ever seen
I’d steal your heart before you ever heard a thing
I’m an assassin and I had a job to do

Sherlock AU - Molly Hooper, master assassin.  (because Molly as a secret assassin is something I need to see more of.)

"I’m sorry Sherlock.  I really am."  The woman known until 30 minutes ago as Molly Hooper stood over the consulting detective.  A hand reached out to brush a stray curl away from his face, the beeping of the heart monitor beside his bed picking up momentarily.

"You’ve gotten too close to knowing everything.  My fault, I know."  The briefest of smiles flitted across the assassins face.  "But I can’t let this continue.  I thought a bullet would have been enough.  I can’t have any loose ends, Sherlock."

The former Molly Hooper took one last look at the face that, had she not been who and what she was, she could have let herself love.  Pressing a kiss to his forehead she carried out her task, the beeping of the heart monitor slowing to a continues flat tone.