To new beginnings

Silas Grimm finally settled down in his  new apartment in Bridgeport He was so overwhelmed by it all, there was so much for him to do that he simply went to sleep, tomorrow the journey begins. 

Lot is from Ideas4sims The door isn’t functional so you have to find a door to use…and the shower is int he way of the toilet so just find room if you don’t want to ruin the floor of the room.  But that’s just me…and I’m all type of wonky.


This is just a House testing with the Beach Scenery from Mod the Sims  I was not sure if it will works. It need to download this scenery before user can install it and this could be a problem for many. So i decide to show you the house instead uploading on my blog. If anyone is interested please send me a message.

Here the link to the Album: Blue Lagoon