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Okay but

A Phan theme park
With an actual dan and phil shop

And a ride called “tour of Phil’s brain” which is basically a building where a tour guide takes you through and there are huge pieces of art where Phil was given the walls and a bunch of art supplies and was told to just go for it

And a roller coaster called “Malteaser Mountain: because we know how much dan appreciates a giant pile if brown balls”


I love how this episode really let us see the real Rose Quartz. For the entire show, Rose had been portrayed as this radiant, perfect beauty who was absolutely perfect in everyone’s eyes. Though she is still always beautiful, she is shown as not being perfect all of the time.

You first see her face with eyes wide open and a huge, goofy grin (and even one hair out of place in the back) which is a huge difference from when we first see her in the broken photo, with eyes elegantly closed and hair completely immaculate.

Her hair even goes more untidy and We continue to see her quirkiness and hear her silly, “steven-esque” laugh and we see she’s a normal person…er…gem… (However that metaphor would work)

This is why I love Rose Quartz.
Because she shows that it’s ok to not be perfect, you are still beautiful with all of your quirks, appearance, weight and all!