A beautiful spring view of Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area in Idaho. The unique habitat - a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands - supports one of the world’s most dense concentrations of nesting birds of prey.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the area.

Photos by Kyle Sullivan, BLM

Do you know why onions make you cry? Because they were probably raised by conservative white famers who taught them that showing your emotions makes you weak so after years of neglect and lack of support emotionally they are now so scarred that whenever they feel attacked they begin to make passive aggressive attempts at showing you how you fucked up. And because you have started crying, they believe that you are the weak one. You cannot blame them for their parents mistakes, Idaho is a harsh place to grow up and you will be taught the importance of modern gender roles and emotional distance whether you are a human, an animal, or an onion.

Idaho state representative Paul Shephard has had his official website hijacked and turned against him.

Mr Shephard made a resolution earlier this month calling to impeach federal judges who supported same-sex marriage. This drew the attention of student Dylan Hailey, who discovered that Mr Shephard’s website was due to expire – so he bought it.

Visitors are now greeted with the words: “His staff forgot to renew the domain this week, so we’ve done so to make this site more useful”

The site contains links to information about Paul Shephard, as well as links to political campaigns and an open letter to Mr Shephard, inviting him to meet with the LGBT community.

Mr Hailey told Motherboard: “I read about him on Reddit last week when he pushed that resolution urging Congress to impeach judges that don’t agree with his policies, and then wanted to look more into him.

“When I went to his campaign site I realized he had not renewed it, so I called up my registrar and got it first. He likely bought it for an extended period of time and forgot to renew it or the staffer in charge of it forgot or quit.

“We are working on designing one big site that will be a resource for everyone to look up their local or national elected officials, have their contact information, their stance on policies related to equality and privacy, controversial bills they’ve sponsored.”

Mr Hailey says if Mr Shephard asks, he can have his website back – but not without doing something positive for LGBT people first.

“I would love to see him make a donation to an LGBT rights group. If he did that I’d gladly give him his domain back right away. f he refuses but wants to buy it back anyway then all the proceeds would go to an LGBT group, likely a local one in his area.”

Same-sex marriage was recognised in Idaho in October, despite the Governor’s attempts to block it on the grounds that it “increased crime”.


Site of Deadliest Native American Massacre Identified in Idaho

A peaceful patch of farmland in southeastern Idaho likely holds a grisly, bitter history — but the full story remains hidden, at least for now.

Archaeologists surveying acreage along the Bear River, just north of the town of Preston, say there are “compelling” signs that it’s the site of an event whose gruesomeness is matched only by its obscurity: the largest single massacre of Native Americans in U.S. history.

The researchers say their investigations may ultimately bring to light the lost story of the Bear River Massacre, a daybreak raid carried out by U.S. soldiers on a winter village of the Northwest Band of Shoshone, killing as many as 250 men, women and children on a January morning in 1863. Read more.

Going to plan an event in your school or workplace to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) but not sure where to start?

Never fear!

Together with our amazing friends at Safe Schools Coalition and Minus18 have created an Action Pack to give students and staff some great ideas to celebrate and make change this IDAHOT.

Check out the digital copy here! 

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia is May 17 & 18. This year we’re celebrating over two days so people can do IDAHOT with their friends on Sunday 17th, and recognise the day at work or school on Monday 18th!

This year we’re encouraging everyone to #bebetter and support our same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, teachers and families right across Australia - and the world - this #idahot!

Alright tumblr, story time: this is my best friend in the entire world, Brooklyne. We’ve been friends since we were 6, and she was one of the most kind and brightest souls you could ever find. Unfortunately, she passed away about a year and a half ago due to medical complications from having short gut syndrome. She was a beautiful person, full of life and love and with so much to offer to the world. Though she dealt with many medical disabilities, she never let it stop her from fufilling her dreams; in particular, going to college. It is in this spirit that her parents have set up a scholarship in her name at Boise State University called the Brooklyne Williams Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will help give aid to those who, like Brookie, suffer from disabilities and medical conditions that may inhibit their ability to attend college. This is still a fairly new project, and that’s why I’m begging you all to share this, reblog it, spread it around because this scholarship can make such a difference in the lives of students with disabilities. If you’re interested in donating to help set up the scholarship, Brookie’s parents have set up a website in her name ( that has links that will let you donate!

Please, spread this around and help to create awareness and opportunities for those who live with disabilities while attending college. You never know who’s life you might change.



Take a Hike on the Moon This Weekend!

Managed jointly by the BLM and National Park Service, Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho is a geologic wonder in a uniquely preserved volcanic landscape whose central focus is the Great Rift, a 62-mile long crack in the Earth’s crust. Craters, cinder coves, lava tubes, deep cracks, and vast lava fields form a strangely beautiful volcanic sea on central Idaho’s Snake River Plain. 

Local legends made references to the landscape resembling the surface of the moon. Some even referred to the area as the “Valley of the Moon.” In fact, the second group of astronauts to walk on the moon visited Craters of the Moon in 1969 to study the volcanic geology and to explore an unusual and harsh environment in preparation for their trip to space.

At first glance, the landscape of Craters of the Moon appears to be devoid of life. Look deeper and you will observe a rich diversity of life including more than 750 types of plants and almost 300 animal species (not including insects!).

The BLM portions, a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands, includes a number of Kipukas, “islands” of land completely surrounded by one or more younger lava flows. Because they are surrounded by more recent flows, kipukas are often covered with mature vegetation that livestock and wildlife cannot access. These lands are a great laboratory into what the sagebrush ecosystem may have looked like before settlement of Idaho.

CLICK HERE to plan your visit. #monumentsforall #findyourpark