me paypal has no mone

is there anyone following me or browsing my page who wants some art and has at least 3 bucks to throw at someone to provide said art?

I need some very specific, and also somewhat inexpensive materials so I can make all my friends something nice for giving me a place to call home the past year; it all totals up to about 21-22$. Of course, I’m not just gonna ask for cash with nothin’ to give back. 

I’d be willing to scribble p’much anything on a canvas for 3$ [it’d be similar to some of the non-colored stuff you’d find on my doodles tag]. I’m not the greatest artist in the world, but hey its 3 bucks and will be really quickly done! (if you wanna throw in extra you’ll get my eternal thanks and a more effort put into it, we can talk it out o/ )

so if you want a doodle of some cool guy or cool gal or just want me to draw whatever, hit me up in that ask box and I can give you the scoop

I’m also going to bed as it is 4:51 AM currently, I wanted to throw the idea out there before I sleep so if anyone is interested I’ll reply when I wake up tomorrow afternoon

mmmmm i think if i ever for like business reasons or something decide to adopt an english name i’d probably go with “casey”?? and when i told my friend she said it suited me and i’M SO GLAD HELLA i love the name casey

i just want it to be winter again so i can wear jeans and my coat and nice shoes and being inside

if u delete someone off skype does it notify them that theyve been deleted/can they continue messaging you