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Are you filling in left seat for Weber? ;)

Funny story: My plan to get to Champaign was to save gas and just jumpseat via Chicago. Cut to yesterday morning, I got to Chicago no problem, right in time to be left off the weight restricted Eagle flight to Champaign. The next one wasn’t until 4:30, the thing I was trying to get to started at 5:30, and if I missed that one I was SOL. So there I am standing in O’Hare’s L concourse considering my options when I happened across my good friend and former coworker, the Chicago station manager for Air Choice One. They’re not in CASS, they have no reciprocal jumpseat agreement with anyone, and basically no policy or reason to let me on their plane. However, it pays to have connections, and my buddy was like, where you wanna go? Hell yeah, here’s a boarding pass. So I flew on them down to Decatur, rented a car and drove to Champaign. Then today came straight back to St. Louis from Decatur. Quite convenient, as it were. If I would have had the sense to just do that from the get go I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.