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Maybe that’s why my notes suck.
I’m leaning more towards so what,
I find it funny how they notice “junk”
Like naked bxtches blowing kisses or just licking stuff.
But I ain’t hating yo,
I respect it though,
Just want my shidd to hit a thousand notes.
I kinda think its all a fuxxin joke,
But I won’t take it to serious,
Just kinda curious on how to be a tumblr pro.
And dont forget follow my, his shidds a music blog.
D-vourdaprofessional.tumblr.com is where you need to go, oh.
Its like a fuxxin show,
All music, all the time,
I swear that shidd is dope yo.
I’m off the singing though,
Just tryna get a couple notes
Cause the fan base, its needs to grow.
We getting hungry and I got a bowl,
So fill that shidd up to the top and let it leak just like my fuxxin flow.
As far as questions go,
Dont get a lot of those
Anons not even tryna ask so they could get to know.
&& the bxtches bro, plain ones get shitty notes,
While all the barbies, and the sick ones getting all the gold.
Again, I say I’m not a hater,
I’m just tryna gain some followers and get famous.
Yo, I swear this shidd is kinda anus,
But its Gucci, we gone make it to the top
No hesitations.
Oh shidd, didn’t even talk about the nixxas
Cutest Boys on the Planet blog is a fuxxin killer.
There’s nothing realer,
Though they all looking type familiar,
Just like each other,
Same swagg, different skin color.
But ima let it all slide,
This shidd better get 1000 notes no fuxxin lie,
I, will sit back, enjoy the ride
And let the hungry axx Tumblr family take us on the rise !


my foolish tumblr rap :) (by QuantOSiicK)

Today would be my mother's birthday !

Happy Birthday To My Mommy !! I love you and I miss you beyond any young child’s imagination. I hope I am making you and daddy proud though everything isn’t great; but today will be no worries because it’s your day !! Really wishing that I can make a visit to see you guys, but I can’t right now. :(

But again HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY I FREGGIN LOVE YOU !! ~11/17/54 - 08/30/02~ ugh that’s mad years, yo !!

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Back In It; @GoodLookBreezy (by QuantOSiicK)

Remember that book/movie "A Raisin in the Sun" ?? Well in my 11th grade English class I had to write an extra scene at the end. This is what I wrote, and I got and "A". [I love this piece!!]

La’quan Butts
June 10, 2010

Act IV, Scene I

Three weeks later,

As the sun comes up in the neighborhood of Clybourne Park, the Younger family awakes to another day of what they think is heaven. TRAVIS and WALTER are in the living room window watching MAMA outside with her plant.

WALTER. So, tell me Travis, you ready to start this new school with these non-colored peoples?

TRAVIS. (Laughing) Yea daddy, school gon’ be fun now.

WALTER. Now don’t get too happy, you know these white folks….

RUTH. (Walks in, interrupting WALTER) Walter Lee, don’t you be tellin’ my boy bout that nonsense. He don’t need to be hearin’ you talk like that bout no white folk.

WALTER. Mhm, I’m just saying, boy don’t need to be livin’ in a dream world. He needs to know the facts bout the man, all the facts.

(There’s a knock on the door and the Younger family all turn to the door in surprise.)

RUTH. (Getting up) I wonder who this could be.

WALTER. Go see.

(RUTH looks at WALTER, than opens the door to a white man and his son.)

RUTH. (With a look of astonishment) Oh, hello.

MAN. (His hand on his son’s shoulder) Hi, my name is Mr. Floyd, and this here is my son Logan. (Pats LOGAN on his shoulder as a sign for him to say hello.)

LOGAN. (With annoyance in his voice) Hello.

TRAVIS. (Seeing who was at the door TRAVIS jumps up to greet the young boy.) Hey Logan, what you doing here?

(LOGAN looks at TRAVIS and then up at his father, than at the floor.)

RUTH. (Smirking) I didn’t know you two knew each other. Oh how good.

MR. FLOYD. Yes, that’s what I am here for. My son has told me that he and your son have become friends. (Looking at his son)

TRAVIS. Yea mama, that’s right, we friends now. We play outside all the time.

RUTH. Travis, take Logan in your room and play. (Turning her attention back to Mr. Floyd) I see, so this is the reason he’s always so anxious to go play outside? Sound good to me, don’t it Walter Lee?

WALTER. (Picking up a magazine and flipping through, though being sarcastic at the same time) Sounds like we making progress to me.

MR. FLOYD. (Looking at WALTER) Yes. My wife and I have absolutely no problem with this. As for the other neighbors, they are kind of furious.

RUTH. (Remembering) I’m sorry, where are my manners? Come in, sit down, get comfortable. Seems to me like we’re gon’ be here for a while.

MR. FLOYD. Thank you. Now I told my son that he could play with Travis, but my wife and I would have to meet his family. (Excusing his wife). My apologies, my wife had to run an errand, she should be back shortly. I hope you don’t mind I told her to meet us here? Oh and I didn’t catch your names.

WALTER. (Shuffling through the magazine pages)Oh that’s not a problem. (Putting the magazine down) I’m Walter Lee Younger, and that’s my wife Ruth Younger.

(MAMA walks in the door and takes off her gardening hat.)

WALTER. And that’s my Mama, Lena Younger. Mama this is Mr. Floyd, he Logan daddy.

MAMA. (Putting her things on the table) Hello there, Ruth, who is Logan?

RUTH. Oh Lena, Logan is the young boy that Travis has made friends with.

MAMA. Oh how lovely. It’s nice to see we got some nice neighbors somewher’.

RUTH. Yea, Lena that’s what they here for. Mr. Floyd say the other neighbors don’t like Travis and Logan playing together. He say they getting’ furious.

MAMA. Well they just gon’ have to stay furious, ‘cause if ma Travis don’ found him a friend he could play with, then they gon’ play together.

WALTER. (Getting up and heading to the kitchen) Mama I hear that. Don’t let THE MAN bring lil Travis down.

RUTH. (Waving WALTER away) Walter Lee you don’t start that “the man” stuff in here. Now aint the time.

MR. FLOYD (Fixing his shirt) I’m sure that Mr. Younger means nothing but the best for his son.

WALTER. (Yelling from the kitchen) I’m glad you understand me Mr. Floyd. (WALTER laughs)

MR. FLOYD. Yes I do Mr. Younger, I understand because I want only the best for my son also. (Sitting back in the chair) Well my main reason in coming here today is school. School will be starting in just a couple weeks and I am deeply scared for your son.

MAMA. Mhm, what you scared for my Travis for, he a strong young man and he know how to take care of his self.

MR.FLOYD. Mrs. Younger I wouldn’t doubt that one bit, but you see I know about these children that go to Clinton Elementary School. They are nothing but horrible when it comes to colored folk. Now you might not be bad people at all but things like that don’t matter to them.

RUTH. (Walking toward the kitchen) Oh, Lord, I knew this was going to happen.

MAMA. Now Ruth don’t you go thinking nothing bad ‘bout this here.

(BENETHA rushes in the door singing loudly.)

BENETHA. All praise to the African Gods and Goddesses.

(Everyone turns their head and looks at BENETHA)

MAMA. Benetha baby, why you coming in here hollerin’ like you aint got no manners. Now you see we got company here girl, fix yourself and stop acting like a fool.

BENETHA. (Calms down and fixes her skirt to take a seat next to WALTER and RUTH) Oh, hello there. Sorry you had to witness that, I’m just so excited. (Turning to MAMA) I have great news to tell you. (Looks at everyone) I have great news to tell you all.

WALTER. Benetha, what crazy stuff you done gon’ and did this time. You know you dream way to high.

RUTH. Walter Lee leave that girl alone and let her tell us this great news she so happy ‘bout.

BENETHA. Thank you, Ruth. Now Mama, do you remember what I told you Asagi asked me while we were still living in the old apartment?

MAMA. Yes baby, I do. Are you telling me you told that fine young man yes.

BENETHA. Yes Mama. I told him yes.

MAMA. Aw baby. I’m proud of you. And I hope you know what you doing.

RUTH. Told Asagi yes to what?

WALTER. Yea Mama, what ya’ll talking ‘bout?

MAMA. Oh I’m happy baby, and I’m scared.

WALTER. Mama what you scared for? (Confused completely) Mama was going on here. Ya’ll two can’t be keeping secretes up in this house. (Becoming frustrated) We family Mama!

RUTH. Walter Lee calm yourself down. I’m sure it’s nothing big. Is it Lena?

MAMA. Oh ya’ll two just hush over there sounding all petrified. Bennie gon’ get married to that nice African man Asagi. They gon’ move back to his village and she gon’ be a doctor there.

RUTH & WALTER. (Shocked and with much amazement in their faces) GETTING’ MARRIED?!

(There’s a knock at the door, and the Younger family and Mr. Floyd all expect for Mrs. Floyd to walk through the door.)

BENETHA. Well since ya’ll sitting there looking like you don’t want to know who’s knocking, I’ll just get the door. (BENETHA swings the door open and to her surprise ASAGI was at her front step. With much amusement) Asagi….—

(The curtain falls and ends Act IV Scene I. The Younger family and Mr. Floyd, who obviously has come to the Younger residence at the completely wrong time, are all appalled by the news that BENETHA brings to the table. In Act V Scene II, the Younger family (mostly WALTER), talk with Mr. Asagi and his future plans for BENETHA. TRAVIS and his new friend LOGAN become extremely close and the other neighbors who don’t like the black kid playing with the white kid become more angry and upset with the Floyds’ than with anyone else. School is really all TRAVIS has, and the kids at school just make everything worst. RUTH and WALTER talk about baby names and the things they want to happen and the things they truly think is going to happen. Mama settles down and she has the greatest interest in her garden.)


Old axx rap lol. Only for you Tumblr !


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