this is a callout post about AO3/tumblr user sunbreaksdown, who now goes by swapcats. these events happened roughly 7 years ago, and at that time she went by the name icor.

sunbreaksdown, whose name is sam, was in a relationship with me for a year while i was 16/17 years old and she was 19/20 years old. she willfully engaged in sexual activities with me on numerous occasions, frequently initiating them herself. she was arrested for having sex with a minor (me), and went to prison for 2 months in the state of california while she was visiting me.

what happened between us ruined my life, and i need to finally speak about this publicly. 

receipts are here on this blog.

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South Korea: Workers prepare a Strike

Protesting against very hard working conditions a 44-year old man set himself afire.

The union plans stopping all deliveries of the whole factory. Some workers who are friends of the 44-year old worker even stopped working the same day. But one problem is comming up: Although the Hyundai factory Ulsan is the biggest in South Korea the entire wastage can be unwound by other factories. That is why the workers in Ulsan try to convince the workers in other Hyundai factories for showing practical solidarity by starting strikes, too.

The concern will do everything for prevent bigger strikes or even an international one but coordinating and informating eachother seems to be a trend in workers movement.

This is, what the International Automobile Workers Counsel taking place in Munich from the 17.-20- May 2012, is aiming at. Of course the ICOR supports the International Automobile Workers Counsel.


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A metric that assesses the marginal amount of investment capital necessary for an entity to generate the next unit of production. Overall, a higher ICOR value is not preferred because it indicates that the entity’s production is inefficient. The measure is used predominantly in determining a country’s level of production efficiency.

ICOR is calculated as: 

For example, suppose that Country X has an ICOR of 10. This implies that $10 worth of capital investment is necessary to generate $1 of extra production. Furthermore, if country X’s ICOR was 12 last year, this implies that Country X has become more efficient in its use of capital.

Some critics of ICOR have suggested that its uses are restricted as there is a limit to how efficient countries can become as their processes become increasingly advanced. For example, a developing country can theoretically increase its GDP by a greater margin with a set amount of resources than its developed counterpart can. This is because the developed country is already operating with the highest level of technology and infrastructure. Any further improvements would have to come from more costly research and development, whereas the developing country can implement existing technology to improve its situation. 



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A palavra de Deus é completa! É a bússola para quem está perdido! É guia para quem precisa encontrar o caminho! É sábia para ensinar! É poderosa para transformar! #ICoríntios7 Meditação desta Madrugada (em Family Alquinas)


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Million Miners form a power!

Since July struggles of miners all around the world are developing. Million miners are involved in those fighting for better working conditions, higher wages and against official reprimands for demonstrating against actions of entrepeneurs and governments.

In 2013 during spring-time there is going to be the International Conference of Miners. This Conference can be a very important step for revolutionizing of the international class struggle. Lots of miners from all over the world will be able to exchange experiences, to connect and learn from eachother, to organize international practicable solidarity and to coordinate the implementation of the resolutions made by themselves.

The aim of the miners written down in 2008 when the last International Conference of Miners took place - freeing all resources from exploitation and repression - of course did not change. But more than ever the miners strive to achieve their common purpose.

On that account the ICOR (International coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations) supports the miners and their conference as good as possible. 

Long live international solidarity!

Keep it up miners!

Do not stop struggling for a world without exploitation and repression, do not stop struggling for socialism!

According to the picture: Analogously the book’s title in English is: “Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution”. There will be translations in English, Spanish, French, etc. It was written by Stefan Engel, the leader of the MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany). The “Dawn…” offers interesting facts and ideas about the strategy and tactic of the international socialist revolution. The book is based on his previous book called “Götterdämmerung über der ‘neuen Weltordnung’: Die Neuorganisation der internationalen Produktion (eng.: “Twilight of the gods of the ‘new world order’: The Reorganization of the international Production”). It deals with an all-embracing analysis about the so called “globalization”.

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Try Sizzy having a movie marathon after a day of Shadowhunting. =) -S.S

We are NOT marathoning Star Wars again.” 

Simon chuckled, shrugging off his gear and putting away a few daggers and such. Simon and Izzy hunted down two raveners that day, and Simon couldn’t wait to get the stench of demon icor off of him. 

"Fine, we won’t watch the greatest saga of all time. What you would you like to watch instead?" 

Isabelle’s curtain of black hair veiled her face as she bent down to untie her boots. With a whoosh, she was back up again, her face flushed and eyes dark and soft. She flashed Simon a mischievous smile. 

No,” Simon said firmly, planting his feet with an air of authority. Isabelle sashayed over to him and wrapped her slender arms around his neck. She smelled a bit of sweat and sugary perfume. 

"Please…" Isabelle began to kiss his neck. Simon groaned. 

"But we watched Harry Potter last time!" 

Isabelle continued her teasing, nipping at the tender flesh below his chin.

"Fine! Harry Potter it is. I can’t believe you like Harry Potter better than Star Wars." 

Isabelle slid away from Simon, who secretly still wanted her body pressed against his. Simon watched her as she threw open drawers, scavenging for a DVD. Isabelle then let out a cute squeal and popped “The Sorcerer’s Stone” into the machine. 

Simon yawned, it had been a long day. Ever since Simon’s ascension he’d been worked hard, having to force his body to strain and go beyond. He’d already grown a startling amount of muscle over the past year from training. Simon would always joke around with Jace saying he’d soon have a better bod than the cocky Shadowhunter. Jace would then proceed to roll his eyes, refusing to accept that anyone could have his godly abs. 

"Hey Iz, I’m going to rinse off real quick." 

Simon walked towards the bathroom, shedding his shirt on the way. His once plain bathroom was now cluttered with make up, hair stuff, and other feminine products he chose to ignore. It was strange to think only a couple of years ago he shared this bathroom with Jordan. Simon blinked away the memory, but he could still feel the ache in his chest. An empty scar, a ghost of a different life he still couldn’t fully remember. 

The hot water kissed Simon’s skin and he breathed in a cloud of steam, closing his eyes. Simon was about to shampoo his hair when the shower curtain parted ever slightly and Isabelle stepped in in all her naked glory. 

They shared a smile, a smile belonging to them and them alone.