Striking Posters Of Famous Gunslingers And Their Iconic Pistols

London-based designer Luke Butland has created a series of prints for the Hero Complex Gallery’s show titled ‘I am the law’. 

Butland’s series of illustration feature famous gunslingers in pop-culture and their iconic weapons, coinciding perfectly with the gallery’s theme. Han Solo from Star Wars and RoboCop are included in this collection. 


Awesome Posters Of Quotes By Gollum, Bruce Lee, Iconic Movie Characters

UK-based freelance designer Pete Ware of 17th and Oak, previously featured for his typography posters of iconic Star Wars Quotes, has created a new body of work. 

His trademark posters feature quotes that forms the silhouettes of some iconic movie characters such as, Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, Rocky and Gollum from Lord of the Rings. 

That episode was truly iconic.

We got Zach’s badass exit and interview, Crustine trying to be cute in her goodbye message but was also exposed by Julie for sabotaging Donny, Donny being Donny, Victoria SHUTTING UP ALL HATERS AND BREAKING DOWN WALLS IN HER GOODBYE MESSAGE which left Zach speechless, and then. AND THEN. The true anticipation and anxiety we got when it was Jocasta v Nicole. AND THEN NICOLE BUSTING INTO THE BIG BROTHER HOUSE AS THE VICTOR?!?!!