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25 ICONic Boyz Questions.


1. WWYD if Vinny showed up at your house right now?
2. WWYD if Mikey and Nick were fighting over you ?

3. WWYD if Louis had a crush on you? what would you say?

4. WWYD if you found out Madison was really 16?

5. WWYD if you met GEO ? What would you say to him after the recent events ?


1. WYR Vinny close down his Facebook, or his twitter ?

2. WYR have all the boyz follow you on twitter or meet them in person?

3. WYR go rollerskating with Nick or See a movie with Mikey


1. Vinny, Madison, Jason

2. Mikey, Nick, Tristan

3. Thomas, Louis, Nicholas

4. John, Julian, Josh

5. Jared, Tony, Chris

6. Mikey, Nick, Jason

7. Chris, Josh, Louis

Questions ;

1. What would be the perfect song for the boyz to dance to? In your opinion?

2. If you could go out with any one of the boyz, who and why ?

3. What was your favourite performance on ABDC?

4. What did you think of Good Day New York ?

5. If you could have went to any of the tapings of ABDC, which one would you go to ? ( more then one, if you'd like.)

6. Do you still consider Vinny an ICONic Boy?

7. What do you think of GEO ? If you could tell him anything , what would you tell him?

8. Do you own any ICONic Boyz merchandise? If so, What ?

9. If you were offered a job at Albivi's or ICON , which would you chose?

10. If you met the boyz, what would you say?

Thanks (: I hope you enjoyed, even though they sucked ! xD

I would be like ..Oh Hey(: but then make an Excuse and SCREAM!!

I Would Get Some Popcorn and Watch(: LOL

I Would Be All Awkward and Say Oh Really Now?? =]

I Would Be All Like :O

Woah .. uhm it would get all Fiesty Just Sayin…

Facebook .. because all of those FB Fake ICONiacz

Twitter (:

Mikey =]

M : Vin F : Mad ; K: Jay

Marry : Mike F ; Nick K Tristan

M : Julian F ; John K : Josh

M : Jared K : Tony F ; Chris

M ; Jason : F ; Mikey K ;Nick

M : Louis F : Josh K : Chris

Look At Me Now .. LOL

Vinny because he Changed My Life and He’s just more than a Normal Guy =]

ICONic Dream =]

It Was Pretty Awesome but not the same without Vinny

Uhm Rhianna Ep and Justin B

Of Course !! In My Heart He will ALWAYS Be An ICONic Boy NO MATTER WHAT .

Geo Is Rad .. but i would say to him ( from HHI ) You Knew That Vinny was there so why wouldn’t you Include him in the ABDC Dances instead of letting the other boyz do his thing it’s just weird without him not doing his solo .

Bracelet Phone Cover Poster LOL

ICON .. i LOVE to Dance and Yea

Thank you For Being My Inspiration .. Changing My Life .. Being THere FOr Me .. and Being My EVERYTHING ! ( and a Hug )

I Did Enjoy and NOPE They DID NOT Suck =]