Maisie Williams is a FASHION ICON in the making(that if she is not ALREADY!).

I love EVERY single thing she wears and that she knows how to dress her age, since many young actresses make the mistake of dressing like old ladies. Her style is youthful and chic. LOVE IT!!! 

After I watched the movie Kingsman, I’m kinda obsessed with the costume’s design by Mr. Porter, especially the Kinsgman’s closet. So here it is, the Kingsman Collection Icons Set based on Kingsman - The Secret Service.

When it presents on Mac OS, icons can be dragged around to place on to the closet image background for an interactive desktop. 21 PNG files ready to customize the icons of your desktop and transform into an elegant Kingsman Collection.

Honestly, I’m a suit lover, I believe take care what are you wearing is a manners.

“Manners maketh man” -Harry Hart.

Ready to be one of the Kingsman member?

It’s available on Etsy now.