The Man who Agreed

Print design project by Florence Meunier is a booklet with the terms and conditions of Apple’s iCloud service, with an additional poetic narrative formed from it:

Project to re-design and interpret the Apple ICloud EULA (End User License Agreement), perhaps one of the most overlooked and ambiguous agreement we make. By clicking “I Agree”, we accept rather odd conditions that we are not aware of because the very design of it is not intended to be read.

The aim was to design a more “user-friendly” document in a print format, that would make the user want to read the text. I decided to influence the user into reading the license. I created a second narration inside the actual EULA text, as an existing made up story about a man who agreed too quickly. The aim is to slightly guilt the user into reading, or simply amuse and therefore interest them.

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iCloud.com 的 Photos App 加入多項新功能!

iCloud.com 的 Photos App 加入多項新功能!

我們早前跟大家報導過iCloud.com將加入Photos App,此功能已由測試版的iCloud.com跳進了正式版面,而目前的仍未脫離測試期,因功能還在不斷調整中,過去兩天就被發現了加入多項新功能,令到網頁版的 Photos App在操作體驗上更加接近大家在iPhone或iPad上使用相簿App。


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If Your iCloud Password Is Blink182, Change It

Gizmodo is reporting on a series of iCloud passwords that are currently vulnerable to being hacked. Oddly enough, “Blink182” is one of the few passwords. While any real blink-182 fan would have a lowercase “b,” we’ll forgive you. Just make sure to change your password now, and to maybe add a hyphen in too in the next go-around.

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shadycatz asked:

So incredibly angry about the leaked nudes, but just as angry about the lack of empathy from people. Sadly, I'm not shocked at the fact that 99% of the comments were men blaming the women, calling them whores and sluts, then asking for and giving the links to the pictures. This was literally my comment about it. "Yes, the rapist probably shouldn't have raped her, but she shouldn't have worn those clothes/she shouldn't have drank that much/she shouldn't have been out at night in the first place/

Exactly! There are SO many problems here, one of which is the shaming of these women for expressing their sexuality in this way. They did nothing wrong. It’s victim blaming, 100%

And not only are they being unfairly shamed for their actions, they are being shamed for the fact that someone else broke the law and stole from them! 

It’s disgusting. You can’t tell me at a time like this that society doesn’t hate women. Contempt for women and their ownership of their own sexuality is everywhere. It’s always just below the surface, waiting for moments like this.

Okay, so firstly, do you absolute MORONS see THIS? If you have THIS on, it means you AGREE to have all new PURCHASES and FREE music AUTOMATICALLY downloaded to your device that uses iTunes. IF you do not like the U2 album, remove it, SIMPLE. IF you do not like AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADING, TURN IT OFF. STOP WHINING ABOUT THESE THINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, BECAUSE IT ONLY MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT FOR NOT UNDERSTANDING APPLE’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS WHICH HAVE KINDLY BEEN DISPLAYED HERE IN SENTENCE FORM FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND. Secondly, stop complaining about not understanding the iCloud, it’s pretty simple, and you don’t have to use it! The iCloud is a function that all apple accounts use. The symbol means that something you have purchased or gotten for free is available to download from your iTunes account, and you can click on it to store it on your device and then listen to it. End of story.

So I just saw that on Facebook…another stupid post right?
Then I see my friends saying that it’s true. I checked my music..
What the actual fuck? I don’t even have the cloud enabled.
This actually makes me very uncomfortable. I feel violated.
Ew U2.