I’m a nurse. I’ve seen and done some gross shit. I’ve had liquified dead guy intestines on my shoes. I got poop on my arm last week. I’ve had stomach and tube feed residuals IN MY MOUTH (thanks, dobhoff).

But the ickiest thing I have experience to date is attempting to put a canvas restraint on a lower limb and having the guano crazy owner of said limb rub her fucking toenails on my arm.

hiyxko replied to your post “hiyxko replied to your post “I’ll admit— I can’t help but smile when I…”

❀ : ’ Then that means you have //my// photosets in there! Be careful with those!!! You don’t know //how// many people would steal your camera to get them, and they’re all of the ickiest degree!!!!! ‘


    “I’ll make sure to take extra care of them. You can count on me. Besides, I don’t let just anyone take a peek at my camera. I have to trust them— Especially when it comes to personal photographs like those. I won’t let anyone bring harm to you because of your pictures; I promise.”

rabid replied to your post: so, here’s the dilemma: future islands…

i don’t hate terminal 5 as much as everyone else does tbh idgi

fignewsom replied to your post: so, here’s the dilemma: future islands…

:(((((( the worst!!!

to be fair i’ve only been to two shows there. but it’s definitely the ickiest and most uncomfortable venue i’ve been to. though it might have been the people too. because the first wasn’t THAT horrible (i saw kt tunstall), but then i saw the kaiser chiefs there and that was an experience. people were literally throwing beer. i just feel like there’s basically nowhere good to stand and see. they have those columns in the way if you’re standing not in the middle, and if you’re down in the front the stage is high and it’s weird, and then otherwise you’re so far away. plus now i’m beginning to get used to rock & roll hotel and terminal 5 seems expensive but maybe that’s just new york idk idk

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Puppy-Sized Spider Makes Us Want To Cuddle (PHOTOS)

Did you sigh in relief when that other dog-sized spider turned out to be just a cute Halloween costume?

You sighed too soon.

Scientist Piotr Naskrecki first encountered the Goliath birdeater, the world’s largest spider, a few years ago, but committed the experience to posterity on his blog, The Smaller Majority, earlier this month.

Naskrecki, an entomologist and photographer at Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, wrote that he was doing research in the rainforest of Guyana when he heard a “rustle” that he initially thought was a possum or a rat. Upon seeing it clearly, however, he realized it was a spider — the biggest, ickiest, hairiest spider in the world.

(Story continues after massive arachnid)

The Goliath birdeater, which belongs to the tarantula family, has a leg span of slightly less than a foot, and, according to Naskrecki, can weigh “about as much as a young puppy.”

Also, this is what it looks like when it molts.

In the blog post that’s sure to give you nightmares for weeks, Naskrecki describes the clicking, hoof-like sound that the spider’s feet make when they hit the ground, then goes on to detail the creature’s other terrifying behaviors:

First, the spider would start rubbing its hind legs against the hairy abdomen. “Oh, how cute!” I thought when I first saw this adorable behavior, until a cloud of urticating hair hit my eyeballs, and made me itch and cry for several days. If that wasn’t enough, the arachnid would rear its front legs and open its enormous fangs, capable of puncturing a mouse’s skull, and tried to jab me with the pointy implements. The venom of a birdeater is not deadly to humans but, in combination with massive puncture wounds the fangs were capable of inflicting, it was definitely something to be avoided. And then there was a loud hissing sound.

The scientist notes that even though Goliath birdeaters do have the ability to kill and eat a small bird, they “rarely have a chance to do so while scouring the forest floor at night.”

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