butterfly kisses

(based off an hc by Anon S. Might be the last thing aside from a couple Reverse Week fills that I publish until I get the Christmas fic up in a couple weeks. enjoy.)

Pete can almost feel it coming on when Patrick has one of his ‘ickier’ days emotionally, and it’s extremely rare for those kind of days to happen when he’s in his headspace. However, Pete’s almost glad that they do happen sometimes in that setting, for it’s usually easier to take care of him and Pete always feels like he’s accomplished more for the both of them when he gets Patrick to calm down. Today is no different.

Pete didn’t really //notice Patrick being down until it was close to his naptime, which was mostly his own fault, he //had been working with Joe most of the morning with things concerning the new album. But after he’d gotten off the phone with Joe did he realize he couldn’t hear chattering coming from the living room and only sounds from the TV. He was instantly concerned.

What he didn’t honestly expect to see going into the living room though was Patrick curled up on the sofa, wrapped in Pete’s Batman blanket as well as his own dinosaur one. His thumb was hanging loosely from his mouth as he leaned against the arm of the sofa, looking off into space. On the coffee table, the cat sippy cup of milk still sat, as full as Pete left it earlier in the morning and starting to give off a bit of an odor.

Pete finds the remote and turns off the TV, then going over next to where Patrick was huddled up in the corner of the sofa and sitting down. “C’mere, Tricky.” he hums warmly as he wraps his arms around both Patrick and the blankets, pulling them into his lap without much struggle.

In this matter, Pete doesn’t really ask questions, because he knows most of what Patrick’s feeling through personal experience, and if he didn’t, he’s pretty sure he could figure it out and remedy it. Pete just holds Patrick close and rocks him slowly, because even if Patrick doesn’t like admitting it sometimes, rocking really does put him to sleep quick.

Patrick will sometimes struggle with him when he’s doing this, say that he doesn’t need Pete doing all of this for him. But most of the time, he just gets really still with the exception of his sucking thumb, letting Pete mold him into his arms and lap. Pete doesn’t mind, it’s all a part of how Patrick copes with his emotions.

After a few minutes of rocking Patrick, Pete notices that he’s much more relaxed, going as far as to clutch the sides of Pete’s shirt rather than the blankets still around him. Pete softly kisses most of Patrick’s face as he fishes through his pants pocket and finds what he was looking for; one of Patrick’s pacifiers. “Here you go, squirt, this’ll be better than your thumb for right now.” he whispers as he feeds it between Patrick’s lips, and Patrick takes the rubber willingly.

Pete feels like he saw Patrick. make a small smile behind the orange and green pacifier, and that literally warms his heart right up. He presses a kiss to the front of the pacifier, running a hand through his reddish blonde hair before he starts to sing in almost a whisper.

"Little darling, it’s been a long and lonely winter…"

Before he finishes the song, Patrick’s fallen asleep, and Pete doesn’t move to get up, rather he moves into a more comfortable laying position on the sofa. He’s glad that it was wide enough for them both to share. He knows that Patrick wakes up from his nap, he’ll be feeling much more better, and that thought alone makes him smile as he falls asleep along with him.


I must confess -

I get so confused sometimes why humans come together to just be awfully disrespectful, vengeful, and just hateful.

It’s especially disheartening to witness within the “spiritual community”.

But even beyond the blatant hate and disrespect.. There’s something even ickier..

I am seeing so many people who say “I love you” find excuses to not be considerate of another’s heart in the name of “truth”.

What truth?

Their truth.

A truth that causes pain to others. But is justified as “ok” because it was TRUE for them.

What is truth really?

To me truth is very simple and involves the VERY Basics of being kind and thinking about others.

It’s like we’ve lost the basics of being compassionate human beings on this planet.

People are levitating, having massive spiritual revelations, ah-ha moments, discovering their superpowers, deciding they are kings/queens, getting masters in divinity, and talking to off-planet beings….

Yet, what happened to what we learned in pre-school?
To loving on this planet?


There’s the whole
“I’ll hold space for you”…

I’m chuckling….. Ha!

From what I have witnessed, there are VERY few people I would want to sit in their space with. Just because someone offers to hold space for you does not mean Love.

And even in the community there is so much manipulation going down that it’s even meant something about not being in your power to truly just think about how another may feel, and NOT do that very thing you think you want if it may cause them to hurt. Because of course, hasn’t Abraham-Hicks taught us so well “you can have anything you want!” You know what - what about wanting what is actually yours. What is here now.. And loving THAT.

Just being confused… And sharing my confusion with you all.

I’m seriously fucked up sexually. I’ve never told anyone the shit that I’m into, it’s icky. Granted, I can of ickier, but still I don’t know man. I mean if I want to be single that bad I’m probably doing a good job about it. One, no one is going to possibly satisfy the shit I have up in my head, and two, I don’t need anyone to satisfy that shit. As long as I don’t get anyone involved with me, I’m golden.

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