Ichise from Texhnolyze

Ran easily stands out, being one of the few girls or women even in the series, but Texhnolyze does have another lead whose story is just as clouded: Ichise.

Texhnolyze has a very indirect narrative, almost to the point of not having one, so figuring out the story and each character’s history and motivations is very much left up to the viewer.

Texhnolyze by Madhouse

Lux is a city controlled by three factions: the Organo, Union and Racan. Ichise is a street fighter that one day doesn’t listen to his patron’s order and loses his arm and leg as the price for his disloyalty. A doctor discovers him suffering and takes him in to make him one of the Texhnolyzed, people with prosthetic limbs. Onishi, the head of the Organo, begins to take an interest in Ichise, along with many others. Ran is a young girl from a village called Gabe who can see the future and also takes an interest in Ichise who she has seen a prophecy about.