verb: thaw; 3rd person present: thaws; past tense: thawed; past participle: thawed; gerund or present participle: thawing


(of ice, snow, or another frozen substance, such as food) become liquid or soft as a result of warming.

-By Illustration & Photography GARIBA


Toronto was hit with two massive ice storms this weekend leaving a huge portion of the city without power (luckily, mine is still on). Toronto Hydro has declared it a “catastrophe” and I completely see why.

I went for a walk through my new neighborhood and saw the damage the weight of the ice on the trees has done. Live power lines are laying on roads, and cars had branches on top of them, and in one case through its front window. My sister’s skylight was smashed from a tree (booo), and my mom and dad’s driveway (6th photo from the top) was blocked by a fallen tree.

Stay safe Toronto! And as I’m still with power, please let me know if you need anything - because the temperature is supposed to plummet this evening.

RWBY: You’re Such a Nerd (NeptunexWeiss)

Here you go guys! The final result to the sketch! What do you think? Just so you know my weakness is drawing backgrounds like halls or book shelves because I wanted to draw them in the library. Dammit. Anyway! There is more to come soon so keep the IceStorm ship going (or whatever you guys call this ship!) I love rooster teeth so much for making these two happen.

Downtown Atlanta on ice.

The winds are brutal and very few people are out on the streets. Most stores are closed but a few restaurants are bravely open.

Peachtree Street is quiet except for the tracks from armored vehicles that drove through earlier, thanks to President Obama’s declaration of Georgia as a federal disaster area today during this crippling ice storm.