The bag is packed! The 2014-15 ice hockey season is about to begin. Tomorrow marks the beginning for refereeing and sometime this weekend I’ll be out in the rinks as a spectator looking for potential Champion Athletes to join our portfolio at @ChampionsCombine during the #LaborDayFaceOff tournament. If you’re out and about, be sure to check out the amazing players, especially @coltonm911 and @c_powell7 who play for the @nhjrmonarchs U18 team. #championscombine #wsa #wsawins #sports #athletes #athletics #hockey #icehockey #hockeyplayers #rinks #icerinks #skates #sticks #composite #referees #scouts #jrhockey


Well fuck me sideways on a piece of toast! Here’s a little something to prove to you hate anons! These are my messages sent from Ren within the past couple of weeks! 


So why are you guys hating on Tinks because he talks to her? Well I guess you guys should send hate to me too!

For all of you out there, Ren is just a really nice, funny as hell, down to earth, a general great guy, and extremely attractive! Any woman would be lucky to be with him! Hell, if I wasn’t dating someone now for the past two years and I lived closer to the Canadian border, I’d try to get with him!

Oh look at that?! In a couple of messages it also looks like a little flirting is going on! Well fuck me! Psh My inbox should be exploding with hate right now! :)

Tink’s is perfect too! I wish I could be her! She’s gorgeous, sweet and caring! She’s done almost everything I’ve wanted to do too! (photoshoot wise)

I understand why you guys are sending her hate, I’m jealous too but I love them too much to do anything about it. I’d rather hurt and have friends than hurt and not have any friends at all!

Please leave her alone, Ren said so earlier that it’s natural to talk to someone more if you like them. So since he sends me private messages and talks to me quite often I guess He likes me too! So please come send me hate! :D

My main point is, let them do what they want. It’s none of your business anyway. Are you guys gonna move to Canada any time soon to try and be with him? Didn’t think so.

So leave her and her precious face alone. I love them both very much and is pisses me the fuck off seeing one, if not both of them getting hate. They are nice people guys. I don’t see them coming through your screen and punching you guys.

They even said that they are JUST GOOD FRIENDS. So please stop asking about it. Because I don’t know about you but I just wanna get back to reading their Smut RP. I’m tired of seeing the hate on her blog.

-end rant

-Love Hannah :)

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Ask games: handwritten

  • send me a:"✉" and i’ll handwrite a little story for you

Hello nonnie dear. Attempting a little Loki something as I’d been scrolling my dash and saw a few gifs of the Loki commercials with him scowling and rolling his eyes in reaction to the children. ❤


"Please, Loki? Please turn the lake into an icerink?" It’s the middle of the summer and you’re starting to be of the mind that you’ll melt in the extreme heat. There have to be some perks associated with letting a frost giant on the run from his brother hide out in your apartment.

He snorts, “I am not an errand boy, here to fulfill your every whim.”

"C’mon, it’ll be fun. We can go iceskating. Nobody will see - they’re all indoors, hiding in the airconditioning." You even try puppy dog eyes on him as you beg. No dice.

The pair of you had resorted to walking in the park because he was starting to go stir-crazy stuck in your apartment. So far you’d been lucky and the place had remained deserted. Sweat is starting to trickle down your spine though - keeping to shade and praying for a breeze isn’t working to combat the heat.

"I am a king! I do not perform tricks for your amusement." His eyeroll somewhat contradicts his statement.

For your amusement, no - but for his? Hadn’t he just yesterday used his powers to create another self and change the channel on the TV? Different set of skills, perhaps.

You try another tactic, “Fine. Probably couldn’t keep the thing frozen solid long enough to have any fun anyway.”

Then again, perhaps challenging him is unwise. The mall mannequin indicent is still fresh in your mind. And now he has that same mischevious grin on his face. Oh no - you’d just wanted a little relief — not three feet of snow in the middle of July.

These past few months have just scooted by. Can’t wait to go back to NYC and eat and play! This pic was snapped at the Icerink in Central Park, New York City. #holidays#snow#happiness#love#instagood#me#photooftheday#style#amazing#winter#fun#fashion#swag#life#iphoneonly#instagood#awesome#skating#iceskating#사진스타그램#셀프#ชีวิต#สไตล์#centralpark#nyc#usa by kiufung33