In contrast to the land today, when Iceland was originally settled it was heavily forested. However, the trees grown there were difficult to use in houses (or much of anything, actually), forcing the settlers to find new ways of building homes that would protect them from the harsh climate on the island. The solution came in the form of a turf house.

As Iceland had a plentiful supply of turf and grasses, it was natural to find use for it in their buildings. The base of these houses would be made using stone and wood, which would then be covered with layers of turf that acted as a sufficient insulation from the cold, wind, snow, and any other element that threatened them.

-won’t be going anywhere today-

-This morning’s road conditions in Iceland~!-

-The red lines are closed roads, the green are open(you may notice a lack of green), pink means it is open but has difficult driving conditions, all the small yellow signs mean that it’s snowing there, while the yellow and red circles mean that driving is banned there.-