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hetalia for the fandom

Favorite Male Character- APH Iceland

Favorite Female Character - APH Belgium

Least Favorite Character- APH Molossia

Favorite Ship - Dennor, Sufin, Turkice

Favorite Friendship - Axis Trio/Nordics

Favorite Quote -  “This is map kicks ass!” ~ APH Iceland

“C’mon, you’re both creepy and have awkward friends and generally smell like fishes.” ~ APH Denmark

“Wait a minute, you mean you’re gonna call him what you called him when you were just a silly little girl boy?!” ~ APH Denmark

Worst Character Death (if any) - Davie ;-;

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment - Whenever I see the Nordics on screen

Saddest Moment - Davie/HRE Leaves

Favorite Location - I find the scenery in Buon San Valentino very pretty

= ヮ= )೨ Italy

(╬≖ิ__≖) Germany

(ㅍ_ㅍ) o自 Japan

(☞≧ヮ≦)☞ America

o̿ ̭ o̿ England

ლ(= з = )ლ ~♥ France

(^し^) Russia

。◕`ヮ´◕。 China

o( 휴ç휴)o Canada

*(´ヮ`)~* Spain

(╬..>////<..)ノ Romano

≖ิ_≖ Sweden

⌒▽⌒ Finland

(゚ヮ゚)中 Denmark

ರ_ರ೨ Norway

ㅎ_ㅎ Iceland

❀(癶ヮ癶) Hungary

(≖ヮ≖) Prussia

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We’re back! Actually, I’m not surprised that all 5 Nordics were voted one after another considering that they’re such a tight knit group. Personally, Iceland is my favorite Nordic, so I’m glad to finally be able to do him!

  • He is the second shortest of the Nordics
  • Iceland’s age is said to be somewhere between 16 and 17
  • Though he has no canon name, Himaruya has stated that he liked the names Emil Steilsson, Egill, Sigurður, and Eiríkur as names he liked for Iceland
  • Iceland is uncomfortable with his thick accent and tries his best to hide it.
  • He thinks cola is “okay”
  • When it comes to Mr.Puffin, Iceland can be short-tempered
  • As a child, he was introverted and lonely
  • He has a nice relationship with Turkey, and the two get along well to where Iceland affectionately refers to him as “Pops”. Iceland also seems to view Turkey as a father figure and wants to protect him
  •  He was one of the last Nordics to be designed, despite appearing in the comics before Denmark and Norway
  • He is very fond of licorice and hot springs
  • Due to recent financial problems, Russia has been helping him out. Although Russia is nice to him and treats him kindly, Iceland is suspicious of him.
  • Norway is considered to be the “home where Iceland’s heart truly is” and the two do care for each other.
  • Iceland will try to speak English whenever he can
  • Though in The Beautiful World Iceland’s hair is blond, his hair color has been stated to be white

That’s if for now! Sorry this was late. From now on Character Of The Week’s will be held on Saturdays. Voting ends at 6pm EST!

Thank you and have a nice day!

So I saw Frozen right and IT WAS SO MAGNIFICENT I DID THIS AS SOON AS I GOT HOME (thats an acceptable way to react to a movie right???) 

Norway might be the older brother but lets say in the au the line of succession is reversed and the youngest is next in the throne ok

Under Appreciated Lines in Hetalia: Paint It, White!

Iceland: “Oh skit… what the cripes!

France: "Everybody knows I’ve got the biggest-”

England: “-nobody asked you, cheesy monkey!”

England: “…You feel like a horse’s ass!”

China: “Suck ball! I knew fortune cookie this morning was full of bad luck!”

Poland: “Why are you look at me like that with the no eyes?”

Switzlerand: [Permanant Neutrality Border]

Japan: “No likey” (said like ‘rikey’)

Tony: “Because I don’t do dubs!”

Japan: “Germany! I’m sorry; I touched you. But if we fight sporadically we will only end up defeated”

Germany: “Must kill!”

England: “Double-O-Ninja!”

Narrator: “Britain. A former pirate, but now a rather effeminate, yet gentlemanly empire with a plethora of rain. France is a longtime acquaintance he’s often found bickering with for bickering’s sake. However, in their heart of hearts, they love each other. Sexually”

America: “…When humans think the word hospitality, they all think about me because I know how to have a good time!”

Germany: There is no crying in alien warfare!

America: “I’m happy to see you, hands! We’re going to have so much fun!”

“Yonder”, said he, “stands the tree where my father was slain, and no step went he beyond it. Now see,” said Rolf, “if I can throw an arrow so far.”

Allen French, The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow [an underloved book]

(I should probably preface this with saying I’m a huge Icelandophile and have been since before becoming a fan of Hetalia)

I can’t stand the way most of the fandom portrays Iceland as the token angsty teenager. Yes, he is physically a teen and has some of the characterization, but he’s so much more than ‘wah my life sux i hate my family pls kill me’. He’s over 1,000 years old, he had the world’s first modern parliament in the 10th century, he’s responsible for recording almost all of the anti-Norse information we have about the viking age in the modern day, he has one of the world’s highest standards of living, he’s of possibly one of the proudest nationalities ever, etc. Yes, he’s had a horrible past, but for god’s sake, in the last century, he’s gone from dirt-poor-living-in-shanties to the country being named ‘best place in the world to live’ a few years ago. That on top of the national attitude of ‘we are awesome because we survived’, I highly doubt he’s depressed over his history, or anything for that matter.

Also, I’m really sick of the general plot cliché of ‘poor Icey baby is sick due to volcanoes and needs someone to pamper him’. ……Why? Why don’t we write fics like that with Romano? Or Japan? Or Greece? Or volcanically-active-place-of-your-choice? It’s trite, it doesn’t make sense, and he’s an independent nation well able of taking care of himself! God, now I see why he canonically complains about wanting to be treated like an adult. Icelandic culture places a high importance on the ability to take care of oneself and be able to live independently.

Himaruya’s personality for him is quite fine (I don’t expect it to be perfect because why should he know everything about every nation?) and quite easy to stretch to make a very normal Icelandic young man out of. But the majority of the fandom seems to take little pieces of him and stretch it to make him their kawaii emo boy, completely ignoring the rich and amazing history and culture Iceland has (again, I don’t expect people to know everything, but just a tiny bit of research and respect would be nice) (I’m looking at you, ‘Iceland’s #1 fans~’). I’m tired of explaining to people why I almost refuse to read anything with him in it, even though I list him as a favorite character. Please, just for once, can I see a badass, secret egotist, adrenaline junkie, very traditional and superstitious Iceland who just pretty much sucks at interacting with others and sits alone at home with his laptop?

P.S. Don’t even get me started on ‘Emil Steilson’. Don’t. Steilson, for one, is practically legally impossible to have as a name in Iceland. I looked it up one day in a fit of rage, and the name Himaruya suggested transliterated properly is actually ‘Sturluson’ (it’s fine, I wouldn’t mind seeing it in fandom, but I don’t exactly like it either, because if he were named for Snorri Sturluson, it would be more sensible to be ‘Snorrason’, and why should he be named after a man influential in the fall of Iceland’s golden age?). Emil is fine as well, but it’s a name only recently introduced to Iceland, and for a nation so tied to its past and its traditions, isn’t a nice, traditional name like Egill or Eiríkur or Sigurður or Fannar (or hell, go look up a random Icelandic saga and take your pick) a lot more fitting? It’s not like he has an official name, so seriously, go wild with it!


so this is a thing that i’ve been doing for a while and it’s super nerdy but they’re personified sigur ros albums


idk man they’re just really fun to imagine with personalities based on the theme of the album - also i wanted to include the character i have based on kveikur/brennisteinnn now. he’s valtari’s brother, who, although his twin, is in every way his opposite. he has long, neon green ringed messy dreadlocks and wears one of those sense-amplifying masks that are on the cover. he’s a bit of a bastard and is quite moody and dark, where valtari is quiet and shy and gentle.

If you weren’t bothered that a game set in Japan had a full Japanese cast of characters but you’re upset that a game set in Iceland has a full Icelandic cast of characters, congratulations! You’re a hypocrite!

You’re basically saying that one beautiful, unique culture shouldn’t have the same representation that another one got in a game set in their country because this culture happens to have light skin.

If you want to say the representation in STFD, TRT, TOT, ASH, TMB, or GTH could have been better I will be right there with you. But don’t try to act like Iceland is America because it’s not.

HeR should defiantly have characters of diverse races in their games. But this game is totally justified in having white characters.

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Liechtenstien is such a cute magician! But I'm not quite sure about the other characters....?? Is Iceland a thief? And Belgium a chef??? What is Canada?

Anri: Alright.. Let’s see now. MmHmm… Liechten…. Ah that would be you…. Ice Land? Land of Ice? A thief? Oh that could be Eiree.. Haha funny since she’s the only one with snow white hair. Bella? Belgium…Chef? Oh that’s obviously me, but not very specific there grey traveller…. And who? What is Canada? Ah, it could be about Mattie since this is about our party members……

Erika: So…..?

Anri: Alright you Grey Travellers! Listen up!

Erika: Uwaaaaa~ Anri, you’re incredible! You could decipher their words!
Anri: Yeap. I’m a professional Grey Travellers Lingust!
Eiree: …………..

Eiree: …… Phantom scout sounds like a kid’s job….. Embarrassing….