Going up to the Icelandic highlands at winter time is an adventure. This is close to Langjökull glacier and to go this far you have to drive a modified jeep on huge tires or a snowmobile. 

Here we are around midnight, the full moon was shining and northern lights started to show. A fellow traveller is standing there looking over the endless snow and ice and the mountains in the distance and there is total silence except for the wind blowing

Icelandic Sea Monster Caught on Tape?

This bizarre video, which was supposedly shot off the coast of Reykjavik, Iceland, shows what thought to be a sea monster. The creature looks similar to the one that was seen in the 2012 viral video that also showed a mysterious creature swimming in an Icelandic lake.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much information on this video, which hurts it’s credibility. Not only that, but judging from the other videos uploaded to this YouTube channel, it looks like this may be a hoax. The other videos include a few claymation shorts and one obviously fake Bigfoot video. However there’s still a change, albeit a slim one, that this video is real. What do you think? Does this video show a real sea monster swimming off the coast of Iceland’s capital city? Or is this merely a hoax?


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