*soft-resets for 50 TIMES…*

I like to imagine fake ah crew ryan doing completely regular things

like not in a ‘he’s not being a criminal right now,’ everyday life way, in a ‘he’s just lost the cops, there are bullets in his back, he’s covered in blood, but he figured he’d stop at mcdonalds to get everyone lunch’ way.

he doesn’t threaten anyone, he waits in line like a normal human being if there is one, he probably hangs back to work out his order or call someone because he doesn’t know what they wanna drink or they had MLP toys again and he had to ask Michael if he wanted one

and he pays and puts some money in the little charity things they always have at the counter and sits around drinking his diet coke and eating an ice cream cone until they call him up and he’s really polite and doesn’t complain about having to pay for extra sauce


Yung Lenox stands in a category of his own as a successful child prodigy—not the creepy kind that can spell words no one ever uses, but this seven-year-old can draw his ass off. When his father Skip introduced drawing into their daily activities, it was clear from the start that his son was a natural. He quickly ran out of comic book figures to sketch and was in need of some new inspiration. When Yung Lenox asked his dad who his favorite superhero was he happily replied, “Gucci Mane,” and the rest is history.

Lenox began busting out some crazy dope prints of rappers such as Dr. Dre, Cam’ron, and Max B but his favorite subject to draw became Ghostface Killah. Father and son enjoyed listening to Wu-Tang classics while perfecting his craft. Taking the time to really feel the music and fully invest his mind in what he was drawing, the fun hobby also became a lesson. Shapes, outlines, and color precision became a mental puzzle process to express his creativity.

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Anon Response

I didn’t know Penguins had an “ice team.” I think that’s incredible. And the girls don’t look overly sexualized, either. I don’t know why girls have to look like VS angels while shoveling ice… All teams should have an ice crew, because it’s also sexist for teams to have JUST “ice girls”.


this is my favourite video ever


The Derp Crew is at a skating rink! (x)

A bunch of thoughts on this kind of thing:The issue with the concept of “Ice Girls” is NOTHING to do with having women on the ice scraping it, running between period on-ice events, doing general fan/community promotional stuff, etc.

The issue with “Ice Girls” is the presentation of these girls in skimpy, unnecessary, impractical outfits that are there to present them not as a valued member/extension of the organization but rather as a little extra bit of sex appeal for the straight bros there watching hockey.

Replacing the Ice Girls with an “Ice Crew” in practical outfits (UnderArmor branded tracksuits in this case) isn’t “fixing” the fans’ issue with this when the Ice Crew is entirely male. This isn’t an all or nothing Ice Girls situation. It’s entirely possible to have a co-ed Ice Crew in these sorts of outfits.

I’m not sure what’s more laughable. The fact that Philly’s idea of fixing this solution involves the complete elimination of female ice crew members or San Jose’s idea of a co-ed ice crew with men in practical outfits and women in the sexualized outfits.

I want to see women on the ice. I want to see more of a female representation in the NHL. If this means having some women scrape ice, run games, wander around the concourse, so be it. The Ice Crew is part of the franchise, it’s an extension of the franchise into the community and the arena. I want to see female ice crew members bonding with little girls when they visit local schools, when a little girl goes to a game with her family. I want that, and that can be done with those female ice crew members wearing a zip-up jacket or wearing a jersey the same cut as the men (rather than those weird cropped messes. If they want the fitted women’s style, fine. Their freedom to choose!)

The “Look, you hate the concept of Ice Girls, we got rid of the Ice Girls.” isn’t the answer. “We got rid of the sexualization of Ice Girls” is the right answer.

Rose's Rad Ice Cream

Did you see this?

This Ice cream truck it’s so ridiculously funny! It was made as a wrap gift by Rachel and Rose (Writer’s PAs on Rizzoli and Isles, Rizzles shipers and Katy Perry’s fans)

I mean.. It’s a golf car and it’s made from the scripts of the show! How creative is that?

Besides you have to dance to get and ice cream. And guess who loves to dance..

See? Sasha the car it’s perfect

Who wouldn’t love one of this?