I hate wasps, particularly yellow jackets, and this comic is a sore reminder of the annoying trolling they like to do. I don’t know why anyone beyond grade school would ever prefer the summer, heat and humidity included.

This one is my favorite of the lot. It actually feels in line with a Poke Tales/Legends comic (to be fair, so does “Clean Town”, albeit goofier), as the story isn’t about the Nidos so much as it is Beedrill, and everyone’s in character (I’d argue Nidorina was really only OOC in Tooth Fairy, she’d still play the role but with less sass). Nidorina’s sweet until you mess with her children. Speaking of sweet, I get the warm fuzzies in moments like these were she interacts with her kids.

Anyway, that’s it for this run. Hope it was an interesting derailment. Dumb Big Sister will be back June 4th (the following week), in lieu of all these past comics. It’ll just be a week of queued stuff, including submissions, and reblogged Nido thingies.

The Signs On A Date (OTP Style) (Part Two)

(Part Two, Lovelies ;))

Requested by Anon ;)

Scene 7- Capricorn and Cancer (At the park)

Cancer: “Wait for me, Cap!”

Cap: *laughs* “Okay, okay! One question: which ice cream flavor do you like?”

Cancer: *perks up* “Ice cream?”

Cap: “Yes, Ice cream.”

Cancer: “Cap… Are we buying ice cream?” *wiggles eyebrows*

Cap: “I can’t keep anything from you, Cancer!” *scowls*

Cancer: “Aww, Cap, stop for a moment!” *tugs hand*

Cap: *stops and looks at Cancer*

Cancer: *creases Capricorn’s scowl with their hand* “Much better. And… I think I’d like some chocolate if you don’t mind?”

Cap: *smiles* “Of course. Come on, then.” *pulls Cancer to the ice cream bar and orders*

Cancer: “Thanks Cap!” *kisses cheek* “It’s really good!”

Cap: *blushes* “Your welcome, Cancer.”

Cancer: “Although…” *dabs Cap’s nose with ice cream* “I think you look amazing with it on!”

Cap: “Hey!” *cringes* “Come here!” *grabs Cancer and wipes a spot of ice cream on them* “That’s for getting chocolate up my nose!”

Cancer: *laughs* “And this,” *cleans cheek on Cap’s sleeve* “is for getting me back.”

Cap: “You’re impossible, Cancer.”

Cancer: “You know you love me!”

Cap: “…unfortunately”

Scene 8- Leo and Libra (Milkshake Diner)

Libra: “Yeah, but I’m your noob!”

Leo: *flips hair dramatically* “Well I’m not so sure now!”

Libra: “But Leo…” *sniffs*

Leo: *glances to the side secretly but doesn’t budge*

Libra: “Leo… Come on love, you know you can’t live without me!” *Places hand to heart*

Leo: “I totally could!” *crosses arms*

Libra: *pouts and pretends to cry*

Leo: “Well… Maybe I could.”

Libra: *still cries*

Leo: “Okay, okay, I give in! Come back to me, lovely!”

Libra: “You’re the best Leo, I would hate to leave you!” *hugs Leo from across the table*

Leo: “Oh Libra, I’m so happy we made up!” *pretends to cry too*

Waiter: “Um… Are you guys ready to order?”

(Haha oh Leo and Libra <3)

Scene 9- Aqua and Sag (Paintball Fight)

Sag: “Haha whatever!” *grabs Aqua’s ankle and drags them to the floor*

Aqua: *gasps* “What-” *gets shot by Sag* “You… Cheater…!”

Sag: *evil laughter* “I’m not stopped by a single shot, you should know Aqua!”

Aqua: “And here I thought… You would go easy on me…” *closes eyes slowly*

Sag: “You’re so dramatic, weirdo.”



Sag: “Aqua?”


Sag: “Stop playing with me now, for real.”


Sag: “Aquarius!” *kneels down and holds Aqua’s head in their lap* “What’s happened to you?!”

Aqua: *giggles* “Haha nothing!” *grabs Sag’s face and kisses their cheek*

Scene 10- Aries and Gemini (Rollerskating)

Gemini: “Oh stop bragging, you.” *places hands to the side so they won’t fall*

Aries: “Too bad, Gemini. See, you go like this…” *shows Gemini how to stop with their toe*

Gemini: “I think I can do that!” *tries and falls*

Aries: “Arg… I got you!” *catches Gemini*

Gemini: *grins* “I think I should fall more often, don’t you think?”

Aries: “And I would always be there to catch you, clumsy one.”

Gemini: “Promise?”

Aries: “Well… it would be kinda funny to see you fall on your butt and-”

Gemini: *punches Aries’ stomach*

Aries: *groans* *drops Gemini*

Gemini: *screams* “Aries! I’m gonna-”

Aries: *crushes Gemini with their body* “Oh, Gemini! I’m so-”

Gemini: *kicks Aries’ face on accident*

Aries: *elbows Gemini’s ribs on reflex*

Gemini: *Claws*

Aries: *head-butts*

Gemini and Aries: *groans*

Gemini: “Such a great teacher…”

Scene 11- Taurus and Virgo (The Beach)

Taurus: “I’m going to throw you into the water when I catch you, Virgo!”

Virgo: “Hmm, except you’ll never even get close to me!” *continues to run across the beach*

Taurus: “Stop lying to yourself!” *laughs as they run*

Virgo: “Who said I was-” *trips on large molecule in the sand* *face plants*

Taurus: “Virgo! Oh my, hahaha….” *tries not to laugh*

Virgo: “I can’t feel my face…” *digs hands into the sand*

Taurus: “Hahaha…. You okay there?” *helps Virgo up*

Virgo: *sand pours from their mouth*

Taurus: “…so maybe you’re not okay…”

Virgo: “Taurus… I think I caught some seaweed in there, too.” *sticks tongue out to try and look at it*

Taurus: *laughs* “Aww, you poor thing.” *hugs Virgo*

Virgo: *stiffens* *hugs back* “You make me feel better, Taurus.”

Taurus: “You make me happy, too, Virgo. Even if you ate some sand for lunch.”

Virgo: *playfully poles Taurus’ side.* “Whatever! Don’t you know it’s good for the heart?”

Taurus: “You know what’s good for the heart?”

Virgo: “Hmm?”

Taurus: *looks at Virgo lovingly* *brushes hair from their eyes and leans down to whisper in their ear* “Food…”

Scene 12- Pisces and Scorpio (Under the stars)

Scorpio: “But it’s raining?”

Pisces: “Aww come on Scorpio! You know what rain’s best for?” *takes both of Scorpio’s hands*

Scorpio: “Hmm?”

Pisces: “Dancing.”

Scorpio: *smirks* “Well in that case…” *bows* “May I have this dance?”

Pisces: *smiles* “I think I can make room for one.”

Scorpio: “You better.” *pulls Pisces around the field, both dancing together*

Pisces: “I don’t mind the cold when we’re doing this.” *grins the whole time*

Scorpio: “You’re cold?”

Pisces: “Just a little. But I’m o-”

Scorpio: *yanks Pisces closer* “Better?”

Pisces: *giggles* “Much.” *wraps arms around Scorpio*

Scorpio: *takes turns twirling with Pisces until they’re left just holding each other* “So much for having a picnic, hmm?”

Pisces: “I’d take this over a picnic any day.”

Scorpio: “I’m glad, since I would too.”

Pisces: *signs with content* “And plus… You’re the best dancer I’ve seen in a while.”

Scorpio: “Well of course, Pisces! Did you think I couldn’t dance?”

Pisces: “Well I just-”

Scorpio: *kisses Pisces* “Just shut up and dance with me.”


(Thanks Anon for the request. Long story out of the way, room for the others!)

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