You never know what people are going through..
They could be known as the happiest and kindest people outside, but inside.. They consider themselves as the most depressed..
I hate seeing people go through depression, I know there’s no control over it.
You’d be surprised how many people feel sad, lonely, unappreciated… Even while having everything.
And no, It doesn’t make them selfish.
Material things, money and people can’t always make you feel as happy as it makes other beings.
We just need to try our best and up-lift our peers.. Friends or not, watch the words you say, even to the happy ones, because you never know what it could lead them to do.
—  C.R.P.

When you’re scared to lose somebody…

Is it cuz you’re too used to them?

Or maybe you can’t imagine loving anybody else and they make you feel complete?

Or maybe they’re the only one who has been there for you through thick and thin?

…who knows, but all of those reasons seem like a pretty good reason for you to stay in my life.

& I hope to spend forever with you.

Just waiting for the same response.

—  C. R. P.

I don’t know bout you guys but…
I love receiving affection every day. Nope, not just once in a while or a few times a week here and there.
Nah, show me love and give me kisses EVERY DAY.
Give me random tight hugs and kisses on my cheek and/or forehead.
We doesn’t always have to be “making out”.
I just need your touch.. Someway..
Idc, Affection will never get annoying to me.
Wether it’s me giving it or me receiving.
Idc, call me clingy, attached, w.e

Just show me some kind of love that reminds me every day of what happiness is suppose to feel like.