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If I can get this for my iPhone why would I want Google Wallet. I am just awed by this product - http://www.icache.com/product.php

You've got to pick a pocket or two

A new iPhone case from iCache could see the end of the pocket wallet as its built-in payment technology stores your card details and allows you to use them even when you don’t have the cards with you! A detachable card reader within the phone case records and stores data from the magnetic strip on your cards and the phone camera can be used to capture card barcode information. Safety conscious consumers will be pleased to know that biometric fingerprint scanners prevent pesky pickpocketers from retrieving the safeguarded information.

Testing The iCache Geode Mobile Wallet, A Card That Clones Your Credit Cards

#SuryaRay #Surya I have to admit, when I first heard about the Kickstarter project for the iCache Geode Mobile Wallet I thought to myself  “yeah right…good luck with that.” The process seemed unlikely to me. First of all, how are the card networks ever going to let someone temporarily “clone” their cards onto another dynamic card? Secondly, how fast could the process work? There could be a lot of challenges. I was able to get my hands on a newly shipped unit and put it to the test. I captured the results in the video below. Does it work? Yes, it actually completes payments at places that accept it. There is definitely a learning curve to use it successfully, but after I figured out the total procedure and practiced it a few times, the Geode and it’s little GeoCard actually let me buy some things. http://dlvr.it/1yVKLg @suryaray

There’s been a lot of conversation and technology developed around digital wallet technology. Google Wallet immediately comes to mind. But I haven’t seen a company or product that takes digitizing your personal fiscal information to this extreme.

It’s an interesting product, and it kind of excites me to ditch my credit cards, but I’m not sure I’m totally ready to commit to this kind of service. As awesome as technology is, it’s also incredibly fragile. Someone needs to crack the code of penetrability beyond https gateways.

Forget NFC, This iPhone Case Combines All Your Credit Cards Into One

#SURYARAY #SURYA — I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to all these newfangled mobile payment methods. Fan as I am of Google Wallet (and all the Wawa coffee I bought with the included $10 prepaid card), I can’t help but want something more immediate, something more widely-usable. The big sticking point that comes with the NFC-based payment systems that companies like Google and Visa love with is they require buy-in from the people and companies you actually want to buy from. When your favorite mom-and-pop store can’t be bothered to jump on the NFC bandwagon though, well, that’s just a bummer. And that’s where the truly awesome iCache Geode comes into play. http://dlvr.it/1Jq79Z