also, oh my giddy aunt, if there are any headache/migraine sufferers out there (mine are unfortunately hereditary) use ibuprofen! i used them for a headache for the first time yesterday (i’ve had this headache for about 3 days and paracetamol doesn’t work as much as i would like) and ibuprofen just is.. amazing! it just goes away! most of you probably already know this and i’m just behind the times, but woweeee! especially those headaches that are really gluggy and seem to blur your vision and make you feel unfocused and they take over the whole front of your head, just use ibuprofen. do it!

anonymous said:

I think people need to know that trying to overdose on paracetamol or ibruprofen is super dangerous. It stays in your system for days. It can be up to 72hours before it actually has a negative (fatal) effect on your body. It's not an instant thing.

^^ thank you !

I’m done whining now. I’ll probably wake up with a fever tomorrow but I’m just going to have to deal with it, if I feel any worse than I do know I will take an ibruprofen and hope for the best