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Currently 5.5 million people suffer from brain injury in the U.S.

50,000 Americans have died in the last year due to brain injury.

20% of U.S. veteransreturn from Iraq with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

The Traumatic Brain Injury Act is the only federal law that currently authorizes program support for people with TBI.

Of the 1.4 million who sustain a TBI each year in the United States:

  • 235,000 are hospitalized;
  • 1.1 million are treated and released from an emergency department;
  • 50,000 die.

Among children ages 0 to 14 years, TBI results annually in an estimated:

  • 2,685 deaths;
  • 37,000hospitalizations;
  • 435,000 emergency department visits.

Autism Spectrum Disorders affect an estimated 1 in 150 births.

1.7 million Americanstoday are afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Alzheimer’s consumes the lives of 4.5 million Americans, and their families.

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Cutting Edge and Groundbreaking Research at IBRF – Support Them to Support Others

The International Brain Research Foundation is an initiative to help people suffering from traumatic brain disorders and other brain ailments related to aging and dysfunctional symptoms. IBRF has a passion to relieve people from their brain disorders through innovative and intuitive research on various unknown areas of the complex human brain. Founded by Philip Defina, IBRF is a public charity organization and is involved in research and development. Their continued research efforts have helped more than forty people to rise from their coma condition.

Dr. Philip Defina, founder and CEO of IBRF is committed to providing the best therapies in Neuroscience to offer rescue from vegetative state of many who suffer due to accidents and acute brain damage due to mishaps. In continuation of the mission undertaken at IBRF, Dr Defina has developed an Advanced Care Protocol leading to best results. Many global neuroscientists have taken advantage of this therapy and have achieved stupendous results. IBRF is engaged in interaction with the best neuroscientists across the world for exchanging the best in Neuroscience and the betterment of mankind who suffer from the most complex problems.

IBRF’s proven methods of accelerating brain cure are translational and are tried and tested by the best cadre of neuroscientists. These methods help in alleviating symptoms and lead to a faster recovery than the conventional means. The foundation is in constant communication with worldwide multidisciplinary avenues and exchanges the most cutting edge knowledge to strengthen their mission for betterment. IBRF ensures to get involved in research of instigating arenas like autism, Alzheimer’s disorder. At IBRF, they are doing their best with a focused mission in bringing rays of hope for many who suffer with brain related disorders.

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Challenge: Only 3 to 7 percent of patients in vegetative or minimally conscious states recover.
Radical Cure: Jolt the brain back to life.
Status: Active in one specialty clinic

Steven Domalewski had just released the ball when the batter smacked it right back at him, hitting his chest so hard that his heart stopped. A doctor put the then 12-year-old pitcher on life support and said that he would never wake up from the vegetative state. Then neuroscientist Philip De Fina heard of the case and treated Domalewski with his one-of-a-kind therapy. The boy woke up six weeks later. Domalewski’s first doctor called the recovery a fluke. “We’re proud of our record of flukes,” De Fina says. He and his colleagues have a lot of them: They wake up 84 percent of their patients from a minimally conscious or vegetative state. The nationwide rate is less than 7 percent.

Waking Up the Brain:  John MacNeill

When a patient like Domalewski comes under the care of De Fina and Jonathan Fellus at the Kessler Institute in New Jersey, he doesn’t get the standard “life-sustaining” drug treatments. Instead, patients get a cocktail of therapies to jump-start their brain. First the doctors prescribe stimulants that boost mood-enhancing dopamine, as well as brain-arousing drugs normally used to treat depression, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease. Then it’s Narcan, a drug used to treat heroin overdoses that prevents natural endorphins from slowing a return to consciousness.

After two weeks, the doctors attach electrodes to each wrist that send pulses to the brain. The shocks draw blood to the brain, increasing levels of oxygen and glucose—brain food critical for everyday function—by 20 percent. In week five, patients receive vitamins, amino acids, herbs and minerals that decrease cell stress and promote normal synaptic transmission. This protocol has woken 43 patients from vegetative or minimally conscious states, with no major negative side effects.

With 320,000 vets returning from war with brain injuries, the U.S. Department of Defense has taken a new interest in caring for these patients and has awarded De Fina’s organization, the International Brain Research Foundation, $6.4 million to find what makes the treatment so effective. But patients are still the priority, Fellus says. “We want to get results first; then we’ll worry about how
it works.”

How It Works

Electrodes send electrical signals along the median nerve in each wrist, up the spinal cord and to the thalamus, the main relay station in the brain. The electrical activity excites the brain and increases oxygen- and glucose-rich blood flow to the cerebral cortex, the area of the brain that controls cognitive function, personality and emotion. Scientists think this helps stimulate new axon growth and rebuilds connections between damaged areas of the cerebral cortex.”

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Chi Cheng, the former bassplayer for the band, the Deftones, is one of the IBRF’s current patients (more information on his situation can be found on

Many sufferers of long-term, debilitating brain disorders have been told that there’s no hope. We’re here to reverse that thinking. Our goal is to continue to provide diagnostic research and clinical applications that will benefit this increasingly large number of people - and to continue to work toward a cure for many of the brain-related disorders.”

- Dr. Philip DeFina, Founder of the International Brain Research Foundation, Inc.

Support The Noble Cause Of The International Brain Research Foundation!

IBRF is committed towards the four verticals of brain discoveries to offer waking up of people from coma and other vegetative stages and or minimally conscious stages. Founded by Dr Philip Defina, IBRF is a public charitable corporation and is highly active in research, education, international collaboration, and technological advancements to help people suffering from brain injuries due to accidents. These activities help them to conduct novel neuroscientific studies and research and spread the knowledge across the globe with an excellent cadre of the best neuroscientists. The foundation conducts several educative programs to share knowledge and help people get benefited through it.

At IBRF, Philip Defina has left no stone unturned as far as the cutting edge technology integration is concerned. Dr Defina uses the most advanced neuromarkers and biomarkers along with other methods like magnetic and electrical stimulations, neutrceuticals, biofeedback, neurofeedbacks, computer interface monitoring, deep brain stimulations and even use of nanotechnology with stem cells. This state of the art procedure helps gain a winning edge and with their Advanced Care Protocol, they have helped forty-three patients to awake from coma.

There are several other brain disorders like autism spectrum, ADHD spectrum, Tourettes Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy Syndromes, and neurodegenerative disorders like Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s Dementia. The continuous endeavor of IBRF to fight back these disorders is successful with their unique research oriented methods to accelerate brain functionality and improve regeneration of brain. At IBRF, they have the best international collaboration for perfect enlightenment of knowledge and share this for the betterment of many across the globe. To continue with this noble cause, they seek helping hands that care for the betterment of humanity. Come forward and donate something that will help to save and rejuvenate a life.

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The Think Tank of IBRF

At the International Brain Research Foundation, we have focused our mission to fight against devastating brain disorders caused by various unforeseen and forcible milieu. Philip DeFina, the head at IBRF has a sharp unified vision with multifaceted approach towards the complete betterment from these cerebral disorders. In spite of various odds in understanding the logic of brain performance, IBRF strives to discover new means to develop ways of enhanced precision techniques to treat the disease.

IBRF’s mission statement is developed on four verticals, international collaboration, technological advancements, research, and education. We have a diligent and distinct proficiency with our advanced care protocol, which has helped more than 40 patients to successfully awake from coma. Accredited with FDA, our ACP is now one of the reliable sources to handle and restrain the impediment.

We ensure state of the art education facilities for those who wish to learn. In fact, our presentations and lecture series are popular. We believe in transparent sharing and provide complete insight on procedures, treatments, and improvisations during the course of treatment. These sessions are completely helpful.

Day by day technological advancements are offering a big helping hand in the discovery of new methods and techniques. In our continued endeavor to attain best knowledge of brain mapping and imaging methods, we have derived a diagnostic theory. These diagnostic theories are effective on brain diseases, dysfunctions, and brain injuries.

Our multi-center collaboration has offered a broad way of information exchange between eminent expertise in brain research and development and has opened up a great transparent platform for everybody to share and discuss. These methods are resourceful and help in spreading the invaluable knowledge.

At IBRF, we always ensure to offer pristine service and strive to help countless individuals in achieving healthy life. We are passionate to serve those who need our help and strive to show them the right way to better health.

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Promoting Brain Health is Plausible and Possible with Philip Defina!

Our mission at the International Brain Research Foundation is multidimensional. We ensure complete attainment of various methods of brain treatment through continuous research and development to create a ray of hope to those who desperately need it. Brain is a complex organ and its complete functionality is still unknown. Our state of the art brain mapping techniques do offer a great insight to understand some of the brain complexities and its neuro-chemical behavior. These findings of brain mapping helped us to develop techniques like Advanced Care Protocol after almost endless efforts by Philip DeFina, our founder and CEO. At times, we are even showed magical moments when patients in coma have awakened.

Dr. Philip DeFina of IBRF is committed towards the research and development for betterment of those who suffer from brain disorders. Some of these disorders are natural like aging of brain and some are forceful undesired events like meeting accidents. IBRF’s continuous engagement in development and sharing the concerns with many eminent scientists around the world has proved to be beneficial to many patients. Learning behavioral disorders, Autism spectrum, and neuropsychological disorders has created a bright ray of wonderful hope now.

We, at the International Brain Research Foundation are public charity and serve great developmental support and a cohesive platform for discussion. We are continuously engaged in the scripting of well researched protocols in practical approach and implement them efficiently. Knowledge gained from extensive research is deployed in the service to mankind who desperately need it to overcome their ailments. Scientific findings are critical to health and we ensure perfect practical implementation. For instance, our ACP module has proved to be an elegant solution and many have benefited with the use of ACP. IBRF solely operates on philanthropy. IBRF is always in the pursuit of best methods to deliver faster results for all major brain impediments.

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IBRF – Offering Innovation and Hope!

At the International Brain Research Foundation, we aim to promote brain health with complete dedication towards extensive research. Our CEO and CSO Philip DeFina have committed wholeheartedly towards the betterment on physical and educational levels. Our groundbreaking methods are now approved by FDA as well. We have identified methods to restore the impaired brain areas, which are too complex to understand. Our unbiased platform of charity trust helps hundreds of people who suffer from critical brain malperformance. Brain is the most delicate and complex among all the body organs and does have the most immense importance in perfect functioning of the entire system. During displeasing incidents like accidents, brain could get severely damaged and refuse to function in the normal way leaving completely or partially helpless physically. We at IBRF ensure to revitalize mutilated brain through continuous research and development and have offered a new life to many.

We provide a worldwide platform for exchange of thoughts and information with scientists who have contributed major years of their life on researching brain impairments. Research work on various brain aspects is shared and profound methods are strategically designed to heal people suffering from serious impediments. Our state of the art facility has multidimensional capability to improvise disorders related to learning and attention. Our unique brain mapping techniques helps us to understand the pattern and ideal line of therapy. This mapping is complemented with our ACP or advanced care protocol. We ensure to attempt every possible means available to serve the people suffering from almost irreversible stage of brain malfunctions. We are also engaged in continuous research of aging brain and work on memory disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. Our explicit treatment with ACP has resulted in awakening of 43 out of 52 coma patients.

We, at IBRF under the guidance of Dr. Philip DeFina, CEO and CSO, have a strong vision to provide a positive hope to those who are suffering with developmental brain disorders and more.

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