"A boy and his atom" is officially the tiniest stop motion film.

IBM made this film by manipulating single carbon atoms on a copper surface. The size of this is unimaginable, as each frame is 45 X 25 nanometres and would take 1000 of these frames laid end on end to span the width of a hair. 

The images were taken using a scanning tunnelling microscope which picks up images based on the concept of quantum tunnelling. The images are not of atom’s themselves as they are impossible to see, but is an interpreted image based on the current picked up by the microscope when a voltage difference is applied.



Meet our crown prince of Play, IBM Fellow John Cohn

It’s playtime! Self-proclaimed nerd and mad scientist John Cohn is crashing the sandbox, as IBMblr explores the power of PLAY and it’s role in innovation. He may be an IBM Fellow with a PhD, but John’s really a big kid at heart. When he’s not in the office, you’ll often find him on reality TV, in the backyard blowing stuff up, in his workshop building mechanical merriments or traveling the world spreading his love for all things science. So follow along and as John often says, “DO try this at home!”