So yeah, I’m not the pretty one, I’m not the talented one, I’m not the girl who writes that well. I dont know, maybe because I’m just me. Yes, just me. Never the head turner, the eye catcher nor the one you’ll fall for. It saddens me everytime i look in the mirror and kinda feel that I’m nothing special..

Dear guys,

Girls get rejected too.

Just because you’re the only ones who mostly do the courting around doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the only ones who could ever feel rejected or pushed away by someone they like. Our pride is high so we can’t just say “I like you. Like me back” or “Like me instead of her” or whatever just to get your affection but when we deeply like someone, we confess despite the way it may sound desperate and the result would 75% be rejection. 

Naranasan mo na ba yung magkatext kayo tapos may gusto kang sabihin sa kanya, Yun bang natype mo na, tapos maiisip mo agad yung mga negative things na pwedeng mangyari pag sinend mo yun sa kanya. Kaya sa huli hindi mo na lang itutuloy dahil baka masaktan ka lang.

I am not a good writer nor blogger. Sometimes when I type, I don’t notice the typo errors. I am not good at English language so my words are not that deep like the other bloggers here on tumblr. I need to familiarize more words. Even my grammars are incorrect and I didn’t even notice that. I just type what I feel, to express my feelings and to share my thoughts. 

  • Hazel Grace Lancaster:A girl who just wants to see the real world but is totally afraid to do so. Became an introvert with books as her escape and is on the edge of dying until he meets one guy who changes it all..
  • Augustus Waters:A happy go lucky guy who has alot of hidden thoughts. Someone who loves to have fun so he could keep the pain away, but then meets this one girl who intuduces a new life to him, a more meaningful one..
Dear guys, kailan niyo ba maiisip na:
  • Hindi naman importante kung mabingi na kami sa kakasabi niyo ng “I love you”.
  • Yung kakapadala niyo ng mga bulaklak na nalalanta naman sa katagalan.
  • Yung pasakitin niyo ngipin namin sa mga chocolates.

Ang sa amin lang:

  • Okay lang kahit di niyo kami budburan ng mga regalo.
  • Okay lang din kahit di niyo kami itext oras-oras.
  • Okay lang din kahit minsan, mas pinipili niyong samahan mga barkada niyo para mag-basketball kesa samahan kaming manuod ng One More Chance o The Notebook na sobrang corny, sabi niyo nga.

Ang gusto lang namin:

  • Yung tipong kahit minsan lang sa isang araw, maparamdam niyo samin na mahal niyo kami at mahalaga kami sa inyo. Isang yakap lang at hawak ng kamay, okay na kami.

Bakit di niyo ba yun maintindihan?


Sa mga kilos ko at salita, pinipilit kong maging matapang dahil sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na lahat ng pagsubok makakaya ko. Hindi ako agad-agad sumusuko. Pinapakita ko sa iba at sa sarili ko na kaya ko tong malagpasan. Pagsubok lang ‘to, makakaya ko to. Hindi ako susuko. Pero dadating talaga yung oras na minsan kahit mga simpleng salita lang na pwedeng makasakit sa akin, nasasaktan ako. Hindi ko pinapahalata dahil ayaw ko ipakita sa kanila na mahina ako. Lalo na pag pinag-uusapan nila yung itsura ko, nasasaktan agad ako, hindi katulad sa ugali. 

I pretend to be strong because in that way I can believe in myself that I am stronger than I think.

When I blog about someone, he/she dont know if its for him/her. Because I blog for random people. And no one can understand my thoughts in life. I think randomly and unpredictably. When I saw some interesting things, i will blog about it. I also blog about how i feel today,later, tomorrow and so on. No one can see my true self. I have an unwanted thoughts and it still running fast but alone in my mind. I want to focus to my happy memories and thoughts but it seems that the negative in it cant detached easily. Sometimes its right but it always not right. I wonder how my thoughts will end in a nice way and i wonder if how can my thoughts produce. Im not capable of anything, blogging about nonsense things, though i couldnt help myself to question everything, and then i will found my words in a wrong term thats why most off people here hate me or despise me. I wanted to be a good person without any flaws but i know i cant, well life is most adventurous if its that way. My rambled thoughts and incompetent mind.

That moment when you start to feel scared on falling in love after that painful experience from the past, then he came along and told you, "Don’t be afraid. Once you fall and no one’s going to catch you, I will. Even if that falling wasn’t meant for me."