List of things I'm going to do after IB

-Binge watch shows on Netflix like there’s no tomorrow
-Read any book I want until the sun goes down
-Hang out with friends whenever I want and however long I want
-Sulk after doing all of this because I’ll probably miss complaining or doing something IB related.

Social Media & IB

Facebook: It’s pretty much your second agenda when you’re too lazy to actually write down the homework.

YouTube: Say hello to  you’re backup teacher when your first teacher can’t teach you squat.

Instagram: Can you say #studying #selfie? (Takes picture with textbook)

Skype: ~Boo beep boop, Boopbee boop~ Me internally: SOMEONE FREAKING ANSWER, I AM DROWNING IN CHEM HW! 

Tumblr: It’s your diary, your stress reliever which helps you vent and procrastinate simultaneously with other IB students around the world. Did I mention that you DON’T get CAS Hours for blogging. Yes, I know. The world is a cruel place. 

Twitter: @ibgirllyfe  [Insert more complaints here] #theIBlife

Pinterest: Pinning “How to make a Pi” recipe