I’m so homesick that I’m feeling physically sick.

If I think too hard about everything I feel even sicker and more miserable.  And start crying.  I’m just so lonely here.  I can’t wait to get a job.  I’m gonna go down the road tomorrow with my resumes tomorrow.  

I also haven’t eaten properly in the last few days just because of the travelling and stuff so I don’t know if that’s why I’m feeling sick or so miserable.

I went out and got groceries (thank god for credit cards… since I have no real money)… and tried to make chicken and pasta for dinner but the “creamy garlic pasta” tasted and smelled like fish (ew) so I couldn’t eat it.  

So I turned it into a stirfry full of vegetables and goodness.  I over salted though so struggling with that too.

I’m proud of myself though, I haven’t turned to darker ways to make me feel better.  Instead I sit here with my laptop on Tumblr with Netflix playing on my iPad to make me feel less lonely.

Since today is World IBD Day I thought I’d take the opportunity to help spread awareness of IBD, especially since not everyone even knows of the disease, despite a lot of people being diagnosed with it.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a term mainly used to describe two conditions, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Both of these diseases are life long (chronic) conditions that involve inflammation of the gut (gastrointestinal tract). 

There is no known cure for IBD yet, but there is plenty of treatment for people to help stabilize symptoms and help put them into remission.

Read more about IBD here

For me, IBD (Ulcerative Colitis in my case) has really changed my life. It’s forced me to quit Uni, made me anxious every time I go out, but has also made me more grateful for little things in life.
IBD can be exhausting, depressing, embaressing, painful, and the best way to describe it - shitty.

IBD isn’t life threatening, but can sometimes lead to life threatening situations. t can also cause other problems, such as anaemia, swollen joints/arthritis, osteoporosis, eye, skin & liver problems, and Overwhelming fatigue.

It can be incredibly hard to live with, and it can really take your life away on bad days.

If anyone wants to ever talk to me or ask me questions about IBD, feel free to send me a message here. Let me know if you want it to be private or not.

You can also read through my UC tag for my personal IBD related posts.I wanted to draw something for this, and couldn’t think of anything better than a purple pony from (almost) all the generations of MLP. I drew them all wearing a purple ribbon, and of course I chose a purple pony again because of the awareness colour of IBD. From left to right; (Tales) Clover, (G2) Sweetberry, (G3) Twinkle Twirl, (G4) Twilight Sparkle. Also I know Sweetberry looks more pink but she’s actually purple, it’s just a bit of a weird illusion. XD(sorry for long post)

Nothing compares to the pain of knowing that you’re not going to get better again.

Loosing your health is really hard to deal with but you’ve got to keep pushing on.

The strongest people in the world have a chronic illness.

5 things to ask a loved one who is ill. I think these are pretty spot on, except I have a hard time telling people how I’m feeling. So I might change #1 Want to tell me how you’re really feeling or talk about something else?

I need your help.

And I know how that sounds.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease back in 2014. This year, I decided to accept and raise awareness for my disease.

I an doing a walk to raise funds on June 7th, and I need your help. not necessary with funding, even awareness is enough. This is my fundraising page and This is my Instagram.

If you don’t want to do either, I understand. Thank you for your time.

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・・・what do you think ? I just seen the commercial and I don’t like it at all! 
A new anti-smoking campaign advert released recently talks about how smoking increases the risk of colon cancer, and that this may lead to smokers needing an ostomy bag. It uses this as a “worst case scenario” sort of thing and basically says that you should stop smoking because a bag is a shameful, terrible thing to live with and the thought of having one should be enough to stop people smoking. This is disgusting. Ostomy bags save people’s lives and hundreds of thousands of Crohn’s and colitis sufferers are thankful for them every day for giving them their life back. Bags aren’t the worst case scenario, DEATH is. This advert needs to be stopped as it is stigmatising bag wearers. It hints that bag wearers brought on the situation themselves and this is massively damaging to our cause. 💜 #IBD #inflammatoryboweldisease #crohns #crohnsdisease #UC #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #crohnsjourney #crohnsdiary #disease #hospital #treatment #infliximab #remicade #humira #autoimmunedisease #incurable #incurabledisease #invisibleillness #chronic #chronicillness #chronicdisease #azathioprine #crohnswarrior #crohnsfighter #ostomy #ostomybag #colostomy #ileostomy #ostomyisnotatragedy


To those who are battling a chronic illness…

My father was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago and i was diagnosed in 2014. I got this tattoo after reading about the ‘spoon theory’ and how much more my father and I have bonded over our Colitis. I took a huge negative and turned it into a positive. I am thankful to have a father who can relate to my illness, understand and give me the proper support. although his Colitis is not as severe as mine, It helps to see my father live more of a normal life than he did when he was first diagnosed.

This means there is hope for all of us dealing with a chronic illness, we can do it. WE can get healthy and live a normal lifestyle, it may not happen over night but it will happen! there may be restrictions along the way but always make the best of life! IF my dad can do it, so can i! and so can you!

Keep your head up! Positive Mental Attitude, One Life One Chance.

spooniestrong please help spread the word of the positive mental attitude!

PS, I am 26 years old, live on my own and still afraid to tell my parents when i get new tattoo’s…it has been awhile since i got this tattoo and still have yet to show them

Help us celebrate Independent Bookstore Day this Saturday!

This year we will be giving away prize packs throughout the day. We are also offering a limited supply of IBD exclusive merchandise, while quantities last, including a Roxane Gay signed chap book, Allie Brosh signed print, and Chris Ware Building: Stories signed and numbered poster.

Do Y'all Get Tired?

Not just tired. Like exhausted. Exhausted of fighting pain. Exhausted of smiling when you want to cry. Exhausted of doctors and pills and hospitals and needles. Exhausted of resting and not having fun. Exhausted of having to plan, plan, plan so you don’t end up in a medical crisis. Exhausted of carrying emotions around and trying to keep it all together.

Yeah. Me too. It’s ok, though, because that means we are human. And as cool as it would be to become an elf or Sherlock (let’s face it; he has to be at least part alien or else Sherlolly would be a thing. Am I right?), I would much rather be me. Because I know there is a spot in this world that can be filled only by me and there is a purpose for all this suffering.