I really like people, I like being around people I like talking to people I love being nice to people because more often than not I get kindness in return and it’s jusT!! A really good feeling!! I love doing nice things for people and seeing them smile and I just. I like people. I like people liking me I like being kind and considerate and giving people the benefit of the doubt in assuming they aren’t meaning to be rude if they’re being that way. I just love people alright i just!! Like being nice!!!

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☂ --flxmes-of-disxster

"Oh, if it isn’t the almighty God again." The Guardian greeted, a poisonous tone of anger and despise in his voice. "I can tell it’s going to rain. Shouldn’t you go find shelter before your little flames don’t get-" A flash of lightning and clap of thunder interrupted his remark, causing him to jump a good foot in the air and his quills and fur to stand on edge. Voice suddenly shakier than before, the seemingly frightened echidna continued, "Wh-What are you doing here?"

//Ibby finding out about Nackles’ fear of thunder and lightning. How fortunate timing could be//

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Ibby I hope you'll answer my anon about being interested in the guy but he's not muslim ...

yo i didn’t get any message about that. but just from hearing that line i say ABORT MISSION.NO DEAL GIRL! DO NOT TRY! RUN FAR> FAR AND WIDE!

My friends Ibby Grace And Amy Sequenzia are editing an anthology titled “Typed Words, Loud Voices”, a collection of works by people who type to talk always or sometimes. They’re looking for essays, poems, stories or whatever form of expression you’d like to share your message in.

The full details about the book, including submission guidelines are at Typed Words, Loud Voices.

Why Am I Sharing This?

The obvious reason is that I think this is a terrific and much needed project and want to support Ibby and Amy. The less obvious reason is that I’ve sent in a contribution.

When Amy initially contacted me about contributing, my instinctive response was that the guidelines of the book didn’t seem to apply to me. Intimidated and uncertain, I put off writing something for months.

I communicate by speaking on a daily basis. I don’t use AAC or another form of typing as my primary means of communication. If you met me, you would initially assume that I get along okay with speech.

What you would be missing is how much of my internal world I’ve managed to access and share over the past two years through writing. Typing unsticks the words in my brain in a way that speech doesn’t. It plays a very specific role for me–helping me access the words that describe my experience, where I’ve been, what I feel, what I want, who I am. It may not be my primary means of communication but I’ve come realize that it’s an essential element of communicating the totality of me-ness that I experience.

Typing Across a Spectrum

If, like I was, you’re doubting whether you might have something to say that would be appropriate, take a look at the submission guidelines and then go read this terrific blog post by Mike Monje about how text-based communication allows him to socialize more and with less stress, which has removed some limits he’s felt in the past around socializing. Like me, he uses typing to extend his capabilities in a specific way. Like me, he has contributed to the anthology as a way to stand in solidarity with people who communicate in a wide variety of ways.

If you type to communicate full time or for specific reasons or when speech isn’t happening or because you prefer text over speech, I hope you’ll consider submitting something. The editors are looking for a wide range of voices and experiences that challenge the notion that oral speech is the only way that we can fully participate in society.

P.S. If you just got all excited about submitting something and then got discouraged by the rapidly approaching Oct. 1st deadline, you can email the editors at typedwordsbook@gmail.com to let them know that you are working on a submission and need a little extra time.

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Caring ≠ babying

I knew there would be one idiot in the sea of many who would need help understanding the rhetoric. So I’m a grown ass man, you can care for me with out having to talk to me like a child. “Awwe ibby” is babying. Now I’m not mad at that person, I’m just saying. Don’t baby me. I’m not even mad at you, I expected this tbh. A lot of people who don’t think before they talk. You happen to be one. Now you have something to work on. Have a good day.